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Fishing Guide_Legendary Cheep Cheep
Here you can learn how to Fish in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. The first Fishing Minigame is in Picnic Road and is needed to continue the story, but read on to learn all fishing locations, what you can catch and how to catch Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper!

How to Fish

Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario Catching Fish
Fishing is very simple, but getting the timing right might be a bit hard in the beginning, so here is how you do it:

  1. Aim with L-Stick
  2. Hold A to throw the Bobber
  3. Wait for Fish to bite
  4. Reel in with the A-button

You can click each point to see a deeper explanation!

1. Aim with L-Stick

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Aim with the Green arrow when fishing.png
First, you need to move your left stick until the green arrow points towards the fish or group of fish you're aiming for.

2. Hold A to Throw the Bobber

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Hold A to throw the Bopper far when fishing.png
Next, you need to hold down the A-button to power your swing with the fishing rod. The longer you hold A, the further away your lure will land.

You can pull your lure closer with A

Throwing your lure out too far doesn't matter, as you can press the A-button again to pull it towards you - and the fish you are aiming for. This is a lot easier than getting the distance right from the beginning, so go with this method if you're struggling.

3. Wait for Fish to Bite

First, a fish will notice your lure and get an exclamation point over their head, then they will start nibbling the lure.

You can ignore all their teasing and wait for the (very obvious) right moment, where a red bubble flashing "A" will appear over the fish and the nearby character (Koopa Troopa. Toads, etc.) in the back will yell "Now!".

Tell Fish size by Shadow size

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Fish Shadow Size.png
Some of the fish will have a clearly larger shadow size than the others, and this also means their actual size will be larger.

4. Reel in with the A-button

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Press A to reel in the Fish.png
Once the bubble appears, do as it says and press the A-button. You don't need to continuously tap or hold it, just once is enough!

Where Can You Fish?

Overlook Mountain

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Fishing Big Cheep Cheeps.png
The first fishing spot is in Overlook Mountain and is where you can get the Blue Shell Stone! Stop by at least once!

Shogun Studios

Fishing Guide_Fish turning into Ninjis
The second fishing spot is in the Shogun Studios theme park. The fish seem to generally be bigger than the Overlook Mountain spot, but we're currently testing this!

Find Toad to Unlock it

Fishing Guide_Fishing Toad in Shogun Studios
To be able to fish at Shogun Studios you first need to rescue the Toad running it. If you go in the small shed behind the Chain-Chomp, an origami bug will fall down. Give it a good whack and enjoy fishing!

Shogun Studios Walkthrough

Full Moon Island

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Full Moon Island.png
After Crescent Moon Island becomes Full Moon Island, you can return to its northwest pier to fish, at any time.

Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper

Monster Fish of the Great Sea - Museum Gallery
Legendary Cheep Cheep.jpg
Monster Fish of the Great Sea - Cheep Cheep.jpgEnlarge Legendary Cheep Cheep
Legendary Blooper.jpg
Monster Fish of the Great Sea - Blooper.jpgEnlarge Legendary Blooper

Keep fishing after successively larger fish shadows to reel in the Legendary Cheep Cheep and the Legendary Blooper! Catching them will earn you the Fish Finder Trophy!

Crescent Island (Full Moon Island) 100% Walkthrough

Types of Fish

List of Fish

Types of Fish
Cheep Cheep
Legendary Cheep Cheep
Legendary Blooper
(Fish might turn out to be Ninjis in Shogun Studios)

List of Treasures

Types of Treasure
Blue Shell Stone
(Needed for Story)
Collectible Treasures

You'll get told when you have all treasure

Thankfully, a message will appear when you've caught all hidden Treasure at a fishing spot, so you don't waste any time looking for more.
Toads aren't counted in this though, so make sure you caught all of your paper friends before moving on to next fishing spot!

How to Catch Legendary Fishes

Catch Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper

Catching these Legendary Fishes is the same as catching the ordinary ones. However, there are tricks that you can try to catch them.

1 Turn off Motion Controls
2 Visit Full Moon Island
This is the best fishing spot to get the Legendary Fishes.
3 Start fishing
4 Look for the fish with the biggest shadow.
Note: If there's no big shadow, stop fishing and leave the area. Then, return and start fishing again.
5 Move the green arrow aiming the line straight towards the biggest fish.
6 Hold the A Button to throw the bobber.
Make sure to throw it near the fish.
7 Repeat the numbers 4-6 until the big fish notice the lure.
8 Prepare to reel the line. Once the water bubbles and the hint to real appears, press the A Button as fast as you can.
9 Keep catching the biggest fish until the Legendary Cheep Cheep and Legendary Blooper appears.

List of Fishing Collectibles

Overlook Mountain Fishing Collectibles

Fishing Guide_Paper Mario - Fishing up Toads.png

Treasure No. 20: Folded Bowser

Treasure Number 20 - Folded Bowser
After fishing for a while, a fish with sparkles around its shadow will appear. If you manage to hook it, you will get this hidden Treasure of Folded Bowser.

Blue Toad

Overlook Mountain - Toad 18 from FishingEnlarge Overlook Mountain - Toad 18 from FishingEnlarge

If you spot a slightly small, square looking fish, it's probably this folded Blue Toad. Fish him up and help him out with a friendly hammer smack.

Shogun Studios Fishing Collectibles

Treasure No. 45: Canned Tuna

Treasure 45
Fish for a while to get the fish with sparkles around its shadow to appear, then catch it to get the Canned Tuna treasure.

Blue Toad

Shogun Studios ToadEnlarge Hammer the FishEnlarge

Look for another folded fish at Shogun Studios to find another Toad. Like before, he needs unfolding with your hammer, though he's not too grateful for being rescued.

What Can You do With Fish?

Earn Prints

When you set a new size record for your catches, you earn new prints, though it's currently not know what prints are used for.

Earn Trophies

Treasure - Fish Finder Trophy.jpgEnlarge Fish Finder Trophy.jpgEnlarge

Trophy number four in the game is reward for catching both the Legendary Cheep Cheep and the Legendary Blooper. If you want to 100% clear the game, you'll need to reel in the big fish first!

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