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Speed Rings Title.png
This is a guide to Speed Rings at the Battle Lab, for Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to play Speed Rings and how to win the Speed Ring King Trophy!

What is Speed Rings?

A Timed Ring Puzzle Challenge

Speed Rings Title 2.png
Speed Rings is a game that you can play on the Ring Trainer machine in the Battle Lab. Your goal is to solve as many Ring Puzzles as you can within 100 seconds.

Where to Find Speed Rings

Inside the Battle Lab

Arcade Machine - Speed Rings Mode.jpg
You can play the Speed Rings in the Battle Lab, which is on the left side of the Museum. However, you need to unlock the lab first before you can access the Ring Trainer machine.

Battle Lab Rewards

How to Play Speed Rings

Solve 16 Puzzles in 100 Seconds

Speed Rings.png

More challenging than the The Ringer, Speed Rings requires muscle memory to solve 16 random puzzles in 100 seconds. Compared to The Ringer, this game will not tell you the correct answers when you fail to solve a puzzle. However, as long as you have time remaining on the clock, you can keep trying to solve the same puzzle.

Pass Puzzle.png
You can choose to skip (Pass) the current puzzle by pressing the Y Button on your Switch, but it will cost you 10 seconds. Remember, you will only receive the Speed Ring King Trophy when you finish all 16 puzzles in 100 seconds. Solve it as fast as you can!

Random Puzzles

The puzzles on the list are based on what we encountered in the game. However, some puzzle patterns are the same as The Ringer.

Note: The image above shows the 12 panels.

Random Puzzle 1

Puzzle Answer
Puzzle 1.pngEnlarge Puzzle 1 Answer.pngEnlarge
1. Move Panel ③ away from Mario 2x.
2. Move the 1st Ring counterclockwise 1x.
3. Move the 2nd Ring counterclockwise 2x.

Random Puzzle 2

Puzzle Answer
Puzzle 2.pngEnlarge Puzzle 2 Answer.pngEnlarge
1. Move Panel ③ away from Mario 1x.
2. Move the 1st Ring clockwise 2x.

Random Puzzle 3

Puzzle Answer
Random Puzzle 3.pngEnlarge Random Puzzle 3 Answer.pngEnlarge
1. Move the 3rd Ring counterclockwise 1x.
2. Move Panel ② towards Mario 1x.

Random Puzzle 4

Puzzle Answer
Random Puzzle 4.pngEnlarge Random Puzzle 4 Answer.pngEnlarge
1. Move the 3rd Ring clockwise 5x.
2. Move Panel ④ towards Mario 1x.
3. Move Panel ⑤ towards Mario 1x.

Random Puzzle 5

Puzzle Answer
Random Puzzle 5.pngEnlarge Random Puzzle 5 Answer.pngEnlarge
1. Move Panel ② away from Mario 2x.
2. Move the 2nd Ring clockwise 2x.

What Happens When Trial is Finished

Restart the Game

Trial Finished.png
When you fail to solve the puzzles, the game is over. However, you can still play the game and solve it anytime you want. The game will be saved automatically after each attempt. A list of your longest streak will also be displayed on the main screen of the Speed Rings.

How to Get Speed Ring King Trophy

Solve Each Puzzle in 6 Seconds

To get the Speed Ring King Trophy, you need to solve a total of 16 puzzles in 100 seconds. That's a lot of puzzles to solve, giving you around 6 seconds to solve each puzzle. It would be best to hone your puzzle skills first! Play The Ringer to familiarize yourself with the puzzle patterns, and get ready to be the Speed Ring King!

Trophies List

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