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This is a guide to The Ringer at the Battle Lab, for Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the NIntendo Switch. Read on to see all puzzles and puzzle solutions for The Ringer!

The Ringer at Battle Lab

Find the Arcade Machine

Arcade Machine - The Ringer Mode.jpgEnlarge
Battle Lab - Check Arcade Machine.jpgEnlarge Battle Lab - Ring Training.jpgEnlarge

After rescuing the Toad (origami dog) at Picnic Road, you will unlock the Battle Lab in Toad Town. Go inside and check the arcade machine to the right. The Toad will ask you if you "wanna do some ring training." Choose yes, and you will be taken to the arcade machine's mode selection screen.

Play "The Ringer"

The Ringer (New).jpg
On the mode selection screen, select "The Ringer" and press A. You will immediately start solving Ring Battle puzzles.

Trophy: The True Ringer

After solving all puzzles in Levels 1, 2, and 3, talk to the Museum Toad and you will receive The True Ringer Trophy

The Ringer Puzzles

The Ringer (Ring Battle).jpg
To complete The Ringer training, you will have to solve 10 Ring Battle puzzles. Each puzzle is more challenging than the previous puzzle.

The Ringer Puzzle Solutions

We recommend that you solve these puzzles on your own first, to really learn how to fight Ring Battles. But if you're really stumped, here are all puzzles' starting points and solutions:

The Ringer All Clear

The Ringer - All Clear!.jpg
Once you solve all of The Ringer's puzzles, you will return to the mode selection screen. The total time it took you to solve all puzzles will be recorded and the game will auto-save.

Game Over for The Ringer

The Ringer - Game Over.jpg
If you get a puzzle wrong, it's game over (just for The Ringer, not for the game), and you will have to start over from Puzzle 1.

The RInger Walkthrough Videos

The Ringer: Level 1

The Ringer: Level 2

The Ringer: Level 3

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