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This page lists all MAX UP Heart locations in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Collect all MAX UP Hearts and increase Mario's HP (get health upgrades) and attack power!

How to Raise HP | Get Health Upgrades

Max Up Heart Heart Island.png
In Paper Mario: The Origami King, you can raise Mario's max HP (get health upgrades) by obtaining MAX UP Hearts. Some of these will be obtained automatically throughout your quest, while some of them are a bit harder to find. Since there is no leveling up or anything like that in this game, increasing Mario's HP is one way to have an easier time as bosses get more and more difficult.

Effects of MAX UP Hearts

In addition to getting health upgrades, MAX UP Hearts also have the effect of increasing Mario's attacking power for all weapons. Note that this does not affect damaging items such as the Fire Flower, which deal consistent damage regardless of Mario's HP.

MAX UP Heart Locations

How to Find MAX UP Hearts

Love Toad.png
After you've reached Shogun Studios, on the east side of Toad Town, near the entrance to the port, a Toad known as the Love Toad will appear. This Toad will give clues for the locations of all the MAX UP Hearts you haven't found so far, in addition to how many Hearts there are left to find. However, the Toad will only include info on areas you have visited so far, so if you want to hunt for yourself, check with the Love Toad regularly after reaching new areas to get hints on where to find the hearts there.

Red Streamer

Image of Area Location
Earth Vellumental Temple
After escaping the giant rolling turtle shell. Obtained as part of the story. +20 HP.

Blue Streamer

Image of Area Location
The Princess Peach
After rescuing the fish Toad at the entrance Autumn Mountain, you can access the Great Sea from Toad Town and sail to the Princess Peach, a cruise ship. You can find a +20 HP heart in a chest on the top deck.
Water Vellumental Shrine
In the first room, go down the staircase in the southeast. Go the north side and hit the Toad in the window to get a +5 HP Max Up Heart.
Autumn Mountain
In the Tall Grass Plains, you can find a narrow path in the southwest. Continue to the end to fall into a cave, where a Toad will give you a +5 HP Max Up Heart.
Shogun Studios
Give the Baseball to the Chain Chomp. Obtained as part of the story. +20 HP.
Shogun Studios
You can find this +5 HP heart by solving the riddle in the House of Riddles, the top left building in Shogun Studios. You need the Master Key to enter.
▶︎How to Solve the House of Riddles Puzzle

Yellow Streamer

Image of Area Location
Shroom City
Jump onto the speaker in the northwest and over the wall. Break a crate in the next room to find a Scaredy Rat. After the battle, use the Magic Circle to turn the wheel, then talk to the Snifit. Save the Toad it was surfing on to get a +10 HP heart.
Scorching Sandpaper Desert
In the southwest corner, find a circle of rocks and dig in the middle to find a Shriveled MAX UP Heart. Take it to the pond in Whispering Woods to change it back into a +5 HP MAX UP Heart.
Temple of Shrooms
In the room with coffins on the floor, slide open the coffin with a Heart icon to find a +10 HP MAX UP Heart. (Recruit at least 10 faceless Toads to push open the coffins)

Purple Streamer

Image of Area Location
Heart Island
Hit two switches hidden behind hedges to make an origami heart appear, then a third switch to create a ledge. Go across to get a MAX UP Heart for +20 HP.
The Great Sea
Go to the center of the Starman on the Sea Chart and dive down where a Shy Guy says there is treasure. Take the Canned Heart to the Dry Goomba in Autumn Mountain to open it for a +5 HP MAX UP Heart.
Ice Vellumental Mountain
In the room with the falling icicles, jump across the first icicle to the left at the entrance. You'll find a hole with a chest containing a +5 HP MAX UP Heart.

Green Streamer

Image of Area Location
In the main plaza area, hit the blue parasol to make a shopkeeper Snifit fall out. It will sell you a +10 HP MAX UP Heart for 10,000 coins.
Spring of Rainbows
Near the entrance to the Spring of Rainbows, a steam vent blows a platform upwards. Break the wall to its left and go through to find three breakable stalactites. Knock them all down to power up the steam, then ride the platform to reach the chest with a +10 HP MAX UP Heart.

What is the Maximum HP?

Hooray for 200 HP.png
The maximum HP (max health upgrade) for Mario is 200, with a total of 150 added HP to the initial 50. This is excluding values from bonuses such as Heart Plus.

Area +HP Max HP
Red Streamer +20 70
Blue Streamer +55 125
Yellow Streamer +25 150
Purple Streamer +30 185
Green Streamer +20 200

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