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This is a summary for everything revealed about Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Treehouse Live event in July 2020. We will cover everything, such as Confetti, Not-Bottomless Holes, Coins, Ring Battles, Toads, Collectible Treasure, Treasure Chests, Weapons, Boss Battles, and more!

Nintendo Treehouse Summary (Click to jump ahead!)
Characters Confetti, Holes & Coins Ring Battles
Toads Shell Stones Trapped Houses
Treasure Weapons 1st Boss Battle

Story Introduction

Toad Town and Origami-Peach

Invitation from Peach.png

The game begins with Mario and Luigi driving a Kart into Toad Town. When they arrive, there are no Toads to be seen, so they enter Peach's Castle to investigate.

Mario & Luigi Explore Castle.png

Mario and Luigi split up to find out what's happening. Eventually, Mario finds origami-Princess Peach, who asks him if he would choose to 'crease himself and be reborn,' like her.

Peach Mean Words.png

It seems that regardless of Mario's answer, origami-Peach has already set her mind, and opens a trap hole underneath Mario.

The Dungeon, Olivia, and Bowser

Mario Falling into Dungeon.png

Mario falls into the hole and lands in the dungeon, where he is greeted by Koopas.

1000-Fold Arms & Olivia

1000-Fold Arms.png

Mario eventually stands on a magic seal that transforms his arms into the 1000-Fold Arms (controlled by Z buttons and Motion Control) which he uses to peel a portion of the dungeon wall. Underneath, a new character and Mario's guide, Olivia, is revealed.


Mario Pulling Folded Bowser.png

Bowser is also trapped in the dungeon, has been turned into paper, and is hanging on a suspended wooden pin. Mario frees the folded, paper-Bowser from the pin and, together, they make their way up the castle tower.

Companions and Character List

Olly: The Origami King

Olly - The Origami King.png

Atop the castle tower, Mario, Olivia, and Bowser meet origami-Peach, accompanied by an origami-Shy Guy, who is actually Olly, the Origami King, in disguise. Olivia and Olly are revealed to be siblings.

The Castle Is Carried Away

Castle is Far Away.png

Olly wraps Peach's castle in gigantic, red, pink, yellow, green, and blue paper streamers, and rips the castle off its foundations. The streamers carry the castle away to a mountaintop, as Mario and the gang fall towards Toad Town.

Stage 1: Picnic Road

Picnic Road.png

Mario wakes up on Picnic Road and his adventure to reach the castle begins.

Confetti, Not-Bottomless Holes, and Coins

Along Picnic Road, Mario hammers objects (bushes, flowers, boulders, blocks, and etc.) to collect Confetti, which he uses to cover Not-Bottomless Holes. Covering these holes rewards Mario with Coin. Some holes need more confetti to fill than others. The Confetti Meter on the top-left of the screen indicates the amount of confetti Mario has, using colors (similar to Paper Mario: Color Splash).

Confetti Meter Readings
Green Confetti Meter (Full).pngGreen
Light Green Confetti Meter (Near-Full).pngLight Green
Yellow Confetti Meter (Near-Empty).pngYellow
Red Confetti Meter (Empty).pngRed

Ring Battles

Excellent Attack.png

Mario also encounters origami-Goombas which pick fights and start Ring Battles. In Ring Battles, Mario must solve ring-based puzzles within a set amount of time, in order to attack enemies in the most efficient way possible. Winning Ring Battles rewards Mario with more confetti and coins. You can avoid Ring Battles by staying away from the vicinity of origami-enemies.

Battle Bonus.png

The more efficiently you defeat your enemies, the higher your battle bonus is, and the more confetti and coins you get.

Learn more about Ring Battles!

Wave Battles

Wave Battle 3.png

He also gets himself into Wave Battles, which are Ring Battles with enemies that come in waves.

Freeing and Collecting Toads

Origami Bug is a Toad Origami Dog is a Toad
Origami Egg is a Toad Origami Flower is a Toad

Along the way, Mario also rescues folded Toads by freeing them from their origami forms (the work of Olly).

Free Multiple Toads via Puzzle.png

Mario can free Toads in various ways - by smashing origami-animals, origami-bugs, and objects, by pulling them out of the ground or walls, and even by solving mini-puzzles hidden along the playing field.

Toads in Battle

Toads Cause Damage in Battle.png

Freeing Toads from their origami forms allows them to help you during ring battles - a great incentive to free them (compared to past titles, where you were merely collecting Toads to complete the game)!

Multiple Toads

Free Multiple Toads.png

As they continue through their journey, Mario unlocks another magic seal that allows him to use the 1000-Fold Arms technique again. This time, the technique helps him free multiple trapped Toads at once.

Special Toads

Accessories Shop Toad Battle Lab Toad

Further, Mario frees Special Toads that will open facilities in Toad Town - the Fun, Funky, and Functional Accessories Shop and Battle Lab. New Battle Lab members will receive a free gift! No doubt, these facilities will be instrumental in Mario and Olivia's (and Luigi's?) field adventures and Ring Battles.

Door to Earth Vellumental and Shell Stones

Door to Earth Vellumental.png

Along Picnic Road, Mario learns that he must collect 4 missing Shell Stones to open the door to Earth Vellumental.

Shell Stones.png

Shell Stones act as keys to opening the door and 4 out of 5 are missing. As another origami-Shy Guy tries to steal the 5th remaining stone, Mario confronts it and starts another Ring Battle. After defeating the origami-Shy Guys in battle, Olivia explains that Mario can find the missing Shell Stones on their way to the castle (described below).

Trapped Houses

House Wrapped in Streamer.png

Mario also encounters trapped houses and buildings wrapped in the same gigantic, paper streamers that carried the castle away. Olivia assures Mario that they will return to save the buildings and the potential inhabitants trapped inside.

Stage 2: Overlook Mountain

Overlook Mountain.png

In the meantime, Mario and Olivia continue on to the next stage - Overlook Mountain.

Climb Up to Red Streamer.png

At the top of Overlook Mountain is a tower, where the gigantic, red, paper streamer ends. The goal is to reach the top and figure out a way to reach the castle.

Collectible Treasure inside Treasure Chests

Collectible Treasure - No. 17 - Lush Greenery.png

Along the way, Mario finds Collectible Treasure inside Treasure Chests.

100% Completion Guide

Infinite and Limited Weapons

Some Ring Battle enemies can damage Mario when they're attacked. To avoid this, Mario can use Iron or Shiny Iron Weapons to protect himself from their damage. Regular weapons, such as the Hammer and Boots do not deplete. However, Shiny or Shiny Iron versions of these weapons will deplete as they are used.

Get Weapons from Question Blocks

Weapon from Question Block.png

It's possible to get weapons from Question Blocks, so hit as many of them as you can!

Haggle for the Green Shell Stone

Useful Item - Green Shell Stone.png

On the way to the top of Overlook Mountain, Mario meets a Monty Mole that tries to sell him the Green Shell Stone for 10,000 coins. After haggling 4 times, Mario is able to buy the Green Shell Stone for only 1,000 coins (a 90% discount)! With the Green Shell Stone in hand, Mario continues up Overlook Mountain, freeing Toads, collecting Confetti and filling holes, and finding treasure along the way.

First Boss Battle: Colored Pencils

Top of Overlook Mountain

End of Red Streamer.png

Finally, Mario reaches the tower and finds the end of the streamer in a roll.

Colored Pencil Missiles Incoming!.png

After he headbutts the streamer roll, 2 gigantic colored pencil-missiles targets Mario!

Boss 1: The Missile Maestro - Colored Pencils

The Missile Maestro - Colored Pencils.png

Olivia saves Mario from the missiles, but an entire case of colored pencils arrive - The Missile Maestro - Colored Pencils! A boss Ring Battle begins, this time with the boss in the center and Mario traversing a different type of ring-based puzzle to attack the boss.

How to Fight Bosses!

Boss Battle - Actions.png

Each boss is a puzzle within a puzzle that needs to be solved! Defeat the bosses to find a way to the castle and restore Toad Town, its inhabitants, and Princess Peach back from their origami forms!

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