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Battle Lab.png
This guide shows you the Battle Lab Rewards in Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what Battle Lab is, How to Unlock Battle Lab, as well as the rewards you can get, and how to get it.

What is the Battle Lab?

Place to Practice Battle Skills

Inside Battle Lab.png
Battle Lab is a place you can go when you need to practice your Battle Skills. Here you can learn how to block and attack at the right time and to shuffle the rings in the right place.

How to Unlock

Origami Dog.png
To unlock Battle Lab, you need to rescue the Toad near the exit of Picnic Road. The Toad is folded in a Dog shaped Origami. Hit it with your Hammer to rescue it.

All Toad Locations

Available Training in Battle Lab

Battle Lab Items

Puzzle Solver

Puzzle Solver - Red Circles.png
Puzzle Solver is a machine to determine the best spot to place your enemies. When in battle, look for the ⭕ symbol on your enemy, shuffle the ring, and Puzzle Solved!

The great news is that you don't even need to spend coins or anything. All you need to do is to activate this machine by going to the Game Menu by pressing + and check Settings. From the list in that tab, use the Analog-stick to turn it On or Off.

Time Extender

Time Extender - Automatic Spend of Coins.png
Time Extender is also a machine, but specifically for extending your time in a battle. Once you run out of time, this machine will extend it automatically.

However, unlike the Puzzle Solver, this will cost you coins. Since it will extend your time automatically, it will also spend your coins as long as you need time extension. But do not worry, you can adjust how many coins you're willing to spend. You can access the settings on the Game Menu.

Battle Lab Rewards

List of Rewards

There are three rewards you can get from completing the challenges in the Battle Lab.

  1. The True Ringer Trophy (Complete The Ringer)
  2. Speed Ring King Trophy (Complete Speed Rings)
  3. Collectible Treasure No. 15: Bowser (Complete Bossotronic Fighter)

Battle Lab Challenges

The Ringer

The Ringer.png
The Ringer is a game in Ring Trainer machine where you can practice your skills in solving the Ring Puzzles when you are in battle. Here, you are challenge to solve 10 Ring Puzzle as quickly as you can. In each puzzle, you will face Toads as your enemies. Once you solve the puzzles, you will get The True Ringer Trophy as a reward!

The Ringer Guide and Rewards

Speed Rings

Speed Rings.png
Speed Rings is another game that you can play from the Ring Trainer machine. This time, your goal is to complete many Ring Puzzles as much as possible in a 100 seconds time frame. However, to get the Speed Ring King Trophy, you will need to solve 16 puzzles.

Speed Rings Guide and Rewards

Bossotronic Fighter

Bossotronic Fighter.png
Bossotronic Fighter is a game where you will challenge all the bosses you have encountered in Paper Mario: Origami King. Once you beat all of the Bossotronic Animated Machine Fighter Bosses, you will receive Collectible Treasure No. 15: Bowser as a reward! Also, make sure to get this If you are aiming to collect all the treasures.

Bossotronic Fighter Guide and Rewards

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