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You Saved Luigi.png

Mario's brother Luigi can be found in various locations throughout the game in his search for the key to Peach's Castle. Luigi will provide you with useful keys throughout the game, but he can be tricky to find! Here's our complete guide to finding Luigi.

All Luigi Locations

Luigi's Hat: Prologue


In the prologue of the game, after King Olly lifts Peach's Castle into the sky, Luigi's Hat can be shown slowly drifting down. Could our guy in green be gone for good??

Actually, this scene seems to show a hint to Luigi's location, as the hat is shown floating over the remains of Peach's Castle's foundation, where Luigi is later found.

First Time: Peach's Castle Grounds (Toad Town)

Rescuing Luigi 1.png

Later on, in Toad Town, Mario can reach Peach's Castle's former grounds after passing through Graffiti Underground. Break through the wall here to continue ahead.

Graffiti Underground Walkthrough

Breaking the Pot.png

Climb the slope to the left of the cloud-pattern wall and break the pot at the top to reveal a Magic Circle.

Opening the Luigi Wall.png

Use the 1,000-Fold Arms to tear off the wallpaper ahead, and voila! One freshly-folded Luigi!

Luigi Disappears Again.png

As soon as he appears, Luigi will be off again on a hunt for the key to Peach's Castle. Will he be alright on his own?

Second Time: Ninja Attraction (House of Tricky Ninjas)

Luigi Location Ninja Attraction.png

The next time you find Luigi, he'll be in a hidden area within the Ninja Attraction, in the Shogun Studios area. In the courtyard area, jump north over the fence and hit the statue by the pond to open a door to the house.

Ninja Attraction Walkthrough

Luigi Trapped 1.png

Go to the basement inside and you'll find Luigi who is... not doing too well for himself.

Luigi Trapped 2.png

Go down the ladder and hit the spinning gear with your hammer to free Luigi (Who is really lucky hitting that this random gear doesn't have the reverse effect).

Luigi Shogun Studios Master Key.png

Once you hammer him back to his old self, Luigi will reward you with the Shogun Studios Master Key! If he had just left it, you could have obtained it much earlier in the staff room, but...

Poor Luigi will run off again in search of the real key to Peach's Castle.

Third Time: Snif City (Shroom City)

Snifit Mood Booth.png

You'll find Luigi in a pickle once again in Snif City, in the Scorching Sandpaper Desert area, where he's being held hostage in a magic lamp by a conniving Snifit for all eternity. How he got there is anyone's guess, but you'll have to guess the Snifit's Mood to free him.

How to Guess the Snifit Mood

Got Suite Key.png

Once you've freed Luigi once again, he'll give you the Suite Key to the second floor of the Royal Hotel! Once again, you could have gotten it earlier if Luigi hadn't taken Professor Toad's room, but......

And it's off on the hunt again for Luigi!

Fourth Time: Mushroom Island

Opening the Mushroom Island Door.png

Luigi's gone off once again onto the Great Sea. To reach him, you'll need to open the locked door on Mushroom Island using a Mushroom Handle, obtainable on Crescent Island.

Crescent Island (Full Moon Island) Walkthrough

Getting the Diamond Key.png

You'll find him lounging and confident that he's got the right key. It turns out to be the Diamond Key, which unlocks Diamond Island. Not a bad find this time! He'll also stay in your party for a bit until you leave the island.

Last Time: Peach's Castle

Luigi Arrives.png

After arriving at Peach's Castle, you'll realize the one thing you don't have – the key! This is where it's time for Luigi to sweep in and save the day.

He thinks he doesn't have it, but actually, Luigi will bring the key straight to you without even knowing it.

Getting the Key to Peach

You'll find the Key to Peach's Castle lodged in the exhaust pipe of Luigi's Kart. It was right in front of him the whole time!! Haha, ha...

Real Last Time: Ending

Luigi Appears.png

Luigi will show up once again in the game's ending cutscene. We don't want to spoil too much, so find your way to the end of the game and see for yourself!

Origami Castle Walkthrough

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