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★ Major glitches have been fixed by the Ver. 1.0.1 Update, released by Nintendo!
Paper Mario Origami King Story Walkthrough
Paper Mario: The Origami King Review

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This is game8's review of Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. We'll be sharing our thoughts and impression from playing this game, and showing off some of the reviews of our users.

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Paper Mario: The Origami King - Rating by Game8

30 / 40
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Who Should Play This Game?

  • People who prefer a bit of a challenge
  • People who enjoy or are good at solving puzzles and riddles
  • Fans of the Mario series
  • People who enjoy fantasy worlds
  • People who enjoy games with many collectibles

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Paper Mario: The Origami King Full Review

Explore a Fantastic Origami World

Peach Castle.jpg

This game's premise is about an evil king who is turning paper inhabitants of Mario's land into origami. Even Peach has been transformed, and knowing Mario, he has no choice but to save her.

Join Mario as he embarks on a quest to unfold a world of origami!

An RPG that Revolves Around its Puzzles


Paper Mario: The Origami King really shines in its puzzle element. Several of these puzzles are very tricky, and if you aren't paying attention, it is very easy to get stumped!

Even then, the puzzles aren't impossibly hard, so both kids and adults alike can enjoy solving them to get ahead, and it is certainly a game that multiple family members could enjoy together.

Innovative Ring-Based Battle System

Ring Battle.jpg

A completely new battle system has been added in, where you'll spend each turn rotating pieces of the field to line up your enemies just right. If you are able to solve the puzzle within a fixed amount of movements, you'll gain a huge advantage in battle!

In addition to the game's tricky puzzles, the battle system is certainly something to wrap your brain around, and you'll constantly be challenged.

Treasures and Collectibles to Grab in Each Area

Torch from Peach

Each area has its own treasures, as well as other collectibles to pick up if you want to 100% the game.

Rescue the Toads folded into origami!

Hidden Toad.jpg

In addition to the treasures, the Toads that are hidden in each area waiting for Mario to rescue them are another type of collectible, along with not-bottomless holes and ? Blocks. These toads will show up in all kinds of unexpected places, like folded into bugs or other things, or even stuck in the wall. For the completionist, you'll have a great time searching and locating all of these.

Try it With Others!

Although a one-player game, the tricky puzzles and combat will make nearly anyone playing scratch their heads at some point. Try getting some friends or family together to play and have a blast solving puzzles and getting through the story together!

Paper Mario: The Origami King Price and Product Information

Paper Mario Banner.jpg

Title Paper Mario: The Origami King
Release Date July 17th, 2020
Developer Nintendo
Genre RPG,Action
Platform (Hardware) Nintendo Switch
Price $59.99 (USD) + Tax (Digital and Physical)

Where to Buy

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