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Faded Fire Flower.png
This guide shows how to restore Shriveled Items and Faded Items in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out what Shriveled and Faded items are, where to find Shriveled and Faded Items, and how to restore Shriveled and Faded Items.

Types of Shriveled and Faded Items

Shriveled Items

Shriveled Seed Description.png
Shriveled Items are items that have lost their color, have shriveled, and need to be restored. Doing so will allow you to add this item to your inventory.

One confirmed Shriveled Item is the Shriveled Seed.

Shriveled or Faded Characters

Shriveled Birdo Falling into Spring.png
Like Shriveled Items, there are characters that have shriveled and lost some of their color, that also need restoring! It is possible that restoring these characters wiil let them join your party, or at least allow you to call on them in battle for an attack.

Faded Items

Faded Fire Flower.png
These items have not completely lost their color, but also need to be restored. The image above also shows a Faded Mushroom.

One confirmed Faded Item is the Faded Fire Flower.

How to Find Shriveled and Faded Items

Launch Them from Trees

Pull Tree Vine to Launch Items from Trees
Pulling Tree Vine.pngEnlarge Launched Shriveled Item.pngEnlarge

Pull hanging tree vines to make the tree launch items into the air. You will see the launched item falling from afar.

Note: It is not yet confirmed weather or not launched items will always be Shriveled or Faded Items.

How to Restore Shriveled and Faded Items

Read the Trees' Clues

Has He Found the Spring.png
As seen in the image above, one of the whispering trees asks its fellow trees, "Has he found the spring?" This is a clue to the spring's restorative powers.

Restore Items in the Spring

Restore Items in the Spring
Faded Fire Flower Falling into Spring.pngEnlarge Faded Fire Flower Shriveled Birdo Floating on SpringEnlarge Shriveled/Faded Birdo
Shriveled & Faded Items Restored
Fire Flower Restored.pngEnlarge Restored Fire Flower Restored Birdo Sends a Kiss.pngEnlarge Restored Birdo

Place Shriveled and Faded items or characters in the spring and watch them return to their full glory! After restoring items, you should be able to use them in the field or in battle.

How Battles Work

How to Find the Spring

1 Pull the Vine furthest to the back-rightIn the Whispering Woods, you will eventaully come across an area of trees with vines hanging from them. Pull the vine in the back-right corner three times. After the third time, the log suspended from the tree will fall down and roll to the left.
2 VinePull.png
Go left and jump up the platforms and onto the log that fell to reach the upper area. At the top, pull the vine attached to the party ball.
3 The vine will break, so hit the tree behind it with the hammer to create a Magic Circle.
4 Grab the vine and pull down with the 1,000-Fold Arms to open the confetti ball and get a Shriveled Seed.
5 Continue to the mist-filled path in the back.
6 In the next room, there will be a new path – using either will bring you back to the same room, like a loop.
7 Sit on the Tree StumpGo on either path a few times and Olivia will want to rest on the stump. Go up there to start a cutscene.
8 After the cutscene, take the path to the right to continue. Continue until a battle with two rounds of 4 Goombas starts.
9 Fill up the hole to the left and continue.
10 ThrowSomethingIn.png
Go to the ledge in the back and interact with the pond. You'll be able to choose something to throw in. Throw the Shriveled Seed into the pond to get the Soul Seed.
11 Paper Mario - Use confetti to rescue Grandsappy (1).pngReturn to the room with the stump. Throw confetti at the hole in the stump to repair it.
12 Select the Soul Seed and give it to the stump, then go east through the new path to the next area after the cutscene.

Whispering Woods Walkthrough | Toad and Not-Bottomless Hole Locations

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