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This is a guide on all the Mysteries locations for the Wincestre region in England. Read on to learn the locations of each Mystery, how to start them, and how to complete them!

Wincestre World Events


World Quest Location
Asser Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Asser Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
How to Get: Talk to the man, Asser, standing in front of a scripture. Outside of the chapel, you'll find a sacffolding leading up to the side; climb it until you get to the scaffolding with movable blocks on them. Move them to block the window, and choose a window to free up.

Aelfred's Jewels

World Quest Location
AelfredEnlarge Map View AelfredEnlarge Overworld View
How to Get: There is a breakable window at the back. Talk to the jeweler and either pay for the jewel or use your Charisma, if you have Charisma Level 4, to convince him to give it to you. Talk to the man again outside, and decide if you want to keep the jewel or not.

Romeo and Aethelflaed

World Quest Location
Romeo and Aethelflaed Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Romeo and Aethelflaed Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
How to Get: Talk to the boy on top of The Nun's Minster; slide down the rope to the tree branch and grab a flower from the end. Talk to the boy.

Mildberg the Miracle Legs

World Quest Location
Mildberg the Miracle Legs Map View.pngEnlarge Map View Mildberg the Miracle Legs Overworld View.pngEnlarge Overworld View
How to Get: Although the map will tell you that this mystery is in Hamtunscire, it actually counts for Wincestre. Simply talk to Mildberg, who's gloating about her legs in the middle of the street, and race her.

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