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Climbing the Mountain

This is a walkthrough for Overlook Mountain in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Read on to learn locations for all Overlook Mountain collectibles and treasure, hidden toads, hidden blocks, and confetti holes, as well as other useful tips and strategies for getting through this area.

Previous Area Picnic Road
Current Area Overlook Mountain
Next Area Earth Vellumental Temple

Where to Find the Shell Stones

Yellow Stone Reveal.png
On your first time through Overlook Mountain, your goal will be to find the four missing Shell Stones to open the door to the Earth Vellumental Temple. For a detailed explanation of the location of each Shell Stone, check our full guide below.

All Shell Stone Locations

Overlook Mountain Walkthrough


1 Upon arriving Overlook Mountain, you will find a ? Block on the path to the east. Hit the ? Block to obtain the Iron Boots.
Go to the far left on this path to get Collectible Treasure No. 17.
2 GreenShellStone.png
Interact with the Monty Mole at the table. He'll try to sell you the Green Shell Stone, but say No. Continue saying No to haggle him down until the price reaches 300 Coins, then buy it.
Best Green Shell Stone Price
3 Continue to the top of the hill.
Tear off the seal to Pipe No. 1. This links to the Warp Zone, which you can use to access Toad Town, and other areas later on.
4 To cross the bridge, you'll have to battle with a Paper Macho Goomba. Wait until it comes to the end of the bridge and turns around, then hammer the seal on its back.
5 YellowShellStone.png
Crossing the bridge and turning right, you'll find a clearing with a suspicious square on the wall. Hit the ledge on the left and a Goomba will come out. Defeat 4 Goombas in battle and it will reveal a Magic Circle. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms to grab the square from the top and peel down to get the Yellow Shell Stone.
6 BlueShellStone.png
Go down the staircase to the right and interact with the fishing pole. In the fishing minigame, pull up the biggest fish. After defeating it and three smaller Cheep Cheeps in battle, you'll get the Blue Shell Stone.Fishing Guide
7 Go back up the staircase and up the hill lined with stakes. Thwomps will start coming down, so run back to the bottom. Hit the tree to the left and a Starman will come out. Run through all the Thwomps while invincible to get up the hill.
8 After a cutscene, continue up to the slope to the left. At the peak, a cutscene will begin. Go down the peak using the slope to the left.
Down on the other side of the peak, take the path on the bottom-right to find a ? Block with 1000 coins.
9 Overlook Mountain - Red Shell Stone.png
Continue to the left along the path to find three Paper Macho Shy Guys playing soccer with the Red Shell Stone. Hit any of them with your Hammer to temporarily knock it down – don't worry about hitting the seals for now. Knock down the Shy Guy which the Stone is about to be passed to. After the Stone has been passed, the knocked-down Shy Guy won't be able to grab it, so you can intercept the Stone.
10 Go back to the previous area and take the Pipe to go directly to the Earth Vellumental Temple.

Story Walkthrough List

Overlook Mountain Video Walkthrough

Tips and Strategies

Finding the Blue Shell Stone

Paper Mario - Folded Cheep Cheep Fish.png

When starting the Fishing mini-game in Overlook Mountain, make sure to target the biggest fish. Once you reel it in, you'll have to fight it, so be sure to heal up before the battle!

Fishing Guide

Finding the Yellow Shell Stone

Overlook Mountain - Yellow Shell Stone Goomba.pngEnlarge

To find the Magic Circle needed to reveal the Yellow Shell Stone, you'll need to break the shrub in the center-left with the Hammer. The shrub will start to move back and forth, so if you observe carefully you'll be able to spot it. Be prepared to fight a Goomba!

Finding the Green Shell Stone

Overlook Mountain - Green Shiny Stone 3.png

When haggling for the Green Shell Stone, answering No repeatedly will allow you to talk Monty Mole down to as cheap as 300 coins. However, you'll need to be careful, as if you accidentally hit No again on the 300-coin offer, the surrounding Koopa Troopas will buy the stone. After that, you'll need to buy it off them for the increased price of 1,500 coins.

Best Green Shell Stone Price

Buy More Iron Boots

Your Iron Boots can break when used too many times. This will make it much harder to deal with Spinies, so before they break, take the Pipe No. 1 back to Toad Town and buy an extra pair from the shop for 300 coins.

New Enemies


Spinies have sharp spikes on their back, so Mario will get hurt if he jumps on them. You'll want to grab the Iron Boots in the ? Block at the very start and equip them to jump on these foes without taking damage. The Hammer can also be used to damage them in a pinch.

Overlook Mountain Toad Locations

21 Locations Total

Overlook Mountain - Sign at the EntranceEnlarge Sign at the Entrance Upon entering Overlook Mountain, you will find a Toad folded into the shape of a signpost. Hit it with your Hammer to rescue it.
Overlook Mountain - Next to the ChestEnlarge Next to the Chest To the left of the area entrance, on the same ledge with the chest containing Collectible Treasure No. 17, you can find a Toad behind the grass.
Overlook Mountain - Three GrasshoppersEnlarge Grasshoppers behind Hedges 1 If you go up the slope by the blue pavilion, you'll find a hedged-in area with grasshoppers. Hit all three with your Hammer – each one will turn into a Toad.
You need to hit them twice, once to knock them down, then more more to free the Toad!
Overlook Mountain - Toad Grasshopper 2.jpgEnlarge Grasshoppers behind Hedges 2 Hit the second grasshopper.
Overlook Mountain - Toad Grasshopper 3.jpgEnlarge Grasshoppers behind Hedges 3 Hit the third grasshopper.
Overlook Mountain - Hop Across the RoofEnlarge Hop Across the Roof From the grasshopper location, go right and jump onto the blue roof. Jump off on the opposite side to reach a ledge with a Toad.
Overlook Mountain - Bettle by the HedgeEnlarge Beetle by the Hedge To the left of the area with the grasshoppers, there's a Toad in the shape of a beetle crawling aorund one of the hedges. Like always, it gets the hammer.
Overlook Mountain - Behind the PipeEnlarge Behind the #1 Pipe Before the bridge, behind the Pipe labeled with the number 1, there's a small rock. Hit it with your Hammer to reveal a Toad.
Overlook Mountain - Behind the Tree by the PipeEnlarge Tree by the #1 Pipe
(After Earth Temple)
Before the bridge, behind the Pipe labeled with the number 1, there's a small rock. Hit it with your Hammer to reveal a Toad.
Come back later in the story if this Toad isn't appearing.
Overlook Mountain - Crumpled Toad Near BridgeEnlarge Far in the Back before the Bridge Right before the bridge, go far to the back and you'll find a ledge where a Toad is crumpled up on the ground.
Overlook Mountain - Left of the BridgeEnlarge To the Left after the Bridge After crossing the bridge, take a left around the ledge and hammer the Toad on the far wall.
Overlook Mountain - Toads down the StepsEnlarge Down the Steps On the steps leading down to the fishing area, five Toads are poking out of the ground. Pull each of them up.
Overlook Mountain - From FishingEnlarge At the Fishing Spot At the fishing spot, one of the smaller shadows in the fishing mini-game will look more like origami than the others. Catch it to reveal a Toad.
Overlook Mountain - To the left of the StakesEnlarge Behind the Left Stakes After blowing away the Thwomps, head down the slope to the left of the stake path and hammer the crumbled Toad.
Overlook Mountain - Tram Station Flower BoxEnlarge Right Flower Box
(After clearing the Red Streamer)
Hit the right flower box by the Tram station from below by jumping, then hit the crumbled Toad that comes out.
Overlook Mountain - Area behind the staircaseEnlarge Area behind Staircase To the left of the Tram station, there's a staircase heading up to Overlook Tower. Go behind it to find an area with a wrapped bundle of Toads.
Overlook Mountain - Grasshopper at the PeakEnlarge Grasshopper at the Peak Going down to the left from the peak, you'll find two hedges. There's another grasshopper that needs hammering behind the back one.
Overlook Mountain - Fall down the LedgeEnlarge Fall Down to the Ledge In front of the slope coming down from Overlook Tower, you'll be able to walk to the bottom through a hole in the fence and fall off onto a ledge. Hit the ? Block here to reveal a Toad.
Overlook Mountain - Shy Guy Soccer BallEnlarge Soccer Ball Going down to the left from the peak, two Shy Guys are using a crumpled-up Toad as a soccer ball. Defeat them or hit it mid-roll to rescue it.
Overlook Mountain - Defeat the Paper MachosEnlarge Inside the Paper Macho Shy Guy Defeat all three of the Paper Macho Shy Guys playing soccer with the Red Shell Stone and three Toads will burst out.
Overlook Mountain - Overlook Sports Park SignpostEnlarge On the Overlook Sports Park Signpost Hit the Overlook Sports Park Signpost, and a Toad in a shape of a crumpled paper will fall. Hit the crumpled paper to rescue it.

Overlook Mountain Collectible Treasure Locations

5 Locations Total

Treasure Name and How to Find
Overlook Mountain - TreasureNo17.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 17: Lush Greenery On the very first path, take a left at the entrance and continue to the far left to find a chest with this Treasure.
Overlook Mountain - TreasureNo18.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 18: Paper Macho Goomba Directly back and to the left from Monty Mole's table, you'll find a path winding down and around to the front. Find this Treasure in a chest at the end.
Overlook Mountain - TreasureNo19.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 19: Sap Sister Right before the fishing pier, you'll find a ? Block with 100 coins. Continue left from there and you'll find a hidden path winding down and around to the front. Find this Treasure in a chest at the end.
Overlook Mountain - Treasure Number 20 - Folded BowserTreasure No. 20: Folded Bowser In the Fishing Spot, after catching the Toad in the water, you can sometimes see one of the shadows start to sparkle. Catch it to reel in this Treasure.
Overlook Mountain - TreasureNo21.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 21: Paper Macho Shy Guy Go south from the clearing with the three Paper Macho Shy Guys to find a slope leading down. At the bottom, you'll find a chest with this Treasure.

Overlook Mountain ? Block (Hidden Block) Locations

9 Locations Total

Block No. 1.pngEnlarge Block No. 2.pngEnlarge
Block No. 3.jpgEnlarge Block No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Block No. 5.jpgEnlarge Block No. 6.jpgEnlarge
Block No. 7.jpgEnlarge Block No. 8.jpgEnlarge
Block No. 9.jpgEnlarge

Overlook Mountain Not-Bottomless (Confetti) Hole Locations

18 Locations Total

Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 1.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 2.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 3.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 5.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 6.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 7.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 8.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 9.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 10.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 11.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 12.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 13.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 14.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 15.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 16.jpgEnlarge
Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 17.jpgEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Hole No. 18.jpgEnlarge

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The toad that appears after the earth vellumental is wrong, I got the toad before facing the earth vellumental. I think I went to the the top of the mountain then back down and it was there.

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There is also a Overlook tower collectible at level 3 of Tower, speak to drink stall Toad

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