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This is a walkthrough for Spring of Jungle Mist in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Read on to learn locations for all Spring of Jungle Mist collectible treasures, hidden toads, hidden blocks, and confetti holes, as well as other useful tips and strategies for getting through this area.

Previous Area Shangri-Spa
Current Area Spring of Jungle Mist
Next Area Spring of Rainbows

Spring of Jungle Mist Walkthrough

Spring of Jungle Mist - Entering Jungle Mist.png
1 When you reach the broken bridge in Spring of Jungle Mist, head west and walk into the tunnel. Keep heading west until the path curves north and you reach a fork in the road. Choose to follow Kamek westward.
Spring of Jungle Mist - Revealing the Magic Circle.png

When you reach the next fork in the road, choose to follow Kamek eastward. Follow the path as it curves to mutiple directions, until you reach a large area full of Piranha Plants. You'll see one with a Magic Circle sprite over its head. Attack it to start a Ring Battle.
3 After he battle, a Magic Circle will appear on a tree stump. Use 1000-Fold Arms to peel off a tree trunk, revealing steps to an upper level. Jump to the upper level.
4 Head east and jump over the gap on the bridge. Continue east. The path will curve north to another fork in the road. Choose to follow Kamek and head west.
If you go the wrong way here, you will get a Game Over, so be sure to save at the Save Block beforehand if you're curious about what happens!
5 A Chain Chomp will suddenly appear and start chasing you. Run away from it until it gets stuck in a tree root. Continue east up the steps and you will reach the other side of the broken bridge.
If you fail to outrun the Chain Chomp, you will get a Game Over!
Spring of Jungle Mist - 2nd Magic Circle.png

Head north towards the giant tree. Flip the leaf to the southeast. Go around the corner to the northeast to find a step, allowing you to reach the leaf to the northwest. Flipping both leaves will reveal a Magic Circle. Use the 1000-Fold Arms to lower the hanging ladder. Climb up the ladder to a path wrapped around the giant tree.
7 Head west and climb the next ladder. Head east. Kamek will see something below and run to the east. A Chain Chomp will eat the ladder up to you and begin chasing you eastward. Run away from it and climb up the next ladder.
8 Head west and a Chain Chomp will chase you towards the same direction. When you reach the end of the path, press A to swing to the Spring of Jungle Mist.
9 Talk to the Shangri-Spa Toad to learn that the hot spring is out of order until someone finds the plug for the hot spring's drain. Head west to find a path behind the tree. Once behind the tree, head west and pull down on the tree vine to make a Magic Circle appear. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms to hit the drain plug off the tree, and into the hot spring's drain.
10 Go to the drain plug and jump on it or Hammer it all the way in. Once the hot spring refills, soak in it to restore yourself and Bowser Jr. again. Bowser Jr. will soak too long and lose his color.
Spring of Jungle Mist - Getting off the Island.png

Get your Stamp Card stamped (blue, upper left stamp). Head southwest and and get thrown off by the Spike to return to the Spring of Jungle Mist entrance. Exit back to the center fountain.
12 Return to the lobby and talk to the attendant to receive the Spring of Rainbows - VIP card.

Spring of Jungle Mist Video Walkthrough

Spring of Jungle Mist Toad Locations

0 Locations Total

There are no Toads to be found here. Check out our full list of Toad locations to find the ones you're missing!

Complete list of Toad Locations

Spring of Jungle Mist Collectible Treasure Locations

4 Locations Total

Treasure Name and How to Find

Treasure No. 104:
Bowser Jr.
Follow Kamek at the first 2 forks in the road. Hit a vine-covered wall to find a secret area. Go in to play a memory game and win a Magic Circle. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms to find the chest in the tree with this treasure.

Treasure No. 105:
Sweet Sap Loggins
In a tree stump, after peeling it open with 1000-Fold Arms.

Treasure No. 106:
Stamp Booth
Treasure Chest at the upper-level root, at base of the giant tree.

Treasure No. 107:
After climbing the first 2 ladders of the giant tree, go on a hidden path to the west around the tree.

Spring of Jungle Mist ? Block (Hidden Block) Locations

5 Locations Total


Spring of Jungle Mist Not-Bottomless (Confetti) Hole Locations

11 Locations Total


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