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Difficulty Guide: Best Difficulty Settings

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This is a guide on the best difficulty settings to use when playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn how each difficulty setting works, how to change difficulty settings, and how it affects the world around you!

Best Difficulty Settings

Difficultiy settings in the game are separated into three categories: Exploration, Combat, and Stealth.

Each category affects a different part of your overall gameplay experience, making some things harder, and others easier.

Difficulty Categories

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In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the categorized difficulty settings allows you to customize your gameplay experience the way you want to.

Whether you want a narrative and easy driven game, or a hardcore slugfest until the end, there is a difficulty setting just for you!

Exploration Difficulty

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This category affects how much you can see on the compass and the world map for points of interests and opportunities.

Difficulty Effect
Adventurer More icons will guide you toward your rewards. Opportunities are visible from far away.
Feedback on world map opportunities and regular information on the compass.
Pathfinder Minimal HUD and World Map information for a more immersive experience.

Combat Difficulty

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Combat difficulty directly affects how much damage you receive from enemies, and how much health they have.

Parrying and Dodging become essential skills to master the higher the difficulty you choose.

Difficulty Effect
Enemy damage output and resistances are reduced.
Vikingr A balanced combat experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in the Viking ethos.
For those players that want a solid but fair combat challenge.
(Very Hard)
Drengr difficulty is an intense combat setting for the ultimate warrior. All enemies have increased health and damage output.

Stealth Difficulty

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Difficulty settings for stealth directly influence how hard or easy it will be for you to eliminate enemies quietly or sneak past them.

Making full use of your Raven to chart stealthy entrances and exits and knowing precisely when to move in and out of an enemy's line of sight becomes essential on higher difficulty settings.

Difficulty Effect
Guards' perception has been reduced for a less challenging experience.
Assassin Regular guard perception and awareness settings.
Master Assassin
Guards' perception is increased for enhanced realism, thus adding significant challenges.

How to Change Difficulty Settings

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If you ever feel that the game's Exploration, Combat, or Stealth feel too easy or too difficult, you can always go and change the difficulty in the Options Menu.

Step Direction
1 From your pause menu, press 'Left' on the D-Pad to be taken to the Main Pause Menu.
2 Choose 'Options' and navigate to 'Gameplay'.
3 Change the difficulty settings for Combat, Exploration, and Stealth. Additional options are also available.

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