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Shogun Studios
This is a walkthrough for Shogun Studios in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Read on to learn locations for all Shogun Studios collectible treasures, hidden toads, hidden blocks, and confetti holes, as well as other useful tips and strategies for getting through this area.

Previous Area Eddy River
Current Area Shogun Studios
Next Area Ninja Attraction (House of Tricky Ninjas)

Shogun Studios Map

Paper Mario - Shogun Studios Map (1).pngEnlarge

On the sign to the right of the castle, you can find this convenient map of the park. Shogun Studios is a pretty wide area, so this is a good way to get your bearings.

Shogun Studios Walkthrough

Shogun Studios Grounds

1 After arriving in Shogun Studios, go left and access the ticket machine. Purchase either a Commoner Pass or a Royalty Pass to enter Shogun Studios.
Tear off the seal on the Pipe No. 2 on the far left. This will allow you to return to the Warp Zone in Toad Town.
2 Continue ahead until a cutscene with a Goomba begins. Follow the Goomba to the left.
3 Shogun Studios MapEnlarge
Go back to the road and continue straight ahead toward the castle. A cutscene will begin.
Check out the Map on the sign to the right of the castle. Shogun Studios is a pretty wide area, so this is a good way to get your bearings.
4 Shogun Studios- Get the StrawEnlarge
Go south on the road to the right and into the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse, the restaurant labeled with three balls on a stick (dango). Interact with the Shy Guy to get the Straw.
Treasure No. 41 can be found here using the Royalty Pass. (Jump to Explanation)
5 Go out of the restaraunt, head up through each of the three gates, then turn right and go across the bridge.
6 Shogun Studios - Trade the Straw for ShurikensEnlarge
Go through another gate into the courtyard and give the Straw to the Ninji there. You'll get a Shuriken in exchange.
6.5 (Not required)
・Go to the far left side of the Shogun Studios to where the Dress-Up Photo Studio is located.
・Take the path back and to the left of the Photo Studio and hop onto the barrels to get onto the rafters.
・Go around Lookout Tower, down and to the left and jump into the room with the ladder.
・Fall down into the floor to start a battle with some Goombas.
・After the battle, you'll talk with a Blue Toad who will tell you about a staff room hidden on the east side of the park.
7 Shogun Studios - Hidden door to the Staff RoomEnlarge Go to the far right side of the park, to the right of the courtyard where the Ninji was. Against the back wall, you'll find a Toad who will tell you that the staff room is nearby. Interact with the right side of the wall to find a hidden door.
8 Shogun Studios - Shuriken Dojo Toad sneaking in a napEnlarge
Go through the door into the Shogun Studios staff room. Open the locker on the left to find a Toad from the Shuriken Dojo, who will run off. Interact with the key hooks on the wall to start a cutscene. Be sure to get the Goomba Mask on the right side of the staff room as well.
9 Shogun Studios Shuriken MinigameEnlarge
Go to the Shuriken Dojo and give the Toad the Shuriken. This will allow you to play the Shuriken mini-game. Play the Normal Mode and get exactly 21 points to win a Baseball.How to Win the Shuriken Minigame
10 Shogun Studios - Trade for Chewing BoneEnlarge
Down and to the right from the castle, go into to the left door on the row house with three doors. Go into the far door inside to find two Dry Bones throwing a bone. Talk to them and trade the Baseball for their Bone.
11 Shogun Studios - Get Max UP HeartEnlarge
Go right from the Tranquil Pipes Teahouse to find a Chain Chomp. Interact with its bowl and give it the Bone. It will give you a Max UP Heart for +20 HP, and you'll be able to pass through.
12 Continue through the door on the right to reach Ninja Attraction.

Ninja Attraction Walkthrough

Shogun Studios Video Walkthrough

Tips and Strategies

But the Royalty Pass

Buy the Royalty Pass to gain unlimited access to Shogun Studios and its attractions. The Royalty Pass is required, if you're aiming to complete the game at 100%.

Should You Buy the Commoner Pass or the Royalty Pass?

Earn a Trophy in the Eddy River

If you collect all the coins in the Eddy River minigame, you'll earn one of the game's 15 Trophies, so go for the gold!

Trophies List | How to Unlock All Trophies

Access Denied from Sensor Lab

Shogun Studios - Entry Denied from Sensor Lab

If you've left by the front gate of Shogun Studios and then try to enter by the Sensor Lab fax machine, an angry Toad will come and kick you out. Buy the Royalty Pass so you can keep going in without paying every time!

How to Fast Travel

Max UP Heart in House of Riddles

Shogun Studios - Max UP Heart in House of Riddles
You can find a +5 HP Max UP Heart in the House of Riddles, the top left building in Shogun Studios, after you've gotten the Master Key from Luigi in the House of Tricky Ninjas.

Riddle Solution

House of RiddlesEnlarge Riddle Room solutionEnlarge

You have to make the left room mirror the one on the right side. Check the drawers if you're unsure of how to arrange the room!

MAX UP Heart Locations | How to Raise HP (Get Health Upgrades)

Shogun Studios Souvenir Shop

After getting the Master Key in the House of Tricky Ninjas, head to the second floor of the Souvenir Shop and close the door to find the shop keeper Toad. He will reopen the store, allowing you to buy new weapons and a Treasure!

Item Price
Treasure No. 46:
Big Sho' Theater
(One time only)
Fire Flower 240
Mushroom 100
Shiny Mushroom
(After the Treasure is gone)
Fire Hammer 640
Ice Hammer 640
Tail 240

Shogun Studios Toad Locations

34 Locations Total

Shogun Studios - Front GatesEnlarge By the #2 Pipe There's a Heart origami by the Save Point and Pipe to the left of the gate to Shogun Studios. Hit it to free a Toad.
This Toad will tell you what areas you can find Max UP Hearts if you talk to him in Toad Town.
Shogun Studios - Paper Fan in the HouseEnlarge On Drawers in House In the second house to the left when entering Shogun Studios, there's an origami fan you can hit for a Toad on top of some drawers.
Shogun Studios - Left of CrossroadsEnlarge Stuck on the Crossroads Wall At the big crossroad in the middle of the Studios, a Shop Keeper Toad can be pulled out from the left side wall.
This unlocks the Shogun Studios Accessory shop.
Shogun Studios - Flower above DrawersEnlarge Flower over Drawers in House Fix the Confetti hole on the door of the first house to the left of the crossroads, then head inside and hit the flower on the wall above the drawers.
Shogun Studios - Drawers by Shy GuyEnlarge Drawers in House with Shy Guy In the second house to the left of the crossroads, a Shy Guy is rummaging through some drawers. Hit the big drawers next to them to reveal three Toads. Hit them all with your Hammer to unfold them.
Shogun Studios - Zabuton with CatEnlarge Left Cushion in House Enter the house furthest to the left from the crossroads, then hit the pink cushion (zabuton) on the left. Hit the origami cat that appears for the Toad.
Shogun Studios - Straw Hat on the WallEnlarge Straw Hat in House In the house to the right just after heading north in the crossroads, hit the straw hat on the wall to free a Toad.
Shogun Studios - Sign by the CastleEnlarge Sign by the Castle On the sign right by the bridge to the castle, left of the center Save Point.
Shogun Studios - Red Dotted LanternEnlarge Red Dotted Lantern by the Gate Head right in the crossroads and hit the right lantern with your Hammer.
Shogun Studios - Tea House ParasolEnlarge Bottom-Left Parasol by Save Point In the area in front of the tea house, hit the parasol in the bottom-left corner for a Toad to come out.
Shogun Studios - Tea House ZabutonEnlarge Left Middle Cushion in Tea House Inside the tea house, hit the middle cushion (zabuton) with your Hammer to flip it and reveal a Toad.
Shogun Studios - First DragonflyEnlarge Blue Dragonfly by Plants Head right from the center Save Point and you will see a dragonfly flying close to some potted plants. Hammer it to free the Toad.
Shogun Studios - Second DragonflyEnlarge Blue Dragonfly by the Bamboo Fence To the right of the compound of buildings with the green pond for another dragonfly in need of hammering.
Shogun Studios - Ash in the HouseEnlarge Ash Pile in House Enter the first house on the right in the compound with the green pond, then hit the ash pile in the middle for the Toads to appear.
Shogun Studios - Lantern by the Green PondEnlarge White Lantern Top Right If you hit the second red lantern in the green pond area, a Magic Circle will appear. Use it to hit the white paper lantern above for a Toad.
Shogun Studios - Top Left LanternEnlarge White Lantern Top Left In the same area, jump up the crates to the left and hit the white paper lantern with your Hammer.
Shogun Studios - Staff Room TableEnlarge Staff Room Table to the Left In the Staff Room, there's a visible folded Toad on the table to the left.
Shogun Studios - Staff Room LockerEnlarge Left Staff Room Locker In the left of the two lockers in the staff room, the Shuriken Dojo Toad can be found napping.
Bucket in Staff RoomEnlarge Bucket by the Staff Room Lockers Next to the two blue lockers in the staff room, there's a bucket with a crumbled Toad in it.
Shogun Studios - Goomba MaskEnlarge In the Goomba Mask In the right side of the Staff Room there's a Paper Macho Goomba Mask you need to pull a Toad out of.
Shogun Studios - Shuriken on the TargetEnlarge Shuriken on the Target Climb the crates to the left of the Shuriken Dojo and hit the black and white Shuriken with your Hammer.
Shogun Studios - Four BarrelsEnlarge Four Barrels in House Head into the right-most house in the gated area between the two Save Points. Inside, hit all four barrels on the right side to reveal a variety of origami figures. Hit them all with your hammer to free them.
Shogun Studios - Hearth FishEnlarge Fish on the Hearth in House From the room with the barrels, jump up on the drawers in the back and break the wall to head into the neighbouring room. Hit the fish on the hearth here for a Toad.
Shogun Studios - Box in the CornerEnlarge Flower above Corner Box in House In the last room to the left of the three, hit the top-right corner to reveal a ? Block, then stand on that and jump into the flower for a Toad.
Shogun Studios - Beetle in the Chain-Chomp ShedEnlarge Chain-Chomp Shed If you go into the shed behind the Chain-Chomp, a beetle Toad will appear. Hit it with your Hammer to free it.
This unlocks Shogun Studious Fishing area.
Shogun Studios ToadEnlarge Fishing Area
(After Chain-Chomp)
The south of the House of Tricky Ninjas. Fish here for the square, folded fish to get a Toad.
Shogun Studios - Fax Machine in Sensor LabEnlarge Shogun Studios Sensor Lab
(After getting the Master Key)
After getting the Master Key, go back to the area with the green pond and open the door behind it, then head left and fill the Confetti hole. Inside is another Toad stuck in a fax.
Shogun Studios - Souvenir Shop Scond Floor DoorEnlarge Souvenir Shop Sliding Door
(After getting the Master Key)
After getting the Master Key, go to the Souvenir Shop close to the Shogun Studios gates and head inside. Inside, go to the second floor and close the door to find the Toad.
This unlocks the Shogun Studios shop.
Shogun Studios - Lanterns in the HouseEnlarge Four Lanterns in House Head directly left from the center Save Point and enter the house there. Inside, hit all four lanterns with your hammer.
Shogun Studios - Photo Studio Wall PhotoEnlarge Photo on the Wall Inside the Photo Studio, head left and hit the Toad in the photo frame on the wall.
Shogun Studios - Straw Coat in the HouseEnlarge Straw Coat in House Enter the house on the left just after the gate behind the Photo Studio. Inside there's a chest and Toad stuck in a straw coat on the right wall.
Shogun Studios - Photo Studio SignEnlarge Top Photo Studio Sign Go through the gate left of the Photo Studio and up the barrels, then make your way to the roof of the Photo Studio. Hit the sign on the right side to flip it for a Toad.
Shogun Studios - Ring the Bell 30 TimesEnlarge Ring the Bell 30 Times Go through the gate left of the Photo Studio and up the barrels, then enter the bell tower on the bottom-right. Go to the top and ring the bell 30 times for a Toad to appear.
Shogun Studios - Bottom of Bell TowerEnlarge Bell Tower Bottom Floor Go through the gate left of the Photo Studio and up the barrels, then enter the bell tower on the bottom-right. Drop down to the lowest floor and save the Toad there from Goombas.

Shogun Studios Collectible Treasure Locations

10 Locations Total

Collectible Treasure Name and How to Find
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 40 - Downriver Tour BoatEnlarge
Treasure No. 40:
Downriver Tour Boat
On entering Shogun Studios, go into the house on the left. Try to open the chest and you will need to present your Pass; if you have a Royalty Pass, it will open and give you the Treasure.
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 41 - ChestnutsEnlarge
Treasure No. 41:
You can find the treasure chest inside the green shop (Teahouse), where you got the Straw.
Use a Royalty Pass to get the Collectible Treasure.
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 42 - Water VellumentalEnlarge
Treasure No. 42:
Water Vellumental's Wheel
On the path back and to the left from the Photo Studio, in the house on the left.
Use a Royalty Pass to get the Collectible Treasure.
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 43 - Relaxing BenchEnlarge
Treasure No. 43:
Relaxing Bench
In the courtyard in front of the staff room, in the back-left corner, a chest contains this Collectible Treasure.
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 44 - Paper Macho Koopa TroopaEnlarge
Treasure No. 44:
Paper Macho Koopa Troopa
In the Shuriken mini-game, play on Expert Mode and get at least 80 Points to score this Collectible Treasure.
▶︎How to Win the Shuriken Minigame
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 45Enlarge
Treasure No. 45:
Canned Tuna
Free the Toad in charge of the fishing dock in Shogun Studios, then fish up the square, folded fish.
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 46 - Big Sho TheaterEnlarge
Treasure No. 46:
Big Sho' Theater
Buy from the Souvenir Shop after getting the Master Key and freeing the shop keeper Toad on the second floor.
Shogun Studios Collectibles Treasure 47 - Canned-Food Par-tay TrioEnlarge
Treasure No. 47:
Canned-Food Par-tay Trio
Get the Master Key and go through the door behind the pond the Ninjis are practicing with straws, then go to the right side.
Shogun Studios Collectible Treasure No. 48 - Lookout Tower Bell.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 48:
Lookout Tower Bell
Return to the top of the Shogun Studios Tower Bell and talk to the Blue Toad. Hit the bell 100 times; the toad will help you count. Once you reach 100, you will receive the collectible treasure!
Shogun Studios Collectible Treasure No. 49 - Water Vellumental Shrine.pngEnlarge Treasure No. 49:
Water Vellumental Shrine
Walk to the end of the path near the House of Riddles. Then, jump near the lantern to reveal a hidden block. Jump again to receive the collectible treasure!

Shogun Studios ? Block (Hidden Block) Locations

9 Locations Total

Shogun Studios - Block No. 1.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Block No. 2.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Block No. 3.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Block No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Block No. 5.jpgEnlarge Shogun Studios - Block No. 6.jpgEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Block No. 7.jpgEnlarge Shogun Studios - Block No. 8.jpgEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Block No. 9.jpgEnlarge

Shogun Studios Not-Bottomless (Confetti) Hole Locations

19 Locations Total

Shogun Studios - Hole No. 1.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 2.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 3.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 4.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 5.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 6.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 7.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 8.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 9.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 10.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 11.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 12.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 13.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 14.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 15.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 16.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 17.pngEnlarge Shogun Studios - Hole No. 18.pngEnlarge
Shogun Studios - Hole No. 19.pngEnlarge

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2 Charles4 months

I missed unlocking house of riddles when I first went through. Is there a way to access it after defeating the blue ribbon & no longer having the master key?

1 Anonymous10 months

treasure 48 is ring the bell 100 times

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