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A list of weapons and items in Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find the abilities for each weapon, as well as how to get an Excellent rating. Tap on a link below for more details.

List of Weapons


Weapon Target Max Dam. Description
Boots IconBoots Straight Line 17 Standard boots. Great for jumping on basic enemies.
Iron Boots IconIron Boots Straight Line 19 Stronger than regular Bootsーand they can stomp spiked enemies!
Shiny Boots IconShiny Boots Straight Line 21 Stronger than Iron Boots, but they can't stomp spiked enemies.
Gold Boots IconGold Boots Straight Line 24 Wear these to stomp a few coins out of your enemies!
Shiny Iron Boots IconShiny Iron Boots Straight Line 24 Stronger and shinier than your regular Iron Boots.
Flashy Boots IconFlashy Boots Straight Line 27 Stronger than Shiny Boots, but can't stomp spiked enemies.
Flashy Iron Boots IconFlashy Iron Boots Straight Line 30 Stronger and fancier than regular Iron Boots. They can deal huge damage!
Legendary Boots IconLegendary Boots Straight Line 34 The strongest boots of all. Still cannot stomp spiked enemies.
Legendary Iron Boots IconLegendary Iron Boots Straight Line 35 The strongest type of Iron Boots. Crush your spiked foes!


Weapon Target Max Dam. Description
Hammer IconHammer 2x2 20 A classic. Mario's trusty hammer, great for hitting basic foes.
Hurlhammer IconHurlhammer Straight Line 22 A hammer that you can throw for long-ranged attacks.
Shiny Hammer IconShiny Hammer 2x2 24 Stronger and shinier than your regular, everyday hammer.
Gold Hammer IconGold Hammer 2x2 26 Use this to knock coins out of your enemies' pockets.
Ice Hammer IconIce Hammer 2x2 27 A hammer that crackles with ice when whacking foes.
Fire Hammer IconFire Hammer 2x2 27 A hammer that blazes with flames when whacking an enemy.
Flashy Hammer IconFlashy Hammer 2x2 30 An extremely strong and fancy hammer. Deals big damage!
Legendary Hammer IconLegendary Hammer 2x2 37 The strongest and fanciest hammer in the game.
Shiny Hurlhammer IconShiny Hurlhammer Straight Line 37 A stronger option for long-range hammer attacks.

List of Items


Weapon Target Max Dam. Description
Fire Flower IconFire Flower Straight Line 24 Use this to throw fireballs at enemies in a straight line.
Shiny Fire Flower IconShiny Fire Flower Straight Line 36 Throws stronger fireballs at enemies in a straight line.
Ice Flower IconIce Flower Straight Line 24 Use this to throw ice at enemies in a straight line.
Shiny Ice Flower IconShiny Ice Flower Straight Line 36 Throws stronger iceballs at enemies in a straight line.


Weapon Target Max Dam. Description
Tail IconTail 2x2 24 Equip this to spin and flick your tail at nearby enemies.
Shiny Tail IconShiny Tail 2x2 36 A stronger Tail attack good for stronger enemies.

Pow Blocks

Weapon Target Max Dam. Description
Pow Block IconPow Block All 12 Shakes the ground, dealing damage to all enemies.


Item +HP Description
Mushroom IconMushroom 50 A useful item that can restore Mario's health anytime.
Shiny Mushroom IconShiny Mushroom 100 A shiny mushroom that restores even more health.
Flashy Mushroom IconFlashy Mushroom 200 A dazzling Mushroom that restores a huge amount of health.
1-Up Mushroom Icon1-Up Mushroom Max Automatically revives Mario if he falls in a battle.


Item Description
Toad Radar IconToad Radar Helps you find nearby Toads in trouble.
Hidden Block Unhider IconHidden Block Unhider Helps you find nearby hidden blocks.
Lamination Suit IconLamination Suit Put this on to make yourself harder for enemies to see!

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Does someone knows how to get the shiny hurlhammer?

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a flashy hammer does 28

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