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Art Gallery Top
This is a guide for all Art locations in Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out the locations, as well as how to unlock the Art Gallery, how to reveal the images and earn Toad Points.

What is Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Image
The Art Gallery can be found on the left side of the Museum and is a place where you can view a lot of images and concept art from each of the Streamer areas you have explored in the game.

By selecting an image, you can view the beautiful scenery of some of your adventures or even see details you might have missed while playing, so we highly recommend stopping by!

How to Unlock Art Gallery

Rescue the Curator of the Museum

Art Gallery
To unlock Art Gallery, you need to rescue the Toad (Curator of the Musée Champignon) in Graffiti Underground.

To do so, go to Graffiti Underground and talk to the Toad at the end of the second area. After that, return to Toad Town and visit the Museum.

Toad Town Guide

How to Reveal Pictures

Toad Points

To be able to see the art, you first need to use Toad Points to buy and unlock them. There's a lot of images, so it might be a good idea to stop by as a nice break after clearing a Streamer and buy the new pictures available bit by bit.

How to Earn Toad Points

Rescue Toads

Toad Points
Toad Points are earned whenever you rescue a Toad, so make sure to rescue any Toads you come across!

All Toad Locations

How to See Your Toad Points

Number of Toad Points
To check your Toad Points, open the Info tab from the Game Menu by pressing + on your Switch.

Controls and Best Settings

Art Locations

In Every Streamer Area

Toad Rescued

You can obtain Artistic images from each area of every Streamer section. Once you rescue Toads on a map, a new image will be unlocked. You can check the progress of the Toads rescued by opening your Map from the Game Menu. Completing this will also earn you a trophy!

List of Trophies

List of Arts

There are various Concept Arts and Images that you can find in the Art Gallery. Below is a list of art that you can view inside the gallery.

Red Streamer
Art Name and Images
Art No. 1 PeachEnlarge Art No. 1:
Peach's Castle Exterior
Art No. 2 PeachEnlarge Art No. 2:
Peach's Castle Main Hall
Art No. 3 PeachEnlarge Art No. 3:
Peach's Castle Interior
Art No. 4 Goal Aesthetic.pngEnlarge Art No. 4:
Goal Aesthetic
Art No. 5 Magic Circle Ideas.pngEnlarge Art No. 5:
Magic Circle Ideas
Art No. 6 Toad Town.pngEnlarge Art No. 6:
Toad Town
Art No. 7 Musee Champignon.pngEnlarge Art No. 7:
Musee Champignon
Art No. 8 Toad Town Home Interior.pngEnlarge Art No. 8:
Toad Town Home Interior
Art No. 9 Toad Town Entrance.pngEnlarge Art No. 9:
Toad Town Entrance
Art No. 10 Toad Town Mansion.pngEnlarge Art No. 10:
Toad Town Mansion
Art No. 11: Battle Lab.pngEnlarge Art No. 11:
Battle Lab
Art No. 12 Whispering Woods Scenes.jpgEnlarge Art No. 12:
Whispering Woods Scenes
Art No. 13 Graffiti Underground.jpgEnlarge Art No. 13:
Graffiti Underground
Art No. 14 Picnic Road.jpgEnlarge Art No. 14:
Picnic Road
Art No. 15 OlEnlarge Art No. 15:
Ol' Grandsappy Transformation
Art No. 16 Graffiti Underground Misc..jpgEnlarge Art No. 16:
Graffiti Underground Misc
Art No. 17 Earth Vellumental Temple Entrance.jpgEnlarge Art No. 17:
Earth Vellumental Temple Entrance
Art No. 18 Whispering Woods Objects.jpgEnlarge Art No. 18:
Whispering Woods Objects
Art No. 19 Graffiti Underground Objects.jpgEnlarge Art No. 19:
Graffiti Underground Objects
Art No. 20 Picnic Road Layout.jpgEnlarge Art No. 20:
Picnic Road Layout
Art No. 21 Earth Vellumental Temple Misc..jpgEnlarge Art No. 21:
Earth Vellumental Temple Misc.
Art No. 22 Overlook Mountain Themes.jpgEnlarge Art No. 22:
Overlook Mountain Themes
Art No. 23 Overlook Tower Elevator.jpgEnlarge Art No. 23:
Overlook Tower Elevator
Art No. 24 Overlook Tower Misc..jpgEnlarge Art No. 24:
Overlook Tower Misc.

Blue Streamer
Art Name and Images
Art No. 25 Dry Lake Bed.jpgEnlarge Art No. 25:
Dry Lake Bed
Art No. 26 Chestnut Valley.jpgEnlarge Art No. 26:
Chestnut Valley
Art No. 27 Autumn Mountain and Chestnut Valley.jpgEnlarge Art No. 27:
Autumn Mountain and Chestnut Valley
Art No. 28 Autumn Mountain.jpgEnlarge Art No. 28:
Autumn Mountain
Art No. 29 Rapids.jpgEnlarge Art No. 29:
Art No. 30 Water Vellumental Shrine Exterior.jpgEnlarge Art No. 30:
Water Vellumental Shrine Exterior
Art No. 31 Water Vellumental Statue Layout.jpgEnlarge Art No. 31:
Water Vellumental Statue Layout
Art No. 32 Water Vellumental Shrine Interior.jpgEnlarge Art No. 32:
Water Vellumental Shrine Interior
Art No. 33 Water Ideas.jpgEnlarge Art No. 33:
Water Ideas
Art No. 34 Shogun Studios.jpgEnlarge Art No. 34:
Shogun Studios
Art No. 35 Shogun Studios Staff Room.jpgEnlarge Art No. 35:
Shogun Studios Staff Room
Art No. 36 Dress-Up Photo Studio.jpgEnlarge Art No. 36:
Dress-Up Photo Studio
Art No. 37 Ninja Attraction Exterior.jpgEnlarge Art No. 37:
Ninja Attraction Exterior
Art No. 38 Ninja Attraction Interior.jpgEnlarge Art No. 38:
Ninja Attraction Interior
Art No. 39 Maintenance Room.jpgEnlarge Art No. 39:
Maintenance Room
Art No. 40 Big ShoEnlarge Art No. 40:
Big Sho' Theater Layout
Art No. 41 Kabuki Thwomp.jpgEnlarge Art No. 41:
Kabuki Thwomp
Art No. 42 Ballet Performance Stage.jpgEnlarge Art No. 42:
Ballet Performance Stage
Art No. 43 Grand Finale Stage.jpgEnlarge Art No. 43:
Grand Finale Stage
Art No. 44 Big ShoEnlarge Art No. 44:
Big Sho' Theater Sketch
Art No. 45 Big ShoEnlarge Art No. 45:
Big Sho' Theater Interior
Art No. 46 Prairie Town Stage.jpgEnlarge Art No. 46:
Prairie Town Stage
Art No. 47 Back Alley Stage.jpgEnlarge Art No. 47:
Back Alley Stage

Note: The list of Streamer above is a Work-in-Progress. We'll add more soon.

Additional Arts Added After Clearing

Additional Sound
After completing the story and watching the ending, new art will be added. So let's go and check it after the finale!

100% Completion Guide

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