Assassin's Creed Valhalla

All Ingot Locations

This is a list of all the Ingot locations in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read more to find out what are ingots for, where to use it and where you can find it.

What Are Ingots?

Ingots are bars of metal that are used to enhance weapons.

Enhancement allows you more upgrade slots and new aesthetics for your weapons.

Varin Varin Varin Varin

Carbon ingots allow you to improve Fine weapons to Superior.
Nickel ingots allow you to improve Superior weapons to Flawless.
Tungsten ingots allow you to improve Flawless weapons to Mythical.

Where to Find Ingots

You can find ingots in chests. In the world map, they have the logo of three ingots stacked in a triangle.

Ingot Icon
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All Ingot Locations

Rygjafylke Ingot Locations

Avaldnes Hoettrstrand Rygjafylke House
Eikundarsund Haervik Shipyard Heillboer
Deserted Chalet Sunken Ship Kjotve's Fortress
Haervik Shipyard Hyvlatonna

Ledecestrescire Ingot Locations

Sudwella Monastery Venoni Offchurch
Camp East of Offchurch Glen Ford Cwenoric
Repton Ingot Location Templebrough Fort Camp Northwest of Sudwella Monastery

Grantebridgescire Ingot Locations

Earningstone Wandrie Besuncen
Soham Hideout Utbech Medeshamstede Abbey

East Anglia Ingot Locations

King's Bury Burgh Castle Scottoh Farm
Elmenham Brisleah Farm Dunwic

Lunden Ingot Locations

Lunden Restricted Area Lunden Stairs
Londinium Bureau Grepelgate Fort

Oxenefordscire Ingot Locations

Leah Villa Garrison Evesham Abbey Evinghou Tower
Derelict Shrine of Camulus Camp South of Buckingham The Corpse Feeder
Linforda Hammeham

Sciropescire Ingot Locations

Wenlocan Outpost Wesberie Dhustone Quarry
Manstone Rock

Cent Ingot Locations

Saint Hadrian's Priory Old Gravesham Bridge Rouecistre Blockade
Lolingstone Bandit Camp Chiselherst Bandit Camp Camp South of Tonbridge Monastery
Folcanstan Cavern of Trials Dover Fortress
Dorobernia Theatre Saint Martin's Church Canterburry Barracks

Suthsexe Ingot Locations

Anderitum Hideout Crawleah Warehouse Crawleah Docks
Embert Blockade The Cistern Tower Briggworth
Monk's Lair Kingley Hideout Forward Camp

Essexe Ingot Locations

Maeldun's Saltern Camp Turrim Larus Ruins Port Walton
Camulodunum Bureau Colecestre Barracks King Aescwine's Tomb
Belesduna Bandit Camp Brentwood Outpost Saint Hadrian's Priory

Lincolnscire Ingot Locations

Lindsey Mill Cruwland Viewpoint Camp South of Botolphston
Beardney Camp Skegi's Beard Bolingbroc Castle
Camp West of Lincoln Old Lincoln Sewers

Jorvik Ingot Locations

House by the Banks Multangular Tower The Minster
Jorvik Jorvik Theatre

Eurvicscire Ingot Locations

Daeltun Anlaf's Lookout
Isurium Aldburg Stenwege Camp
Donecaestre Cnuic Thada Ruins
Threaded Pass

Glowecestrescire Ingot Locations

Thieves Warren Druid's Cottage Saint Kenhelm's Church
Glowecestre Temple of Ceres Bureau Aelfwood

Snotinghamscire Ingot Locations

Ulkethorpe Fort Maneis Ooutpost
Maneis Outpost Loch Clunbre Hideout
Stoneburgh Berseker's House
Hemthorpe Odin's Mine Hideoout
Minninglo Snotingham

Wincestre Ingot Locations

Shieldmaker's Yard Witan Hall
Wincestre Seminary Market Warehouse

Hamtunscire Ingot Locations

Werham Barracks Calleva Outpost
Fearnhamme Ruins Clausentum Bandit Hideout
Hamtun Blockade Dertemor Bandit Camp
Readingum Abbey Uffentune

Hordafylke Ingot Locations

Ulvannos Iron Mine

Vinland Ingot Locations

Bruhamar Outpost Hvallgrof Outpost
Steinnhus Camp Narfljot Camp

Dublin Ingot Locations

Dublin Coast Dubgaill Landing Dublin Lake

Meath Ingot Locations

West of Dublin Inchroe Knockfree
Annagh Doo East of Tullagh Laght West of Tullagh Laght

Connacht Ingot Locations

Shannon River Island Kiltober Tuam
Rathcroghan Southeast of Lough Gara Cashelore

Ulster Ingot Locations

Donegal Western Coast Aileach
Malin Head Doon Daven Dunseverick

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