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Earth Vellumental 6.png

This is a walkthrough for beating Earth Vellumental, one of the bosses in Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will cover boss strategy, the best weapons to use, as well as other tips and tricks for beating Earth Vellumental.

Earth Vellumental Walkthrough

Strike its vulnerable points

Earth Vellumental 3.png

The main goal of the this battle is to approach the Earth Vellumental and attack each of its vulnerable areas (its four limbs + tail) with your hammer, which will make it retreat into its shell. During this section, you will only want to attack with a hammer, because using jump attacks (boots) will simply bounce off of its shell.

Along the way to each target, be sure and move the rings so that you can pick up the various powerups and bonuses that appear, such as treasure chests, x2 damage bonuses, and Extra Action panels. Earth Vellumental can deal some pretty heavy damage each turn, so be ready to block its three consecutive attacks it uses through Sandblast. If your HP gets too low and you still have two or more limbs to hit, be sure and pick up a heart.

Earth Vellumental 4.png
During the first turn, Olivia will basically guide you to exactly where you should go. Follow her instructions, then move the outermost ring two spaces counter-clockwise. After that, move the innermost ring counter-clockwise one space, then make Mario move. When he arrives at the Action Panel, select a Hammer (preferably the Shiny Hammer) to attack with, since jump attacks don't work (as mentioned above). Be ready to block after this.

In the second turn, Olivia suggests attacking Earth Vellumental's right front leg, although you are free to target any limb you want. For example, if you move the outermost ring two spaces clockwise, and the innermost ring five spaces clockwise (or three spaces counter-clockwise), you will be able to hit the right back leg. Target anyone of the legs, and use your strongest hammer attack.

Making quick work of the Earth Vellumental

Earth Vellumental 5.png
Once you have taken off about a quarter of the Earth Vellumental's health by striking two limbs with the Shiny Hammer (or three with the regular Hammerーless if you managed to land Excellents), you can switch your target to Earth Vellumental's tail. Hitting it with your hammer will cause it to retreat into its shell.

Earth Vellumental 1.pngEnlarge Earth Vellumental 2.pngEnlarge

You can then finish it off very quickly by moving the Magic Circle (the space with the hand on it) directly in front of Mario and using all of his turns up to move to it. Then, use your 1000-Fold Arms to grab the Earth Vellumental and throw it, causing it to turn over. You will then go into Rush-time, allowing you to repeatedly hit Earth Vellumental, and do enough damage to finish it off. Just make sure to shake the controller as fast as possible.

Earth Vellumental Tips and Strategy

Ring Battles and Boss Battles | Ring-Based Battle System

Boss Battle Basics

Since this is your first Boss Battle, you'll notice that unlike in Ring Battles, in Boss Battles, you start outside the rings and you goal is to move towards the center and land on an Action Panel to attack. Instead of changing the enemies' positions to line them up for an attack, you'll change the positions of ring icons and battle panels in order to land an attack on the boss
Below, we'll explain the effect of each battle panel and ring icon.

Explanation of Ring Battle Panels (Click to jump!)
Arrow Panel.pngArrow Panel Action Panel.pngAction Panel Magic Circle Panel.pngMagic Circle Magic Circle Switch.pngON Switch Hint Envelope.pngHint Envelope
Treasure Chest.pngTreasure Chest x2 Striking Power.pngx2 Power Extra Action Panel.pngExtra Action Heart.pngHeart -

Arrow Panel

Arrow Panel Description
Arrow Panel.png These dictate the direction that Mario will move. When he walks over one of these spaces, he will immediately turn in its direction and walk until he goes over another panel or comes to a stop. Rotate the rings while keeping an eye on these to know what path Mario will take!

Action Panel

Arrow Panel Explanation
Action Panel.png Landing on this space allows Mario to choose a weapon (Boots, Hammer, etc) and attack. The exact weapon you should use depends on the situation, as they will have different targets, indicated when selecting the weapon. If you do not end your move on an Action Panel, you won't be able to attack!

Magic Circle Panel

Magic Circle Panel Explanation
Magic Circle Panel.png Similar to an Action Panel, but this one lets you use your 1000-Fold Arms whenever you land on it. This will show up in the second phase of this battle.

Magic Circle Switch

Magic Circle Switch Panel Explanation
Magic Circle Switch.png In some battles, you will first need to step on an ON Panel in order to activate the Magic Circles.

Hint Envelope

Hint Envelope Panel Explanation
Hint Envelope.png These envelopes will contain hints about how to damage the boss. If you are stuck and unsure of what to do, picking these up can guide you.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Panel Explanation
Treasure Chest.png Walk past these to spread coins and hearts all over the map.

x2 Striking Power

Striking Power Panel Explanation
x2 Striking Power.png Allows you to do double damage when attacking. If picking one of these up and getting to an Action Panel in the same move is feasible, you should definitely do it, as it will allow you to take out the boss much quicker.

Extra Action Panel

Extra Action Panel Explanation
Extra Action Panel.png Gives Mario an extra attack. Like the x2 panel, getting these is a very efficient way to damage the boss, since you'll be able to strike with your hammer/boots twice for each Action Panel you land on.


Heart Explanation
Heart.png Though not a panel, these hearts appear on the Ring Battlefield to restore some HP. Shows up occasionally on the map, and can also be spread by going over a treasure chest space.

Spending Coins

You can spend coins for numerous effects. By pressing +, you can add more time to the clock, giving a little bit more leeway when figuring out the correct path for the ring puzzle.

Pressing Y to have Toads cheer also has a very useful effect in this battle. If you spend enough coins, you will be able to recover some health, and in addition, Mario's path along the ring becomes visible. This will make it much easier to solve the puzzle and end up in the correct spot. Note however that this will only last during the current turn.

Earth Vellumental Video Walkthrough

Best Weapons Against Earth Vellumental

First 3~4 Turns

Earth Vellumental 3.png

Shiny Hammer IconShiny Hammer

As Olivia lets you know, certain attacks will bounce right off, depending on where they target. The boots will all target the shell, which will cause Mario to bounce right off. Instead, the main goal of this phase is to move in close the the Earth Vellumental's arms, then hit them using a hammer. This will both damage it and cause the arm to retreat. If you can use the Shiny Hammer twice, or the regular hammer three times (landing excellents), you can hit its tail and then quickly end the battle.

After Retreating

Earth Vellumental 2.png

Once the Earth Vellumental has retreated into its shell, you can end the battle quickly by setting up a Magic Circle on the ring, then moving to it. This will allow you to grab the boss with the 1000-Fold Arms and flip it upside down, after which you can attack repeatedly. Doing this should put you into Rush-time, allowing you to finish it off. This attack easily lets you take off about 2/3 of the Earth Vellumental's HP.

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