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Welcome to Game8's Wiki and Walkthrough Guide for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Play a couple of holes with some of your favorite cast from Super Mario. From walkthroughs to tips and tricks, Game8 has everything you need to know about Mario Golf: Super Rush!

Golf Adventure

Gold Adventure Partial.png

Golf Adventure Top Page

Adventure Mode Walkthrough Guides
Bonny Greens.jpgBonny Greens Ridgerock Lake.jpgRidgerock Lake (XC Golf)
Balmy Dunes.jpgBalmy Dunes Wildweather Woods.jpgWildweather Woods
Bowser Highland Banner.JPGBowser Highlands -
Golf Adventure Boss Guides
Statue Comes to Life.jpgThe Great Trials Sacred Flambeast.jpgSacred Flamebeast
Snow King.jpgSnow King -
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Set off on your very own journey with Golf Adventure! This single-player mode will allow you to hone your golf skills while you aim for the pros.

Mario Golf Super Rush News and Game Info

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News and Game Info Top Page

The Latest News and Game Info

Game Info Guides
DLC Update and Patch Notes
Tournament Mode Controls and Best Settings
Game Length Easter Eggs & Hidden Secrets
Local Multiplayer Guide Online Features
List of New Features Switch Lite Compatibility
Are There Cheats? List of Trailers
Is There a Demo? Release Date
Pre-Order Guide How to Pre-Load

Mario Golf Super Rush Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks Top Page

Gameplay Guides
All Unlockables Beginner's Guide
Best Characters Hazards and Obstacles
Weather Conditions How to Add Spin to Your Shot
How to Change Difficulty How to Earn Character Points
How to Perform Lob Shots Differences Between Left and Right-Handed
Golf Course Terrains Super Star Club Set Stats
Speedrunning Guide -
Adventure Mode Guides
How to Level Up Mii Customization
Best Stats to Level Up How to Quickly Earn Coins
How to Use Tornadoes List of Golf Clubs

Mario Golf Super Rush Characters

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List of Characters

Mario Golf: Super Rush Characters

Mario.pngMario Luigi Character.pngLuigi Wario Character.pngWario Waluigi Character.pngWaluigi
Peach Character.pngPeach Daisy Character.pngDaisy Yoshi Character.pngYoshi Donkey Kong Character.pngDonkey Kong
Bowser Character.pngBowser Bowser Jr Character.pngBowser Jr. Boo Character.pngBoo Rosalina Character.pngRosalina
Pauline Character.pngPauline Toad Character.pngToad Chargin Chuck Character.pngChargin' Chuck King Bob-omb Character.pngKing Bob-omb
Mii Character.pngMii Character Mario Golf Toadette Character.pngToadette Ninji.pngNinji Koopa Troopa.pngKoopa Troopa
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List of Special Shots List of Special Dashes
List of Scores and Celebrations Cast and List of Voice Actors

Mario Golf Super Rush Golf Courses

All Courses Partial Banner
List of All Courses

Main Courses
Rookie Course Banner.JPGRookie Course Bonny Greens Banner.JPGBonny Greens Ridgerock Lake Banner.JPGRidgerock Lake
Balmy Dunes Banner.JPGBalmy Dunes Wildweather Woods Banner.JPGWildweather Woods Bowser Highlands.jpgBowser Highlands
New Donk City CourseNew Donk City Blustery Basin.jpgBlustery Basin Spiky Palms.jpgSpiky Palms
Battle Golf Stadium Courses
Battle Golf Stadium Strategic Course Walkthrough List of Holes and How to UnlockStrategic Battle Golf Stadium Technical CourseTechnical

Mario Golf Super Rush Modes

Speed Golf

Mario Golf Speed Golf Banner.png

Speed Golf is a game mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush where players have to sink all the holes on the course as fast as possible. The players are timed on how long it takes them to complete each hole and the winner is decided by whoever has the highest score or the fastest time, depending on the rules.

Speed Golf Features

  • 1-4 Players Can Play
  • Local Wireless and Online Play is Available
  • There Are 9 Holes
  • A Timed Race Against Other Players!

Speed Golf Guide

Battle Golf

Mario Golf Battle Golf Guide.png

The goal of this mode is to capture three holes. All nine holes are open at the start, but once a player sinks a ball in it, the hole is closed. The first player to reach 3 holes wins.

Battle Golf Features

  • 1-4 Players Can Play
  • Local Wireless and Online Play is Available
  • There Are 9 Holes
  • All Players Golf at the Same Time!

Battle Golf Guide

Mario Golf Super Rush Message Boards

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Message Boards Top Page

Mario Golf Super Rush - Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board Mario Golf Super Rush - Questions Board.pngQuestions Board
Spoilers/Secrets Board Suggestions Board
Mario Golf Super Rush - Matchmaking Icon.pngMatchmaking Board

About Mario Golf: Super Rush

About Section Image.png

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the seventh installment in the Mario Golf series developed by Camelot Software Planning. It follows up from the preious 2014 game, Mario Golf: World Tour. Super Rush has Mario and friends competing in the sport of golf.

Like previous games, standard golf rules apply, but Super Rush has also added in some new features such as Speed Golf, a game mode in which players compete by running after their golf balls.

Product Information and Box Art

Mario Golf Box Art.png

Title Mario Golf: Super Rush
Release Date June 25, 2021
Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platform Nintendo Switch
Genre Sports
Developer / Publisher Camelot Software Planning/Nintendo
Official Site Mario Golf: Super Rush Official Site

Super Mario Guides & Walkthroughs

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