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Confetti and Coins after Battle.png
This guide shows you how to get and use Confetti in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to get Confetti, when to use Confetti, and how to read the Confetti Meter.

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How to Get Confetti

How to Collect Rating
From hitting objects with your Hammer ★★★
From defeating Paper Macho Bosses ★★☆
From Confetti Bags ★☆☆
From winning Ring Battles ★☆☆
From purchasing Confetti ★☆☆

Get Confetti from Objects

Confetti from Objects
Hammer Bush for Confetti.pngEnlarge Bushes Hammer Flower for Confetti.pngEnlarge Flowers
Confetti Bag from Rock.pngEnlarge Rocks Confetti and Coins after 1000-Fold Arms.pngEnlarge Broken Statues

As soon as Mario begins his quest on Picnic Road, he is equipped with a hammer, which he can use to hit objects. Hit objects and get Confetti, Confetti Bags, or other items. Simply walk on or near the Confetti to collect it. Objects that have been confirmed to contain Confetti are bushes, flowers, rocks, and even broken statues!

1000-Fold Arms can break objects for Confetti

Confetti and Coins after 1000-Fold Arms.png
Unlocking the 1000-Fold Arms allows you to break hard-to-reach objects. Breaking these objects also rewards you with Confetti and Coins.

Use Confetti Vacuum

Toad Town Accessory Shop.jpg

Confetti Vacuum will allow you to pick up confetti from farther away, which is faster than collecting each group of confetti.

How to Get Confetti Vacuum

Owner of the Fun Funky and Functional  Accessory Shop.png

To get the Confetti Vacuum, you need to rescue first the owner of the Fun, Funky, and Functional Accessory Shop. You can find the Toad in Picnic Road.

Inside the area, look for the entrance to Earth Vellumental Temple. The Toad is on the top of the table near the Save Block. Hit it with your Hammer to save it.

Where to Buy the Confetti Vacuum

Fun Funky and Functional Accessory Shop.png

After saving the Toad in Picnic Road, you can now return to Toad Town to buy the Confetti Vacuum. The Fun, Funky, and Functional Accessory Shop is located near the area where you defeated the Paper Macho Goomba.

It is the third house from the west side of the house with Yellow Roof. Talk to the Toad inside to purchase the Confetti Vacuum accessory for 2,000 coins.

Get from Defeating Paper Macho Bosses

After defeating any Paper Macho Bosses, it will explode into a lot of Confetti. Grab every piece to fill the Confetti bag inventory. Remember, covering all the Not-bottomless Holes will earn you a trophy and is essential in completing the game 100%.

100% Completion Guide

Get from Confetti Bags

Confetti Bag from Rock.png
Sometimes, breaking objects rewards you with a Confetti Bag. Collecting a Confetti Bag refills your Confetti Meter.

Get Confetti after Ring Battles

Confetti and Coins after Battle.png
Along Mario's quest, he will run into Ring Battles againts origami-enemies. After winning these battles, Mario is rewarded with a large amount of Confetti.

How Ring Battles Work

Get from Purchasing Confetti in Toad Town

Toad Town - Buying Confetti.png

If you run out of Confetti and you don't have the energy to collect them, you can visit the Confetti Shop in Toad Town managed by a Snifit, and buy it for 300 coins. It is located on the top of the Mansion. However, before you can buy one, you need to rescue the Snifit first from the Paper Macho Goomba.

How to Reach the Top of the Mansion

Toad Town - Reaching the 2nd Floor.png

To reach the top of the Mansion in Toad Town, hit the blue parasol next to the coffee shop to make a Magic Circle come out, then use the 1,000-Fold Arms to tear open the wall. Hit the parasol again to open it back up, and jump on top of the coffee shop to the parasol to the new platform. Then, climb the stairs, and defeat Paper Macho Goomba.

Confetti after Boss Battles?

Rewards after Boss Battles have not been confirmed, but we suspect that they are similar to rewards after ordinary Ring Battles and also include Confetti.

How to Fight Bosses

When to Use Confetti

Cover Not-Bottomless Holes

Covering Not-Bottomless Hole.png
Throughout Mario's quest, you'll find holes in the ground, on walls, and on the sides of cliffs. Cover these Not-Bottomless Holes with Confetti to receive Coins and even to access previously inaccessible paths or areas. Don't worry if you accidentally disperse the Confetti on the ground. It will be consumed only when it fills the holes.

Similar to paint in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Confetti is used similiarly to how paint is used in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Instead of painting colorless areas, you are covering holes destroyed by origami-enemies (presumably, giant origami-Goombas). When you achieve 100% completion for filling in all holes in an area, it is very likely that you will get some kind of reward.

How to Read the Confetti Meter

Read by Color

Confetti Meter Readings
Green Confetti Meter (Full).pngGreen
Light Green Confetti Meter (Near-Full).pngLight Green
Yellow Confetti Meter (Near-Empty).pngYellow
Red Confetti Meter (Empty).pngRed

The Confetti Meter is the Confetti Bag icon on the top-left of the screen, while Mario is out on the field. Its background color indicates how much Confetti Mario has and has 4 levels: Green for Full, Light Green for Near-Full, Yellow for Near-Empty, and Red for Empty. The colors change accordingly as you collect and use Confetti.

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