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★ Major glitches have been fixed by the Ver. 1.0.1 Update, released by Nintendo!
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This guide lists all current and fixed glitches in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. If you have not installed or are unable to install the latest update, read on to learn how to avoid the Game Breaking Bug!

Current Glitches

We will post current glitches here, as soon as we have confirmed them!

Fixed Glitches (Past Glitches)

The following glitches have been fixed by Nintendo's latest or past updates. The best way to avoid these glitches is by downloading and installing the game's updates. Read our guide below to learn how to update Paper Mario: The Origami King.

How to Update Paper Mario: The Origami King

Game Breaking Bug at Spring of Rainbows

Game Breaking Bug

Game Breaking Bug Explanation

One of your main goals at Shangri-Spa is to collect stamps from the following:

  • Spring of Purification
  • Spring of Bliss
  • Spring of Sanctuary
  • Spring of Jungle Mist

To get the Spring of Rainbows - VIP ticket. Surrender this ticket to enter the Spring of Rainbows.

However, if you enter and exit the Spring of Rainbows without completing the area's objective, you will not be able to enter again without another VIP ticket!

You can't get another VIP ticket

The four, previously mentioned, hot springs will not give you more stamps, which means you will not be able to get another VIP ticket, with this game breaking bug.

Exiting Spring of Rainbows Auto-Saves

Most importantly, exiting the Spring of Rainbows automatically saves your game. This means that you cannot return to a place in the game where you haven't used your VIP ticket and you will not be able to progress with the story!

How to Avoid the Game Breaking Bug

If you have not downloaded the latest updates, to avoid this game breaking bug, DO NOT LEAVE Spring of Rainbows, until you have completed all of its objectives! Use our Walkthrough below to guide you through Spring of Rainbows!

Spring of Rainbows 100% Walkthrough

Shroom City 100% Completion Bug

100% Completion Bug

Bug Explanation

To complete the game entirely, saving the Toads all over the Paper Mario: The Origami King world is necessary. In the pool area of the Shroom City Hotel, you need to remove the water to save the Toad in the fountain. If you leave the area without saving the Toad, you will be unable to rescue it later in the game even hitting it for many times, which prevents you from getting 100% completion.

Shroom City (Snif City) 100% Walkthrough

How to Avoid 100% Completion Bug

To fix this bug, update Paper Mario: Origami King to the latest patch (Ver. 1.0.1). If you are unable to update the game at the moment, make sure to rescue the Toad in the fountain before leaving the area.

100% Completion Guide

Some Ninji in Ninja Attraction is Undefeatable

Undefeatable Ninji Bug

Bug Explanation

Finding all 25 Ninjas in Ninja Attraction will earn you Collectible Treasures. Some are hiding together with Ninji enemies, which you can battle with. Depending on the state of the player, certain Ninji enemies were undefeatable and prevented the game progression.

All Ninja Locations

How to Avoid Undefeatable Ninji Bug

You can avoid the bug by running from the Ninjis, but this would be very difficult as you might encounter a lot of them in the flipping mat area. But worry no more, Nintendo Team already fixed this bug. All you need to do is to update the game, and you will now be able to proceed normally.

Game Freeze During Rubber Band Battle

Rubber Band Battle Freeze

Bug Explanation

The game will occasionally experience Hard Lock when you battle Rubber Band Boss. During the battle with Rubber Band, the game will occasionally stop responding.

How to Beat Rubber Band

How to Avoid Occasionally Hard Locks

When a game freeze or hard locks, you can restart the console. However, it is best to update the game to avoid this scenario and clear the bug.

Battle Lab Score Bug

Speed Rings Score Glitch

Bug Explanation

In the Battle Lab, if you play Speed Rings in the Ring Trainer and solved 33 puzzles or more, your score would not be properly registered.

How to Avoid the Battle Lab Score Bug

The best way to solve this bug is to update the game. However, if you are unable to update it at the moment, that's fine. Once you update the game, new scores will be registered correctly. Also, previously registered scores will not change.

Black Shy Guy Glitch

Black Shy Guy Glitch

Glitch Explanation

After solving the Star Lights Your Way Puzzle at the Temple of Shrooms, you will gain access to two Black Shy Guys, which will start a Ring Battle. If during that battle, Professor Toad is the one who defeats the Black Shy Guys, the Black Shy Guy Origami Character (No. 28) will not be added to the Museum's gallery, preventing you from completing the game at 100%.

How to Avoid the Black Shy Guy Glitch

If you have not downloaded the latest updates, avoid this glitch by making sure you defeat the Black Shy Guys with Mario (not with Professor Toad). Use our Walkthrough to guide you through the Temple of Shrooms!

Temple of Shrooms 100% Walkthrough

MAX UP Heart Coffin Glitch

MAX UP Heart Glitch

Glitch Explanation

At the Coffin Puzzle room in Temple of Shrooms, there's a coffin where you can find a MAX UP Heart. If you hit the coffin with your Hammer while it is closed, you will receive the MAX UP Heart. However, this will affect the number of upgrades that you have collected. The Love Toad would not count the upgrade.

MAX UP Heart Locations

How to Avoid MAX UP Heart Coffin Glitch

To avoid the glitch, open the coffin and get the MAX UP Heart instead of hitting the coffin. It will also avoid the Love Toad's hint error. However, it is best to update the game.

Roof in Toad Town Glitch

House Roof Clip Shortcut

House Roof Clip in Toad Town

This glitch is non-gamebreaking but more of a secret shortcut to the Treasure Chest. There's no need to avoid this.

Glitch Explanation

At the back of the houses near the area where you found Paper Macho Goomba, you will find a treasure chest and a house with a small roof with crates. The entrance to the treasure chest area is tricky to find. If you press jump while in the corner of the small roof with crates, you will be able to climb onto the roof. From there, you can jump over the fence and reach the treasure chest.

However, if you are looking for the correct entrance to the Treasure Chest, go to the Save Block near the Battle Lab, and you'll find the hidden entrance behind the crates.

Toad Town 100% Walkthrough

Autumn Mountain Skip Glitch

Skip Glitch

Behind the Tram Station

Accessing the Tall Grass Plains by going through behind the Tram will skip the cut scene, dialogues and will make Bob-omb invisible.

Glitch Explanation

At the Tram Station in Autumn Mountain, you can clip Paper Mario between a wooden pole and the handrail to gain access to the back of the Tram Station. To do this, jump to the wooden handrail and fall in between.

Then, try to face Paper Mario to the west by holding down ZR/ZL. After that, press jump, and while Paper Mario is in the air, move the analog up to the right. After landing outside the fence, go behind the Tram and jump to the Tall Grass Plains area to skip the cut scene and dialogues.

Note: Skipping this will not allow you to continue in some part of the area; return to the Water Vellumental Shrine cut scene to continue.

Autumn Mountain 100% Walkthrough

Crumpled Bobby Glitch

Crushed Bobby Glitch

Glitch Explanation

When you go behind the Tram Station, you will find a Toad in the shape of an autumn leaf on the ground. Before saving the Toad, hit Bob-omb with your hammer first. After the dialogue has finished, you will notice that Bob-omb is now crumpled. If you want to return him in his normal form, hit him again.

Fireballs in Origami Castle Remains Glitch

Fireballs Glitch

When you got a chance to flee from a Fire Bro in Origami Castle, the Fireballs will remain in the overworld. Don't worry about your HP; these Fireballs will not harm you anymore. You can pass through the Fireballs without getting hurt.

Origami Castle 100% Walkthrough

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