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Inside Sound Gallery
This is a guide for all Sound Disc location in Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out the locations, as well as how to unlock the Sound Gallery and Sound Disc.

What is Sound Gallery

Sound Gallery

Sound Gallery Dialogue Box
The Sound Gallery can be found in the right side of the Museum, and is a place where all the music you hear in the game is stored. By selecting a track you can then listen to it, so visit the Sound Gallery to revisit your favorite music. Go, Grandsappy, go!

How to Unlock Sound Gallery

Rescue the Curator of the Musée Champignon

Sound Gallery
To unlock Sound Gallery, you need to rescue the Toad (Curator of the Musée Champignon) in Graffiti Underground.

To do so, go to Graffiti Underground and talk to the Toad at the end of the second area. After that, return to Toad Town and visit the Museum.

How to Unlock Sound Disc

Repair Confetti Holes 100%

Unlock Sound Disc.png
You can unlock Sound Disc for an area by repairing all Not-Bottomless Holes in the given area 100%.

You can check the progress of the Not-Bottomless Holes by opening your Map from the Game Menu and checking your Fix Rate. Completing this will earn you a trophy, so let's fill in the holes!

List of Trophies

Locations of Sound Disc

In Every Streamer Area

Sound Disc Location.png
You can unlock Sound Disc for each area of every Streamer section. Once you fix all Confetti Holes in a map, you will unlock a specific Sound Disc. You can check the list of Sound Disc you unlocked in every Streamer section by visiting the Sound Gallery at the Museum.

All Not-Bottomless Holes Location

List of Sounds

There are various Sounds available in Sound Gallery. Below is a list of Sounds available per Streamer.

Red Streamer
No. Soundtrack Name
1 Peach's Castle
2 Peach's Castle - Underground
3 Olivia's First Appearance
4 Folded Soldier's First Appearance
5 Whispering Woods
6 Whispering Woods - Whispers
7 Ol' Grandsappy's Cry for Help
8 Happy and Sappy
9 Sweet Sap Loggins Themes
10 Toad's BBQ Foodeatery
11 Olivia's Bench
12 Graffiti Underground
13 Earth Vellumental Temple
14 Offering Box
15 A Giant Shell Falls
16 Dance It Out
17 Overlook Tower under Fire
18 Overlook Tower
19 Toad Town in Trouble
20 The Ruins of Peach's Castle
21 Paper Macho Soldier on Patrol
22 Toad Town Ghost Town
23 Toad Town - Red Streamer Removal
24 Toad Town - Blue Streamer Removal
25 Toad Town - Yellow Streamer Removal
26 Toad Town - Purple Streamer Removal
27 Toad Town - Green Streamer Removal
28 Toad Town Port
29 Musee Champignon
30 Battle Lab
31 Picnic Road
32 Picnic Road Shop
33 Overlook Mountain
34 Overlook Mountain Occupied
35 Picnic at Overlook Tower
36 Missile Launch
37 Monty Mole's Shop
38 Paper Macho Soccer
39 Fossilized Dry Bones
40 The Mystery of the Magic Circle
41 Red Streamer Battle
42 Red Streamer Battle - Thinking
43 Vellumental Area Battle
44 Vellumental Area Battle - Thinking
45 Event Battle
46 Event Battle - Thinking
47 Vellumental Battle
48 Vellumental Battle - Thinking
49 The Missile Maestro
50 The Missile Maestro - Thinking

Blue Streamer
No. Soundtrack Name
51 Bob-omb Enters
52 Chestnut Valley
53 Sleeping Bob-omb
54 Water Vellumental Shrine
55 Eddy River
56 The End of Eddy River
57 House of Tricky Ninjas
58 House of Tricky Ninjas Cleared
59 Autumn Mountain
60 Exploring Shogun Studios
61 Tranquil Pipes Teahouse
62 Shogun Studios
63 Shogun Studios Entrance
64 Exploring Autumn Mountain
65 Go with the Flow
66 Shogun Studios Deserted
67 Shuriken Dojo
68 Goomba Mask
69 Jungle King Mask
70 Space Warrior Mask
71 Shogun Studios Paradise
72 Olivia Having Fun
73 Big Sho' Theater
74 Western Showdown - Enemy Enters
75 Western Showdown - Mario Enters
76 The Western Begins
77 The Western Ends
78 Enter Birdo
79 Stage Play - Mario Enters
80 Stage Play - Koopa Troopa Theme
81 Stage Play - Koopa Troopa Boss
82 Swan Lake - Punk Remix
83 Big Sho' Theater - Cast Introductions
84 The Elastic Entertainer Enters
85 Tragedy of the Elastic Entertainer
86 Blue Streamer Battle
87 Blue Streamer Battle - Thinking
88 Autumn Mountain Battle
89 Autumn Mountain Battle - Thinking
90 The Elastic Entertainer
91 The Elastic Entertainer - Thinking

Yellow Streamer
No. Soundtrack Name
92 Breezy Tunnel
93 Boot Car - Super Boost
94 Bob-omb's Encouragement
95 Fire Vellumental Cave
96 Bucket Panic!
97 Sweetpaper Valley
98 Bob-omb's Memories
99 Sad Olivia
100 Bob-omb's Determination
101 Scorching Sandpaper Desert
102 My Heart's a-Burnin'
103 Mega Paper Macho Pokey
104 Shroom City
105 Snif City
106 Snif City Royal Hotel
107 Hotel Mural
108 Snif City Royal Hotel - Pool
109 Temple of Shrooms
110 Dread in the Temple of Shrooms 1
111 Dread in the Temple of Shrooms 2
112 Exploring the Temple of Shrooms
113 Paper Macho Mummy Goomba
114 Temple of Shrooms Disco
115 Hearbeat Skipper
116 Deep, Deep Vibes
117 M-A-X Power!
118 Thrills at Night
119 Yellow Streamer Battle
120 Yellow Streamer Battle - Thinking
121 Disco Devil
122 Disco Devil - Thinking

Purple Streamer
No. Soundtrack Name
123 The Great Sea
124 Exploring the Great Sea
125 Bonehead Island
126 Giant Fan of Bonehead Island
127 Crescent Moon Island
128 Hammer Island
129 Club Island
130 Club Island - Feelin' Fungi
131 Heart Island
132 Spade Island
133 ? Island - Stone Spike on the Hill
134 Scuffle Island
135 Origami Workshop
136 The Fold of Life
137 Diamond Island
138 Diamond Island - Hall of Trials
139 Trial of Wisdom
140 Trial of Wisdom - Final Question
141 Trial of Power
142 The Princess Peach
143 The Princess Peach - Restoration Party
144 The Princess Peach - Nobody's Home
145 The Princess Peach - Drenched in Ink
146 The Princess Peach - Stolen Box!
147 Paper Macho Gooper Blooper
148 Ice Vellumental Mountain
149 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Rolling Snowball
150 Ice Slider
151 Sea Tower - 1st Floor
152 Sea Tower - 2nd Floor
153 Sea Tower - Earth Vellumental Area
154 Sea Tower - Water Vellumental Area
155 Sea Tower - Fire Vellumental Area
156 Sea Tower - Ice Vellumental Area
157 Purple Streamer Battle
158 Purple Streamer Battle - Thinking
159 Unsettling Area Battle
160 Unsettling Area Battle - Thinking
161 The Shifty Sticker
162 The Shifty Sticker - Thinking

Green Streamer
No. Soundtrack Name
163 Entering Shangri-Spa
164 Shangri-Spa
165 Meet Kamek
166 Kamek's Memories
167 Kamek Rebuked
168 Sumo Bro Enters
169 Welcome to Shangri-Spa
170 Enter Bowser Jr.
171 Hurry to the Spring of Purification!
172 Exploring Shangri-Spa
173 Minions Assemble!
174 Spring of Rainbows Path
175 Crossing the Cliff
176 Shy Guys Finish Last
177 Tell 'Em How It Works
178 Today's Contestant
179 Try the Sudden Death Round
180 Ring Scramble
181 Race 'n' Place
182 Ninji Skills
183 Bath Math
184 Sudden Death
185 Spring of Jungle Mist
186 Paper Macho Chain Chomp
187 Princess Unleashed
188 Bowser's Castle
189 Folded Soldier Banquet
190 Beware the Handaconda
191 Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle
192 Bowser's Encouragement
193 Nervous Olivia
194 Bowser's Airship Appears
195 Bowser's Airship - Locked and Loaded
196 Bowser's Airship - Launch
197 Dog-Eared Fight
198 Dog-Eared Fight - Boss Battle
199 Incoming!
200 Battle at Bowser's Castle
201 Green Streamer Battle
202 Green Streamer Battle - Thinking
203 Boss Fight
204 Boss Fight - Thinking
205 The Dual-Bladed Duelist
206 The Dual-Bladed Duelist - Thinking

207 Hotfoor Crater
208 Origami Castle
209 Olivia's Last Bench
210 King Olly's Throne Room
211 Olivia Transforms - Final Battle
212 King Olly, Origami Overlord
213 The Fanged Fastener
214 The Fanged Fastener - Thinking
215 Battle with King Olly
216 Battle with King Olly - Thinking
217 King Olly and Mega Bowser
218 Mega Bowser on the Brink
219 King Olly on the Brink
220 Mega King Olly Transformation
221 Mega Bowser Transformation
222 Olivia's Plea
223 King Olly's Final Form
224 Olivia's Final Magic Circle
225 The Final Battle
226 1,000-Fold Arms
227 King Olly Enters
228 Luigi Enters
229 Vellumental Enters
230 The Legion of Stationery Enters
231 Olivia Transforms
232 Super Star
233 Streamer Removal
234 Peach's Castle Grand Opening
235 MAX Confetti Increased!
236 All Streamers Cleared
237 Sensor Lab
238 Toad Radar
239 Cafe
240 Heading to Peach's Castle with Luigi
241 Game Over
242 Ending
243 Staff Credits
244 Paper Mario: The Origami King

DJ Toad's Lost Discs

Play Thrills at Night.png
In Temple of Shrooms (Yellow Streamer), you need to find DJ Toad's lost discs to rescue all the Faceless Toads. There are four disc that you need to find:

1 Heartbeat Skipper
2 Deep Deep Vibes
3 M-A-X Power
4 Thrills at Night

Collect all discs to get the Ancient Portable Music Machine (Boombox) that will help you in finding the Faceless Toads!

DJ Toad's Lost Discs Locations

Additional Sounds Added After Clearing

Additional Sound
After completing the story and watching the ending, new sounds will be added for filling the holes at the Origami Castle, even if you load your save before going. Of course, you still have to actually fill the holes at Origami Castle for them to be unlocked!
100% Completion Guide

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