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The first Mario RPG is finally back after 27 years with Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch. Learn everything about the game with Game8's 100% Walkthrough, including guides on Characters, Bosses, and all Hidden Treasure Chests and Secrets.

Super Mario RPG
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Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

Super Mario RPG - Walkthrough

Walkthrough and All Chapters

All Star Piece Chapters Walkthrough
Super Mario RPG - First Star 1st Star Piece Walkthrough Super Mario RPG - Second Star 2nd Star Piece Walkthrough
Super Mario RPG - Third Star 3rd Star Piece Walkthrough Super Mario RPG - Fourth Star 4th Star Piece Walkthrough
Super Mario RPG - Fifth Star 5th Star Piece Walkthrough Super Mario RPG - Sixth Star 6th Star Piece Walkthrough
Super Mario RPG - Seventh Star 7th Star Piece Walkthrough Super Mario RPG Remake - Post GamePost-Game Contents

Super Mario RPG Characters

Super Mario RPG - Characters

Best Characters and List of Characters

All Playable Characters

All Characters
Super Mario RPG - MarioMario Super Mario RPG - MallowMallow Super Mario RPG - GenoGeno
Super Mario RPG - BowserBowser Super Mario RPG - PeachPeach

Super Mario RPG Bosses

Super Mario RPG Remake - Bosses

All Bosses and Secret Bosses

All Bosses

1st Star Piece Bosses
Bowser Hammer Bros. Croco
(1st Fight)
Claymorton - -
2nd Star Piece Bosses
(1st Fight)
Bowyer -
3rd Star Piece Bosses
(2nd Fight)
Punchinello -
4th Star Piece Bosses
Booster Knife Guy and Grate Guy Bundt and Raspberry
5th Star Piece Bosses
King Calamari Johnny -
6th Star Piece Bosses
Speardovich Belome
(2nd Fight)
Birdo Dodo Valentina
Czar Dragon Zombone Axem Rangers
7th Star Piece Bosses
Wizakoopa Boomer Exor
Count Down and Ding-a-Ling Cloaker and Domino Clerk
Manager Director Gunyolk and Factory Chief
(Final Boss)
- -

Non-Story Bosses

Non-Story Bosses
Jinx Jagger Culex

Post-Game Rematch Bosses

Post-Game Rematch Bosses
Mario-Style Jinx Scratchy-Throat Belome Leveled-Up Punchinello
Engine 023 Booster Extra Fancy
Bundt & Raspberry
Duel-Ready Johnny
Culex 3D - -

Super Mario RPG Maps

Super Mario RPG Remake - Maps and Locations

Maps and Locations

All Locations

First Star Piece
Bowser's Keep Mario's House Mushroom Way
Mushroom Kingdom Bandit's Road -
Second Star Piece
Kero Sewers Midas River Tadpole Pond
Rose Way Rose Town Forest Maze
Third Star Piece
Pipe Vault* Yo'ster Isle* Moleville
Fourth Star Piece
Booster Pass Booster Tower Booster Hill
Marrymore Star Hill -
Fifth Star Piece
Seaside Town Sea Sunken Ship
Sixth Star Piece
Land's End Monstro Town Bean Valley
Grate Guy's Casino* Nimbus Land Barrel Volcano
Seventh Star Piece
Bowser's Keep Weapon World -
*Optional Areas

Super Mario RPG Recommended Guides

Super Mario RPG - Recommended Guides

Super Mario RPG Remake Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips and Tricks
Beginner's Guide Best Strategy to Win Battles
How Long to Beat All Missables and Choices
What to Spend Frog Coins On How to Block Attacks and Timing
Action Command Timing for Special Moves List of All Equipment
All Shops and Locations How to Get a Freebie
List of All Side Quests Language Settings and How to Change Language
How to Save and Turn Off Autosave -
New Features
Changes from the Original Game Sound Player and How to Unlock
Breezy Mode and Difficulty Settings Storage Box
Monster List: How to Check Enemy Stats List of Triple Move Attacks
How to Fill the Action Gauge Fast All Toad Assist Bonuses and Best Bonus
How to Fast Travel Special Enemies Explained
List of Ally Buffs -
Best Guides and Tier Lists
Character Tier List Best Party
Best Weapons Best Armor
Best Accessories Best Equipment
Best Special Moves Best Triple Moves
Post-Game Guides
All Post-Game Equipment All Post-Game Content and How to Get 100% Clear
All Post-Game Boss Rematches and How to Unlock How to Get All Gold Medals in the Play Report
How to Use Stay Vouchers -
Farming Guides
How to Farm EXP How to Farm Coins
How to Farm Frog Coins How to Farm Flower Points
Rare Items and Collectibles
List of All Collectibles All Hidden Chest Locations
Invincibility Star Locations Mushroom Kingdom Hidden Chest
Belome Temple Treasure Room Key Location 3 Musty Fears Flag Locations
How to Get the Lazy Shell Armor and Weapon All Flower Locations
How to Get Last Forest Maze Hidden Chest -
Secrets and Easter Eggs
All Secrets and Easter Eggs What is Peach's ???
What Does the Mushroom Kingdom Inn Kid Do? How to Get Fat Yoshi
All Wishes on Star Hill How to Open the Door in Monstro Town
What Does the Dream Cushion Do? How to Get the Secret Ending
Samus Cameo and How to Find Link Cameo and How to Find
How to Promote Apprentices -
FAQs and Tricky Points
What is the Max Flower Points Total? What is the Max Level?
Can You Increase Max Coins? Can You Increase Inventory Size?
How to Go Into Pipes Should You Give Back the Wallet?
Should You Confess to Stealing Treasures? Booster Tower Trap Room Guide
Where to Get Frogfucius's Snack How to Knock Down the Marrymore Church Door
Should You Give the Star to Speardovich? How to Duck and Slide to Get the Pipe Vault Frog Coin
Super Mario RPG Remake Review: Is it Worth It? Can You Respec?
How to Get Secret Chest in Kero Sewers Can You Get the 7th Star Piece?
What Happens When You Die? -
Useful NPCs
Frog Coin Emporium Items and How to Get All Cards Moleville Swap Shop: What to Trade Points For
Treasure Hunting Toad Guide Mushroom Boy Shop: All Rare Mushrooms

Super Mario RPG Minigames

All Minigame Guides
Midas River Goomba Thumping
Yoshi Racing (Mushroom Derby) Mine Car (Moleville Mountain)
Beetle Mania Yoshi Egg (Wheeere's Yoshi?!)
Booster Hill Booster Family Order
Sky Bridge Paratroopa Cliff Scale
Melody Bay Tadpole Songs Belome Temple Fortune
Sunken Ship Puzzles Sunken Ship Password
Knife Guy's Juggling Game Grate Guy's Casino
Marrymore Hotel Bellhop Minigame Marrymore Wedding
Dodo Statue Curtain Minigame
6 Doors (Bowser's Keep Trial Course) Bowser's Keep Action Course
Bowser's Keep Battle Course Bowser's Keep Puzzle Course
Dr. Topper Quiz Barrel Counting Puzzle
Triathlon Puzzle Coin Collecting Puzzle
Magic Buttons Puzzle Ball Solitaire Puzzle
Message Boards
Minigame Records Board -

List of All Minigames and Rewards

Super Mario RPG Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics and Stat Guides
All Characters by Stats Stats Explained
Level Up Bonus Explained Bonus Flower Effects and How to Get
How to Flee From Battle List of Controls
Element Guides
Element Explained and List of Moves by Element Jump Moves
Fire Moves Thunder Moves
Ice Moves Neutral Moves
Status Effect Guides
List of Status Conditions Sleep
Poison Fear
Mute Mushroom
Scarecrow -

Super Mario RPG Weapons

Super Mario RPG Remake - Weapons
List of All Weapons

All Weapons by Character

All Mario's Weapons
Hammer Koopa Shell Punch Glove Super Hammer
Masher Lucky Hammer Troopa Shell Mega Glove
Ultra Hammer Lazy Shell (Weapon)
All Mallow's Weapons
Froggie Stick Cymbals Whomp Glove Ribbit Stick
Sticky Glove Sonic Cymbals Sage Stick
All Geno's Weapons
Finger Shot Hand Gun Double Punch Hand Cannon
Star Gun Stella 023
All Bowser's Weapons
Chain Chomp Chomp Hurly Gloves Spiked Link
Drill Claw Wonder Chomp
All Peach's Weapons
Slap Glove Parasol War Fan Super Slap
Frying Pan

Super Mario RPG Armor

Super Mario RPG Remake - Armor
List of All Armor

All Armor by Character

All Mario's Armor
Shirt Thick Shirt Mega Shirt Happy Shirt
Sailor Shirt Fluffy Shirt Fire Shirt Hero Shirt
All Mallow's Armor
Pants Thick Pants Mega Pants Happy Pants
Sailor Pants Fluffy Pants Fire Pants Prince Pants
All Geno's Armor
Mega Cape Happy Cape Sailor Cape Fluffy Cape
Fire Cape Star Cape
All Bowser's Armor
Happy Shell Courage Shell Fire Shell Heel Shell
All Peach's Armor
Polka Dress Nautica Dress Fluffy Dress Fire Dress
Royal Dress
All Armor Everyone Can Equip
Super Suit Work Pants Lazy Shell (Armor)

Super Mario RPG Accessories

Super Mario RPG Remake - Accessories
List of All Accessories

All Accessories

List of Accessories
Zoom Shoes Booster's Charm Feather Defense Scarf
Troopa Medal Ghost Medal Antidote Pin Wake Up Pin
Trueform Pin Fearless Pin Safety Badge Safety Ring
Jinx Belt Quartz Charm Exp. Booster Flower Ring
Signal Ring Jump Shoes Coin Trick Attack Scarf
Nurture Ring Enduring Brooch Echo Signal Ring Teamwork Band

Super Mario RPG Hidden Treasure Chests

Super Mario RPG Remake - Hidden Treasure Chests
All Hidden Treasure Chest Locations

All Hidden Treasure Chest Locations

All Hidden Treasure Chest Locations
Mushroom Kingdom Bandit's Way Rose Town
Forest Maze Pipe Vault Yo'ster Isle
Booster Pass Booster Tower Marrymore
Sunken Ship Land's End Monstro Town
Bean Valley Nimbus Land Weapon World

Super Mario RPG Items

Super Mario RPG - Items
List of All Items

All Item Types

HP Recovery Items
Croaka Cola Pick Me Up Finless Cola Elixir
Thropher Cookie Tadpola Cola Max Mushroom Yoshi Candy
Mid Mushroom Mushroom (Triplets) Mushroom Wilt Shroom
Rotten Mush Moldy Mush - -
FP Recovery Items
Flower Box Flower Jar Flower Tab Royal Syrup
Maple Syrup Honey Syrup - -
Support Items
Freshen Up Cleansing Juice Red Essence Yoshi-ade
Party Bracer Party Energizer Bracer Energizer
Battle Items
Goodie Bag Lucky Jewel Earlier Times See Ya
Attack Items
Sheep Attack Lamb's Lure Mystery Egg Pure Water
Yoshi Cookie Star Egg Rock Candy Ice Bomb
Fire Bomb Fright Bomb Poison Mushroom Sleepy Bomb
Special Items
Wallet Carbo Cookie Shiny Stone Seed
Fertilizer Fireworks Bright Card Beetle Box
Microbomb Rare Frog Coin Cricket Pie Cricket Jam
Greaper Flag Dry Bones Flag Big Boo Flag Temple Key
Shed Key Room Key Elder Key Castle Key 1
Castle Key 2 Soprano Card Tenor Card Alto Card
Extra-Shiny Stone Crystal Shard Monster Trophy -

Super Mario RPG Special Moves

Super Mario RPG - Special Moves
List of Special Moves

Mario Special Moves

List of Special Moves
Jump Fireball
Super Jump Super Fireball
Ultra Jump Ultra Fireball

Mallow Special Moves

List of Special Moves
Thunderbolt HP Rain
Thought Peek Shocker
Snowy Star Rain

Geno Special Moves

List of Special Moves
Geno Beam Geno Boost
Geno Whirl Geno Blast
Geno Flash

Bowser Special Moves

List of Special Moves
Terrorize Poison Gas
Crusher Mechakoopa Stomp

Peach Special Moves

List of Special Moves
Therapy Group Hug
Sleepy Time Come Back
Mute Psych Bomb

Super Mario RPG Enemies and Monster List

Super Mario RPG Remake - Enemies

Monster List: All Enemies and How to Complete

Super Mario RPG Enemy Attacks

Super Mario RPG - Enemy Attacks

All Enemy Attacks

Super Mario RPG Latest News

Super Mario RPG - News

Latest News and Updates

About Super Mario RPG

Product Information

Current Price$59.99 (Standard Edition)
GenreRPG, Adventure
Release DateNov. 17, 2023
Players:Single Player
ESRB Rating: ESRB Rating E Everyone
Official Site Super Mario RPG

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