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Welcome to Shogun Studios.png
This guide shows which Shogun Studios Pass (Commoner Pass or Royalty Pass) you should buy in Paper Mario: The Origami King, for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the differences between the two Shogun Studios Passes, as well as the benefits of the Royalty Pass.

What is a Shogun Studios Pass?

Ticket for Shogun Studios

Shogun Studios Passes.png
Shogun Studios is a theme park with a variety of minigames and attractions that you can enjoy. To enter Shogun Studios, you need to buy a pass or a ticket. You can choose from two types; the Commoner Pass or the Royalty Pass. Both Shogun Studios Passes will cost you coins. However, the Royalty Pass is more expensive. You can get both passes from the vending machine on the east side of the Shogun Studios entrance.

Shogun Studios Pass Number of Companions per Pass Price
Commoner Pass 3 2,400 Coins
Royalty Pass Infinite Guests 9,800 Coins

Commoner Pass

One-time Entry

Commoner Pass Ticket.png
The Commoner Pass is a General Admission pass for Shogun Studios, which you can use to access and explore the Shogun Studios for a less price. However, you can only use this pass once, and re-entering is not allowed, which means you need to pay again to re-enter.

Commoner Pass - No Re-entry.png
If you can clear the streamer in one go, this pass might be ideal for you. But, remember, Shogun Studios has a variety of minigames that you can play, and it is not free. With this pass, you still have to pay for every single minigame. There are also exclusive areas and treasures that only Royalty Pass holders can access. So choose your pass carefully!

Royalty Pass

Unlimited Entry

Royalty Welcome.png
The Royalty Pass is a Premium Admission pass for Shogun Studios, which you can use to access and explore Shogun Studios for a higher price, but of course, with a Royal welcome. With this pass, you have unlimited access and can bring an unlimited number of guests. With this pass, you can go back to Shogun Studios any time you want.

Play for free.png
Plus, you get to enjoy the minigames inside the theme park for FREE! If you love playing minigames and plan to go back to this area, this is the ideal pass for you. You also get the chance to enter exclusive areas and open exclusive treasure chests. The Royalty Pass has the highest value!

Benefits of Royalty Pass

Royalty Pass Perks List

Minigames Price.png

  1. Unlimited Access
  2. Infinite Guests
  3. Play mini-games for free
  4. Access to exclusive areas
  5. Access to exclusive Collectible Treasures

List of Treasures that Need Royalty Pass

① Treasure No. 40: Downriver Tour Boat

Treasure 40 - Downriver Tour Boat
House on the left after entering Shogun Studios

② Treasure No. 41: Chestnuts

Treasure 41 - Chestnuts
Inside the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse

③Treasure No. 42: Water Vellumental's Wheel

Treasure 42 - Water Vellumental
Inside a House Behind the Tower Bell

Minigames inside Shogun Studios

① Shuriken Dojo

How to Win the Shuriken Minigame

② House of Riddles

Paper Mario - House of Riddles.png
House of Riddles Solution

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