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This page will guide you with how to play the minigames in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the best strategy and mechanics for each minigame!

List of Minigame Guides

Battle Lab

Battle Lab - Check Arcade Machine.jpg

The Battle Lab in Toad Town has a variety of challenges to put Mario's ring-spinning and boss beatin' abilities to the test!

Battle Lab Rewards

Battle Lab Guides
The Ringer Guide & Rewards Speed Rings Guide & Rewards
Bossotronic Fighter Guide & Rewards -

Fishing Minigame

Catching a Cheep Cheep.png
In the image above, Mario have just landed the Legendary Cheep Cheep. To follow in his mighty paper footprints, however, you need to start by catching the small fry.

You can also catch Treasure and Toads, so get out your fishing rod and reel 'em in!

Fishing Guide

Water Shrine Puzzles

Paper Mario - Water Puzzle Banner (1).png

Two panel sliding puzzles are part of the Water Vellumental Shrine and the second one can be quite tricky.

How to Solve the Water Puzzle

Shuriken Dojo

In this minigame located in Shogun Studios, you throw Shuriken (ninja stars) at numbered, moving targets in a range, similar to an archery range. To fire the Shurikens, move to the red plates and hit them with your Hammer.

How to Win the Shuriken Minigame

House of Riddles

Paper Mario - House of Riddles 2 (1).png

Did Animal Crossing make you a Feng Shui master? Put your room-arranging skills to the test in the House of Riddles!
House of Riddles Solution

Shy Guys Finish Last

Shy Guys Finish Last.png
Hosted by Emcee Shy Guy, the object of this quiz show minigame is to score 100 points, by completing challenges, chosen randomly, from 4 categories. The winning prize is an invitation to the Spring of Rainbows hotspring, at Shangri-Spa.

Shy Guys Finish Last Minigame

Shy Guys Finish Last - Categories.png

Ring Scramble

Ring Scramble.png
Ring Scramble tests your ring control and visual memory, by making you solve a ring-based image puzzle within a certain time-limit.

Race 'n' Place

Race 'n' Place tests your eyesight and memory by requiring you to remember the places of every runner at the end of a race.

Ninji Skills

Ninji Skills Yes!.png
Ninji Skills tests your dynamic vision tracking, by making you choose boxes that conatin Ninjis, after they've been shuffled.

Bath Math

Bath Math.png
Bath Math tests your memory and your math skills by requiring you to keep track of Goombas going in and out of a hot spring.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death.png
In Sudden Death, you determine the missing lyric in a song that you've heard along the story's progress.

Paper Plane-Shooter

Paper Plane Shooter.png
Shoot down paper airplanes in this minigame! This game ends with a paper plane boss, so aim true!

Paper Plane Shooter Minigame

Trial of Wisdom

Trial of Wisdom - Mushroom Logics
In Trial of Wisdom, you need to answer questions mostly about your adventures earlier in the game. Choose the correct answers to get the Wisdom Orb!
Trial of Wisdom Minigame

Trial of Power

Trial of Power - Small and Medium Blocks.png
In Trial of Power, you need to break all the Blocks and the Great Nail using your Hammer and Jump attacks. Complete all challenge within the given timeframe to get the Power Orb!
Trial of Power

Trial of Courage

Trial of Courage - Stage 1.png
In Trial of Courage, you need to stop the falling object after it reaches the yellow line or the pointing arrow. However, once you started the game, the line will be invisible, make sure you remember the position or use the pointing arrow. Complete all challenge to get the Courage Orb!

Trial of Courage

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