Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Dual Wielding Heavy Weapons


This is a guide on how to Dual Wield Heavy Weapons in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). If you want to know how you can dish more damage against enemies, read on!

Dual Wielding in Combat


In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you aren't limited to using just one weapon to fight your battles. From when the game first submerges you into combat, Dual Wielding weapons will be available to you as soon as you get access to another axe.

Dual Wielding is a good way of dealing quick damage against enemies, and doesn't take away from being able to parry your enemy's blows.

Weapons for Dual Wielding

Here's a list of weapons that can be used to Dual Wield without the Heavy Dual Wield skill.

Varin Bearded Axes Hundtoth Daggers Iron-Star Flails
Blacksmith Hammers Drekar Shield Light Shields Rune Shield Heavy Shields

How to Dual Wield Heavy Weapons


In the early portions of the game, you'll begin to find weapons that require two hands to wield them. This removes the ability to dual wield, even if you pair that Heavy Weapon up with a lighter, one-handed one.

However, there is a skill in the game that allows you to pair both Heavy Weapons together, or one Heavy Weapon and one lighter one.

Heavy Dual Wield


The Heavy Dual Wield skill can be found in the red colored Bear Skills section of the Skill Tree. As advertised, it allows you to dual wield heavy weapons in combat.

In favor of having more damage per hit, dual wielding heavy weapons tends to slow your strikes against enemies, so timing is key when using this skill.

To see the full Skill Tree, check out our guide here!
Skill Tree and List of All Skills

Combo Wielding


Instead of just Dual Wielding either Heavy Weapons or lighter ones, you can go ahead and dual wield both if you have the Heavy Dual Wield skill.

Wielding a Heavy or Light weapon can be done in either hand; having a Heavy Weapon on your left hand and a Light weapon on your right and vice versa can be done for so long as you have the Heavy Dual Wield skill.

Dual Wield Controls

Function Control
Main Hand Light Attack R1.png
Main Hand Heavy Attack R2.png
Secondary Hand Parry L1.png
Secondary Hand Special Attack L1.png Hold

Dual-Wielding at any given time changes the control scheme slightly compared to when you use one weapon or a shield. Although you can't block while dual-wielding, players do retain the parry ability.

The Secondary Hand Special Attack differs from weapon to weapon. For example, a Spear gives a lunge attack that lets you pierce an enemy then shove them away, while a Dane Axe creates sweeping movements that deal heavy damage to anyone hit.

There are also varying interactions depending on what you have in your Main Hand, so be sure to try out different combinations!

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