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Color Pencils.png

This is a guide to all boss fights in Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. Here you can find boss information and how to beat each boss. To learn more about the Vellumentals and Legion of Stationery bosses, read on!

Boss Battle Basics

Move Mario via a path over panels from the outside of the ring to the center

Ring Battle.jpg

Unlike regular ring battles, Boss Battles involve moving the rings to make a path for Mario, who will move forward and land on an Action Panel or a Magic Circle to use his 1000-Fold Arms. Each boss must be attacked in a different way, and their weaknesses vary, so plot the best route and hit them where it hurts!

Ring Battles and Boss Battles | Ring-Based Battle System

The trick is to plot your path from the goal

Fire Vellumental.png

For plotting the best course of movement for Mario, we recommend starting with the panel you'd like to end on, then working your way back. If you want Mario to attack on a turn, your objective will be simply finding an Action Panel, and linking Mario to it via the arrows.

Exposing each boss's weakness is also important

Colored Pencils.jpg

Each boss has a weakness that can be exploited. In the Colored Pencils battle, using the 1000-Fold Arms from behind, or the Hammer from a space directly behind, will cause the boss's lid to close, and it will fire upon itself, dealing massive damage. To make the easiest work of each boss, try and find out their weak point (more often than not, it involves use of Magic Panels!).

List of Bosses

Red Streamer Zone Bosses

Boss Walkthrough Tips
Earth Vellumental.jpg
Earth Vellumental
Location: Earth Vellumental Temple
・Reduce the damage taken by attacking its head
・Attack its tail then land on a Magic Circle and use 1000-Fold Arms to deal massive damage
The Missile Maestro - Colored Pencils.png
Colored Pencils
Location: Overlook Tower
・Use the 1000-Fold Arms or a hammer to close the case and cause it to do self-damage
・Use the 1000-Fold Arms from the front during a Rainbow Roll

Blue Streamer Zone Bosses

Boss Walkthrough Tips
Water Vellumental.png
Water Vellumental
Location: Water Vellumental Shrine
・Jump attack to knock it down
・Plan around its water spouts, which will eliminate all panels in the row
・Use the Earth Vellumental panels to dodge the Big Wave attack
・Use the 1000-Fold Arms after it uses Big Wave
Rubber Bands.png
Rubber Band
Location: Shogun Studios
・Use the bumper bands to move toward the center
・Block its Bind Band attack.
・Try and use a Magic Circle from the space closest to it.

Yellow Streamer Zone Bosses

Boss Walkthrough Tips
Gooper Blooper

Location: The Princess Peach
・Dodge its tentacles and then strike back with the hammer
Giant Pokey.jpg
Giant Pokey

Location: Scorching Sandpaper Desert
・Dodge its movement and ram into its bottom segment, or strike with a hammer
・Hit the top of its head with a hammer before it goes underground.
Fire Vellumetntal.png
Fire Vellumental
Location: Fire Vellumental Cave
・Attack with iron boots when it is enflamed
・Try to avoid the molten feathers on the board
・Use the Water Vellumental panel when its HP gets under 25%
・Do not use the 1000-Fold Arms if its HP is too high
Hole Punch.png
Hole Punch
Location: Temple of Shrooms
・Don't step into any of the holes in the ground
・Attack the black backside with your hammer
・Use the Earth Vellumental panel when it charges up
・Strike with the 1000-Fold Arms when it is stunned

Purple Streamer Zone Bosses

Boss Walkthrough Tips
Ice Vellumental.png
Ice Vellumental
Location: Ice Vellumental Mountain
・Melt the ice shield with the Fire Vellumental space
・Attack with the 1000-Fold Arms
・Break the icicles by pressing R to slide rows
Location: Sea Tower
・Break all four sides of the tape dispenser
・Burn the tape by summoning the Fire Vellumental
・Yank the tape with the 1000-Fold Arms

Green Streamer Zone Bosses

Boss Walkthrough Tips
Sumo Bro Banner.jpg
Sumo Bros
Location: Shangri-Spa
・Defeat the Bro with the ON Panel
・Wipe out all grounded Bros with the Magic Circle that summons the Earth Vellumental
・Watch out for the 4 panels affected by Thunder Guard
・Use the Fire Vellumental in phase 2
Location: Bowser's Castle
・Free Olivia by attacking with hammers
・Win by selecting the correct symbol in Rock, Paper, Scissors
Buzzy Beetle.png
Buzzy Beetle

Location: Bowser's Castle
・Move a bit away from Buzzy when hammering the Dry Bones skulls
・Keep moving to avoid getting hit by the spell
・Hide in the corner until Buzzy Beetle spins out
Scissors Intro.png
Location: Bowser's Castle
・Attack the handles only when the blade is sheathed
・Freeze it, then use the 1000-Fold Arms for massive damage.


Boss Walkthrough Tips
Stapler Banner.png
Location: Origami Castle
・Use Jump Attacks and Extra Action Panels to deplete its ammo
・Get to a Magic Circle and dish out damage when it is reloading
Olly - The Origami King.png
King Olly
Location: Origami Castle
Phase 1: Use the correct Vellumental summon, then attack with the 1000-Fold Arms
Phase 2: Go directly behind Bowser and use the Magic Circle to help him while jumping on flying enemies that come by
Phase 3: Solve the puzzle quickly by first pressing R to slide the diameters, then pressing R again to rotate each layer.

What are Vellumentals?

Elemental Gods guarding various temples

Earth Vellumental.jpg

There is a god for each element: Earth, Water, Fire, Ice. They function as the bosses of each temple/shrine you visit.

Borrowing the Vellumentals' power

Earth Vellumental Power.jpg

After defeating each Vellumental, Olivia will learn how they were folded and become able to harness their abilities. This will have an effect in other boss battles and regular battles, and will allow you to go to other stages.

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