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This is a guide to Shoe Goomba locations and battle information in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Shoe Goombas, the best weapons and strategy to use against them in battle, and their importance in 100% game completion!

Shoe Goomba: Basic Information

Shoe Goomba
Shoe Goomba Image
Description You can't stomp them when they're safe in a shoe, but a defeated one will drop boots, so get to shoe collecting.

Shoe Goomba Locations

Where to Find Shoe Goombas

Red Streamer Icon.pngRed Streamer Blue Streamer Icon.pngBlue Streamer Yellow Streamer Icon.pngYellow Streamer
Doesn't appear Doesn't appear Appears
Purple Streamer Icon.pngPurple Streamer Green Streamer Icon.pngGreen Streamer Origami Castle Icon.pngOrigami Castle
Doesn't appear Doesn't appear Doesn't appear

Shoe Goomba in Breezy Tunnel

Breezy Tunnel - Step 7.png
The Shoe Goomba can be found in the 2nd part of Breezy Tunnel, after saving Olivia. Using the Boot Car allows you to explore the tunnel quickly and to defeat overworld enemies by running them over!

Red Spinnies.jpg
However, the Boot Car might make you miss the Shoe Goomba, as you can only find it by challenging the Buzzy Beetles and the Red Spinies, while on foot, at the end of Breezy Tunnel.

Breezy Tunnel 100% Walkthrough

Best Weapons Against Shoe Goombas

Effective Weapons against Shoe Goomba
Weapon Effective? Weapon Effective?
Boots IconBoots No Iron Boots IconIron Boots No
Hammer IconHammers Yes Hurlhammer IconHurlhammers Yes
Fire Flower IconFlowers Yes POW Block IconPOW Blocks No

How to Fight Shoe Goombas

Battle Strategy against Shoe Goombas
Line it up depending on the puzzle, and attack with any hammer. Boots are ineffective, as it hides inside its shoe when you use Boots.
Inflict the highest damage possible by aiming for an excellent rating.

Importance of Finding Shoe Goombas

Required to Complete Origami Character Gallery

Origami Character Gallery.png
To complete the game at 100%, you need to complete the Origami Character Gallery, along with all the other galleries in the Museum. In the Origami Character Gallery, you can view all the Folded Soldiers and other origami characters that you've defeated in the world of Paper Mario: The Origami King. The Shoe Goomba is no ordinary Goomba, so you need to make sure you defeat it at Breezy Tunnel.

100% Completion Guide

Some Folded Soldiers Repeat Per Streamer Category

Origami Character Gallery Streamer.png
The gallery is categorized by Streamer. Defeat at least one of each Folded Soldier per Streamer, to complete each category. If you've defeated a Goomba within the Red Streamer, defeating it within the Blue Streamer is still required to populate the Blue Streamer category. Completing the Origami Character Gallery will also earn you a trophy. If you are aiming to complete the game 100%, let's go and find the Shoe Goomba!

Trophies List

Paper Mario Origami King Enemies

Origami Characters and Enemies List

Where to Find Shoe Goomba Where to Find Black Shy Guy

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