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This is a walkthrough for Whispering Woods in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Read on to learn locations for all Whispering Woods collectibles and treasure, hidden toads, hidden blocks, and confetti holes, as well as other useful tips and strategies for getting through this area.

Previous Area Peach's Castle
Current Area Whispering Woods
Next Area Toad Town

Whispering Woods Walkthrough

Whispering Woods Outskirts

Wispering Woods Outskirts

1 Head towards the screen to find a Not-Bottomless HoleHit A repeatedly to escape the tree you landed in, then go down the ledge in the south to find a non-bottomless hole.
2 Go back and collect confetti until the icon in the top-left turns yellow.
Olivia will tell you once you've picked up enough confetti, but filling it up won't hurt. There are many holes in the world!
3 Return to the hole and press ZR to throw confetti until you fill the hole, then continue past and free your folded friend.
Hold A for a few seconds to pull Olivia out of the ground.
4 Hit the Tree three timesGo back to the wider area and use 1,000-Fold Arms on the tree by the Magic Circle.
If using motion controls, tilt the controller forward repeatedly to knock it down.
5 Go across the tree and to the right onto the next screen twice, into the heart of the Woods.
Hit the ? Block on the way for a Mushroom.

Inside the Whispering Woods

Inside the Whispering Woods

1 Continue ahead to the right.
Weave around in front of the spiky ground and fill in the hole with confetti to reach the ? Box with 1,000 coins.
2 Vine AreaFollow the path down and to the right. Jump up on the log against the back wall and up to the area with many vines.
3 Pull the Vine furthest to the back-rightPull the vine in the back-right corner three times. After the third time, the log suspended from the tree will fall down and roll to the left.
Collectible Treasure No. 1 can be obtained here. (Jump to Explanation)
4 VinePull.png
Go left and jump up the platforms and onto the log that fell to reach the upper area. At the top, pull the vine attached to the party ball.
5 The vine will break, so hit the tree behind it with the hammer to create a Magic Circle.
6 Grab the vine and pull down with the 1,000-Fold Arms to open the confetti ball and get a Shriveled Seed.
7 Continue to the mist-filled path in the back.
Before going through, go along the path to the right and fill in the hole with confetti. Go across to reach a ? Box with 1,000 coins.
8 In the next room, there will be a new path – using either will bring you back to the same room, like a loop.
9 Sit on the Tree StumpGo on either path a few times and Olivia will want to rest on the stump. Go up there to start a cutscene.
10 After the cutscene, take the path to the right to continue. Continue until a battle with two rounds of 4 Goombas starts.
11 Fill up the hole to the left and continue.
Continue to the far left to find a chest with Collectible Treasure No. 2. (Jump to Explanation)
12 ThrowSomethingIn.png
Go to the ledge in the back and interact with the pond. You'll be able to choose something to throw in. Throw the Shriveled Seed into the pond to get the Soul Seed.
13 Paper Mario - Use confetti to rescue Grandsappy (1).pngReturn to the room with the stump. Throw confetti at the hole in the stump to repair it.
14 Select the Soul Seed and give it to the stump, then go east through the new path to the next area after the cutscene.

Back Outside the Woods

Back Outside the Whispering Woods

1 Hammer down the fence on the righthand side to knock it down. Continue to the east until you encounter a Toad. Use the Hammer to rescue it from the bush, then Hammer it several more times to restore it to normal.
2 Continue to the park area to the right to find more Whispering Woods Toad locations.
At the three stumps, fill the hole below the lowest stump with confetti, then climb up to reach the ? Box with 1000 coins.
Toads No. 2 and 3 can be found in this area. (Jump to Explanation)
3 Go to the right and interact with the bench to restore your health.
4 Continue to the right, winding past the pavilion and log cabin. Head between the trees in the southeast to enter Toad Town.
Toads No. 4, 5, 6 and 7 can be found in this area. (Jump to Explanation)

Video Walkthrough

Tips and Strategies

Start collecting Toads

There are a whopping twelve Toad locations to be found just in the area outside the Whispering Woods before reaching Toad Town. The more Toads you have, the more effective they will be when cheering for you in battle, so be sure to go ahead and grab all the Toads while you're here!

Whispering Woods Toad Locations

12 Locations Total

Location and Explanation
WW Toad 1.jpgEnlarge Outside the Woods After escaping the Whispering Woods, this Toad is encountered normally on the route, and rescued as part of the story.
ToadNo2.pngEnlarge In the Tent In the park area, open the pyramid-shaped tent to the left and hammer the Toad that comes out to rescue it.
ToadNo3.pngEnlarge On the Swingset In the park area, fight the Goomba on the swingset, then find this Toad folded up to look like a resting cicada on one of the ropes of the swingset. If you Hammer the swingset, it will fly onto the right vertical board.
WW Toad 2.jpgEnlarge On the Stump by the Campfire Jump onto the stump by the campfire and pull the Toad out.
WW Toad 3.pngEnlarge Go left of the campfire to find another cicada in need of hammering.
WW Toad 5.jpgEnlarge In the pavilion in the park area, under the stump to the right of the table on the left. Press A to pull it out.
WW Toad 6.jpgEnlarge Hit the fried egg on the right table under the pavilion to free a very relieved Toad.
WW Toad 4.jpgEnlarge In the Leaf Pile Hit the pile of leaves in front of the pavilion with the Hammer to rescue a Toad.
Toad in the Cabin Flower BoxEnlarge In the Flower Box There is a flower box by the cabin without flowers. Hit it from below by jumping, then go up and hit the flower that appears with your hammer.
WW Toad 7.jpgEnlarge In the Log Pile Next to the log cabin, press A to interact with the front of the log pile. Mario will pull out a Toad.
ToadNo7.pngEnlarge Left of the Log Cabin Climb up the staircase to the Log Cabin and jump off to the left, behind the fence. You'll find a crumpled-up Toad.
Big Shell Toad.pngEnlarge In the Big Shell This Toad must be obtained later in the game after both reaching The Great Sea and defeating the Fire Vellumental. Read the full explanation below!

How to Find the Big Shell Toad

Big Shell Location.pngEnlarge

To obtain the most elusive Toad in Whispering Woods, you'll first need to reach The Great Sea. You'll want to complete this after breaking the Yellow Streamer so that you have access to the Fire Vellumental and the Sea Chart shown above. Visit the spot marked by the red boat icon, on the far right of square C3.

Big Shell Shy Guy.png

Here, you'll find a Shy Guy, who will tell you about a submerged shell. Press the D-pad here and search for the Big Shell.

Fire Vellumental Barbecue.png

Once you've obtained it, head to Whispering Woods and find the barbecue area. Use the Magic Circle to have a god-like phoenix light the barbecue grill. Overkill, much?

Use the Big Shell.png

Use the Big Shell on the now-lit barbecue and you'll meet the Toad, who also happens to be the caretaker of the woods! He'll run off and unlock the nearby cabin, containing Collectible Treasure No. 3.

Whispering Woods Collectible Treasure Locations

3 Locations Total

Location and Treasure Name
TreasureNo1.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 1: Peach's Castle In the area with the vines, pull the vine in the front-center (second vine from the left) to start a memory match mini-game. Make all the matches to get a Starman, making Mario invincible. Go across the spiky ground back and to the left while Mario is still invincible to reach a chest with Collectible Treasure No. 1, Peach's Castle.
TreasureNo2Enlarge Treasure No. 2: Mushroom In the first area when Goombas start appearing, go to the far left to find it in a chest.
OlEnlarge Treasure No. 3: Ol' Grandsappy Follow the steps in the Toads section above to free the caretaker Toad, who will open the cabin. Inside, you'll find a chest with this treasure.

Whispering Woods ? Block (Hidden Block) Locations

10 Locations Total

? Block 1Enlarge ? Block 2Enlarge
Whispering Woods - Block No. 3.jpg ? Block 4Enlarge
? Block 5Enlarge ? Block 6Enlarge
? Block 7Enlarge Whispering Woods - Block No. 8.jpgEnlarge
Whispering Woods - Block No. 9.jpgEnlarge Whispering Woods - Block No. 10.jpgEnlarge

Whispering Woods Not-Bottomless (Confetti) Hole Locations

24 Locations Total

WW Hole 1Enlarge WW Hole 2Enlarge
WW Hole 3Enlarge WW Hole 4Enlarge
WW Hole 5Enlarge WW Hole 6Enlarge
WW Hole 7Enlarge WW Hole 8Enlarge
WW Hole 9Enlarge WW Hole 10Enlarge
WW Hole 11Enlarge WW Hole 12Enlarge
WW Hole 13Enlarge WW Hole 14Enlarge
WW Hole 15Enlarge WW Hole 16Enlarge
WW Hole 17Enlarge WW Hole 18Enlarge
WW Hole 19Enlarge WW Hole 20Enlarge
WW Hole 21Enlarge WW Hole 22Enlarge
WW Hole 23Enlarge WW Hole 24Enlarge

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