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Entering Shangri-Spa.png
This is a walkthrough for Shangri-Spa in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Read on to learn locations for all Shangri-Spa collectible treasures, hidden toads, hidden blocks, and confetti holes, as well as other useful tips and strategies for getting through this area.

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Current Area Shangri-Spa
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Shangri-Spa Map

Shangri-Spa Map Complete.pngEnlarge

During your time in the spa, you'll need to visit all four hot springs, labeled here as numbers 3, 4, 6, and 7. Once you've entered all of those, make your way to the mysterious Spring of Rainbows, labeled with a question mark!

Shangri-Spa Walkthrough

Entrance and Front Desk

1 Walk north, across the bridge. The clouds will part and reveal a temple, with a sign that reads Paradise Found. Enter the temple to reach Shangri-Spa.
2 Talk to the Toad at the front desk to learn that, for the price of 1000 coins, Shangri-Spa offers "a place for you to rest, reflect, and be renewed through the power of hot springs." You will also receive a Stamp Card.

Spring of Purification

1 Enter the western entrance to the Spring of Purification (effective against rips and tears). To soak in the hot spring, simply walk into it and stay still. After soaking, get your Stamp Card stamped (red, lower right stamp). Exit through the west door.
Head to the northwest corner and hit the ? Block to get the Legendary Hammer.
2 Upon exiting, you'll meet Kamek. Follow Kamek along the path of the Green Streamer, leading to Bowser's fallen castle.
3 When you attempt to enter Bowser's fallen castle, a lightning beast will attack you. Bowser Jr. will arrive in a clown car, but will be cut up by a flying, giant pair of scissors. Return to the Spring of Purification to restore Bowser Jr. and his clown car.
4 After defeating the Chargin' Chucks in the hot spring, restore Bowser Jr. in the Spring of Purification. Bowser Jr. will need to be restored in every hot spring at Shangri-Spa. Exit west to head to the other hot springs.

Spring of Sanctuary

1 Head south of the center fountain to arrive at the Spring of Sanctuary.
2 Battle and defeat the Goombas in the hot spring. Soak in the hot spring to restore yourself and Bowser Jr. again.
3 Get your Stamp Card stamped (purple, lower left stamp).

Spring of Bliss

1 Head to the center fountain of Shangri-Spa, then head east. Cross the bridge to arrive at the Spring of Bliss.
2 Go around behind the hot spring's pool and jump over the crack on the back wall. Defeat the Hammer Bro to make blue water flow into the hot spring.
Go to the east side of the hot spring to find a ladder. You can find several 100 coins on top.
3 Soak in the Spring of Bliss to restore Bowser Jr. some more.
4 After soaking, get your Stamp Card stamped (green, upper right stamp) and exit back to the center fountain.
5 Slightly northwest of the center fountain, walk to the ledge and jump onto the floating platform. This will take you to another floating platform. Cross the bridge northward and enter the path to the Spring of Jungle Mist.

Spring of Jungle Mist Walkthrough

MAX UP Heart Location

Max UP Heart Shangri-Spa.png

In the northeast section of the main plaza, you'll find two stalls. Hit the blue parasol on the left stall to send a Snifit flying out, who will take helm at the stall. This Snifit will sell you a +10 HP MAX UP Heart for 10,000 coins. It's a bit of a steep price, but since MAX UP Hearts will boost Mario's attack as well, it's well worth it for the battles ahead!

All MAX UP Heart Locations

Shangri-Spa Video Walkthrough & Guide

Tips & Strategies

How to Buy Legendary Iron Boots

Shangri-Spa Legendary Iron Boots.pngEnlarge

The Legendary items booth on the southwest area of the plaza will sell only Legendary Boots at first, which cannot stomp on some enemies. However, you can unlock Legendary Iron Boots from the shop here.

Shangri-Spa Revealing the Second Shopkeeper.png

To buy Legendary Iron Boots, you'll need to find the Snifit in the right booth on the top of the stand to make it return to its post. Then, you'll need to buy Treasure No. 102: Shangri-Spa Toad. After you've purchased it, the Legendary Iron Boots will appear in the shop to replace it.

Treasure No. 102 will cost 24,800 coins at full markup, so be sure to bring your Gold Membership Card to slash the price in half to 12,400 coins!

Buy Treasure No. 101 for 10,000 Coins

Shangri-Spa Buy for 20000 Coins.pngEnlarge

Although it might seem like a total rip-off, 10,000 coins is the best price you will get for this Collectible Treasure. If you initially reject the price and come back later after collecting more trophies, the price will have raised to 20,000 coins.

There doesn't seem to be any way to reduce the price back to 10,000 coins, so be sure to pick it up while it's on “sale”.

Shangri-Spa Toad Locations

1 Locations Total

Location and Explanation
Shangri-Spa Sensor Lab.jpgEnlarge Shangri-Spa Sensor Lab Find the Sensor Lab door and help the Toad inside.

List of All Toad Locations

Shangri-Spa Collectible Treasure Locations

9 Locations Total

Location and Treasure Name
Treasure No. 95.png
Treasure No. 95:
Earth Vellumental Idol
Treasure Chest at the back of the Spring of Purification.
Treasure No. 96.png
Treasure No. 96:
Water Vellumental Idol
Treasure Chest down the southwest slope.
Treasure No. 97.png
Treasure No. 97:
Fire Vellumental Idol
Head to the Treasure chest on a small island to the west, using the moving platform, west of the lower tunnel.
Ice Vellumental Idol.pngEnlarge
Treasure No. 98:
Ice Vellumental Idol
Treasure Chest east of Bowser's Castle. Hammer a cracked pillar to the southwest to reach it.
Water Buckets.pngEnlarge
Treasure No. 99:
Water Buckets
Treasure Chest reached by taking the floating platform west from the Spring of Jungle Mist entrance.
Treasure No. 100.png
Treasure No. 100:
Sea Tower
Buy for 10,000 coins from a Spike, just southwest of the Banquet Hall steps.
Shangri-Spa Fountain.pngEnlarge
Treasure No. 101:
Shangri-Spa Fountain
Buy for 10,000 coins from a Shy Guy, at the foot of the Spring of Bliss bridge.
Treasure No. 102.png
Treasure No. 102:
Shangri-Spa Toad
Hit the sleeping Shy Guy in the shop on the left side to wake it up, then buy from the shop.
Treasure No. 103.png
Treasure No. 103:
Boss Sumo Bro Cloud
Before entering Bowser's Castle, go left to find a hidden ? Block.

Shangri-Spa ? Block (Hidden Block) Locations

6 Locations Total

Shangri Spa - Block No. 1.jpgEnlarge Shangri Spa - Block No. 2.jpgEnlarge
Shangri Spa - Block No. 3.jpgEnlarge Shangri Spa - Block No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Shangri Spa - Block No. 5.jpgEnlarge Shangri Spa - Block No. 6.jpgEnlarge

Shangri-Spa Not-Bottomless (Confetti) Hole Locations

5 Locations Total

Shangri Spa - Hole No. 1.jpgEnlarge Shangri Spa - Hole No. 2.jpgEnlarge
Shangri Spa - Hole No. 3.jpgEnlarge Shangri Spa - Hole No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Shangri-Spa Hole No. 5.jpgEnlarge

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>>2 There is a lift just behind the shy guy stalls on the east side, hidden behind some bushes.

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