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Welcome to Game8's Paper Mario Origami King Walkthrough & Guide and Wiki! We are currently working our hardest to put out the Paper Mario Story Walkthrough as quickly as possible! In the meantime, feel free to check out our Story Walkthrough page and review!

★ Major glitches have been fixed by the Ver. 1.0.1 Update, released by Nintendo!
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Welcome to our beginner's tips and guide for Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find various tips and strategy for beating the game, as well as useful information for getting started. For more information, use the links below!

Beginner's Tips & Guide

Max UP Heart Locations

Max UP Heart on The Princess Peach

Both Mario's HP and attack goes up with Max UP Hearts, so collect as many as you can!

Max UP Heart Locations

Battle System Guide

Paper Mario The Origami King Battle System Banner.png

Has all the circles got you cross? Then it's time to check our guide to the ring-based battle system, fresh from the press!

Ring Battles and Boss Battles

Ring Battle Pattern Video Guides

Paper Mario Origami King Ring Battle

We've got just what you need if you're struggling with the timed battle puzzles of Origami King:

Ultimate Ring Battle Video Guides

Scuffle Island Battle Guide

What is Scuffle Island

Defeat the seven Paper Machos on Scuffle Island using our battle guide below!

Scuffle Island Battle Guide and Rewards

How to Fast Travel

All Warp Pipe.png

Whether you got somewhere you need to be right now or just prefer traveling smart, fast travel the thing for you!

How to Fast Travel

Excellent Hammer Attacks

Paper Mario - Deal more damage with well-timed Hammer Attacks.png

Learn how to better flatten your folded enemies. It's Hammer time!

How to Get Excellent Hammer Attacks

Excellent Jump Attacks

Paper Mario - Excellent Jump Attacks (1).png

Get the jump on your enemies by practising your Boots attack timing!

How to Get Excellent Jump Attacks

How to Get Excellent Fire and Ice Flower Attacks

Excellent Rating Top

Items also have the possibility of getting Excellent attack ratings, so here is the guide for you if want to bring out the full potential of Fire and Ice Flowers!

How to Get Excellent Fire and Ice Flower Attacks

How to Block Attacks

Enemies Turn

Once in a while, the enemies will get the jump on you and you will want to block their attacks just at the right time to decrease the damage.

How to Block Attacks

Game Over

Game Over for Paper Mario

Dying in a game the first time is always a bit intimidating, since you don't know what you might lose if it happens. But fear not, we have tested it all for your sake, dear reader!

What Happens on Game Over?

New Game+ and End Game Content

Did you slide right through the story like paper through a shredder? Don't worry, there's plenty for you to do post game!

Info on NG+ and Post Game Content

Is There a Demo?

Demos are a great way to get a feel for a game and Paper Mario definitely has a lot to offer. You can find all information about potential demos over here:

Is There a Demo?

Ring Battle Panels

Ring Battle Panels Banner.png

Our guide below explains all you need to know about the Ring Battle Panels during Boss Battles!

Explanation of Ring Battle Panels

Commoner Pass vs. Royalty Pass

Shogun Studios Passes.png

Read our guide below to learn why the Royalty Pass is a better value than the Commoner Pass, at Shogun Studios!

Should You Buy the Commoner Pass or the Royalty Pass?

How to Answer Princess Peach

Answer Me This.png

It doesn't matter what you answer you give to Folded Princess Peach! Read our guide below to learn why.

How Should You Answer Princess Peach?

Farming and Grinding

How to Get Coins Fast

Coin Farming.jpg

Money makes the world go around, even if it's made of paper. Check out our guide on how to best farm coins here!

Best Coin Farming Methods

All Toad Locations

Earth Vellumental - Toad No. 6.png

Finding every single Toad is a must if you want to fill the bleachers and 100% the game! Find out where they are all hidden.

All Toad Locations List

All Collectible Treasure Locations

Treasure Gallery.jpg

Part of the game's 100% completion, complete the Museum's Treasure Gallery by reading our guide below!

Collectibles List | Locations for All Collectible Treasure

All Hidden Block Locations

Mario Hitting Question Block.png

There are Question Blocks hidden throughout the areas of Paper Mario: The Origami King. Use our guide below to find them all and get closer to completing the game at 100%!

All Hidden Block Locations | All ? Block Locations

How to Unlock All Trophies

Fish Finder Trophy.jpg

Part of completing the game at 100% is earning all trophies. Our guide below will show you how!

Trophies List | How to Unlock All Trophies

All Sound Disc Locations

Inside Sound Gallery

Collect the many sounds of the world of Mario! Our guide below shows you how!

All Sound Disc Locations

All Art Locations

Art Gallery Top

A Museum isn't complete without art! Use our guide below to find them all!

List of Art and Art Locations | Art Gallery Guide

New Features

Nintendo Treehouse Summary

Nintendo Treehouse Live July 2020.png

The Treehouse live is a perfect introduction to the game itself and all of the new freatures, so we recommend checking it out if you want to learn more about the game.

Everything We Learned from the Nintendo Treehouse Live

How to Use Confetti

Confetti and Coins after Battle.png

Confetti is needed to fix the Not-Bottomless Holes scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, but did you know that you don't lose it if you throw it anywhere else? Time to throw a party and go wild!

How to Get and When to Use Confetti

Non-Bottomless Holes

Not-Bottomless Holes Everywhere.png

Literal holes in the world that you can fall through and take damage from. They're also a great source of coins, so you should fix every Not-Bottomless Hole you come across!

Not-Bottomless Holes and Locations

Shriveled and Faded Items

Shriveled Birdo Falling into Spring.png

Some paper items and characters are absolutely parched and need to go for a quick dip. It's perfectly safe, don't worry!

Shriveled and Faded Items

Settings and Other Info

Controls and Best Settings

Learn about the game's controls and settings by clicking the button below!

Controls and Best Settings

Is the Game Multiplayer?

Mario Kart.png

Previous Paper Mario titles did not have Multiplayer mode, and The Origami King is no different.

Is Paper Mario Origami King Multiplayer?

How Long is the Game?

We have determined that it takes an average of 35 hours to beat Paper Mario: The Origami King. Click below to learn how we arrived at this number.

How Long is Paper Mario Origami King?

Permanent Decisions & Unchangeables

Missables Banner

There are some decisions you cannot take back in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Click below to learn what these decisons are!

Permanent Decisions & Unchangeables

Is the Game an RPG?

Mario and Peach.jpg

Click the button below to learn how we determined that the game is not an RPG.

Is Paper Mario Origami King an RPG?

How to Double Jump

There is no way to Double Jump in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Click the button below for more details!

Can You Double Jump?

Current and Past Glitches

Paper Mario: The Origami King is not without its glitches, but we're covering all of them to make sure you don't fall prey to them!

Glitches and How to Avoid the Game Breaking Bug

How to Change the Language

Paper Mario Start  Screen in JP

Click below to learn how to play the game in other languages!

How to Change the Game's Language

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