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Paper Mario - House of Riddles 2 (1).png
Stuck on the House of Riddles in Shogun Studios? Learn how to arrange the room to solve the House of Riddles in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

House of Riddles Location

Paper Mario - Shogun Studios Map (1).pngEnlarge

The House of Riddles is located at the number 5 position on the Shogun Studios Map, in the northwest corner of the park.

How to Open the House of Riddles

Opening the House of Riddles.png

You'll need the Master Key to enter the House of Riddles, so players will need to go through the Ninja Attraction and meet a certain character first to find the key.

Ninja Attraction Walkthrough

House of Riddles Solution

Paper Mario - House of Riddles (1).png

There's only one riddle in the House of Riddles, and it's more of a puzzle than a riddle. The left and right room look similar, but reversed, and with subtle differences. Your goal is to make the left and right rooms into mirror images of each other.

The sign at the entrance of the House of Riddles is a clue, showing two identical lines of text, with the second being reversed.

Left Room Right Room
Left Room Solution.pngEnlarge Right Room Solution.pngEnlarge

One possible arrangement for solving the House of Riddles puzzle.

There doesn't seem to be any requirements for how you arrange the two rooms in the House of Riddles – as long as the two rooms have the same setup, but flipped horizontally, it's not necessary to follow any other rules for what the rooms should look like.

Which Furniture to Arrange

The points which can be arranged in the House of Riddles are:

  1. The pillows on the floor
  2. The 2-drawer chest of drawers
  3. The sliding doors

For the floor pillows, make sure the colors in one room are lined up in the inverse order of the other room – if the left room goes green, green, purple, the right room should go purple, green, green.

For the drawers, pay attention to if the top drawer is open or closed.

For the sliding doors, pay attention to if the door handles are on the inside or the outside.

House of Riddles Chest Reveal.pngEnlarge

Once you've set up the two rooms, in the House of Riddles, identically, the door in the middle will slide open, revealing a treasure chest!

House of Riddles Reward

Paper Mario - Max UP Heart in House of Riddles (1).png

For completing the Puzzle in the House of Riddles, Mario will receive a Max UP Heart for +5 HP. Max UP Hearts increase Mario's attack power as well, so don't miss it!

All Max UP Heart Locations

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