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Ice Vellumental Battle.png
This is a walkthrough for Ice Vellumental Mountain in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Read on to learn locations for all Ice Vellumental Mountain collectible treasures, hidden toads, hidden blocks, and confetti holes, as well as other useful tips and strategies for getting through this area.

Previous Area Club Island
Current Area Ice Vellumental Mountain
Next Area Diamond Island

Ice Vellumental Mountain Walkthrough

1 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 1.pngEnlarge
In Diamond Island, head west and enter the frozen area to head into Ice Vellumental Mountain. Avoid the enemies and pass through to a room where the floor is made of ice.
Grab the Flashy Iron Boots in the first room.
2 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 2.pngEnlarge
In the room with the icy floor, make your way to the northeast corner, and hit the rock.
3 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 3.pngEnlarge
In the next room of Ice Vellumental Mountain, stand on the ice platform in the southwest corner. Hit the wall with your Hammer to make it slide in the opposite direction, and ride it across the room in this order: up, right, down, left, up. This will destroy the blue Sidesteppers and lead you to the next area.
4 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 4.pngEnlarge
In the next area of Ice Vellumental Mountain, jump on the icicle platform to the right and climb up the stairs while avoiding the falling icicles. On the stairs, the Hammer Bro will start throwing hammers which deal 20 damage each, so be careful. Confront the Hammer Bro to start a Ring Battle.
5 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 5.pngEnlarge
After completing the battle, a 1000-Fold Arms Magic Circle will appear where the Hammer Bro was defeated. Hit a giant icicle with 1000-Fold Arms until it falls and becomes another platform. Jump on the platform to head further north.
6 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Ice Blocks.pngEnlarge
Turn west go up the staircase. Break all the ice boulders except the two in the image above. Go up to the sliding ice platform in the northwest corner. Slide across the floor in this order: down, right, up, right. This will slide the platform to the broken Magic Circle and complete the circle. Hit the giant face with the 1000-Fold Arms to open its mouth. Enter the mouth to proceed to the next area.
Go in the door at the top of the staircase for a 100 HP recovery heart and to reset the blocks if you accidentally break the wrong ones.
7 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 7.pngEnlarge
Head up the spiral staircase and avoid the rolling ice boulders by waiting in the small pockets by the steps. Reach the Snow Spike and defeat it in battle to continue up the staircase, this time, avoiding the ice boulders by jumping onto the middle platform. Defeat the next Snow Spike to continue up and to the next area of Ice Vellumental Mountain.
8 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Ice Blocks 2nd.pngEnlarge
In the next area, break all the ice boulders except the two in the image above. Reach the sliding ice platform on the northeast corner and slide in this order: left, down, right, up, right.
9 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 9.pngEnlarge
Once the platform stops, slide it to the left, then on the way back, hit the bear block when you slide past it to slide down. If you time it right, you'll hit the back wall one space to the right of the bear block. Hit the wall to bounce back and you'll be adjacent to the north platform. Jump up to the next level and enter another mouth to the next area.
10 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 10.pngEnlarge
Fill in the confetti hole to gain access to the next area. Get on the sliding ice platform and slide right to get launched to the peak of another mountain.
11 Ice Vellumental Mountain - Step 11.pngEnlarge
Get the items from the Blocks ahead, then face off against Ice Vellumental.
How to Beat Ice Vellumental
12 After defeating Ice Vellumental, you will receive the Ice Bibliofold. Head east to exit the mountain and slide down back to Diamond Island.

Diamond Island Walkthrough

Ice Vellumental Mountain Video Walkthrough

Tips and Strategies

Buy Shiny Mushrooms in Advance

Shiny Mushrooms Diamond Island.png

On the far east end of Diamond Island, you can buy Shiny Mushrooms in a 3-pack for 840 coins. Be sure to stock up before dashing into another dungeon!

Boss Strategy Guide

Ice Vellumental

Ice Vellumental.png

While not as challenging as the Fire Vellumental, this boss is still colder than a polar bear's toenails.

Use the Fire Vellumental power to unfreeze him, then rain down the hits with the 1,000-Fold Arms. When he starts using Ice Maze, remember the pattern before he shifts around the tiles to recreate the perfect route. After four hits with the hands, he's diamond dust!

How to Beat Ice Vellumental

Ice Vellumental Mountain Toad Locations

0 Locations Total

There are no Toads to be found in Ice Vellumental Mountain.

Ice Vellumental Mountain Collectible Treasure Locations

4 Locations Total

Location and Treasure Name
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle.pngEnlarge
Treasure No. 90:
Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle
Treasure Chest along spiral staircase.
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Ice Vellumental Bust.pngEnlarge
Treasure No. 91:
Ice Vellumental Bust
Treasure Chest down a pipe, 3 rooms after the spiral staircase.
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Treasure No. 92.png
Treasure No. 92:
Origami Craftsman
Southwest corner of Ice Vellumental's chamber, after it has been defeated and Olivia has frozen the water.
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Treasure No. 93.png
Treasure No. 93:
Diamond Island
Down Ice Vellumental Mountain, after defeating Ice Vellumental

Ice Vellumental Mountain ? Block (Hidden Block) Locations

10 Locations Total

Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 1.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Block No. 2.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 3.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 5.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 6.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 7.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 8.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 9.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental Mountain - Block No. 10.jpgEnlarge

Ice Vellumental Mountain Not-Bottomless (Confetti) Hole Locations

18 Locations Total

Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 1.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 2.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 3.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 4.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 5.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 6.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 7.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 8.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 9.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 10.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 11.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 12.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 13.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 14.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 15.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 16.jpgEnlarge
Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 17.jpgEnlarge Ice Vellumental - Hole No. 18.jpgEnlarge

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2 Anonymous6 months

Don’t forget logic! Shiny Fire Flowers , normal Fire Flowers, and the fire hammer can still deal damage to it even when its still encased in ice, and when its out of the ice it will do considerable damage compared to everything else.

1 Anonymous6 months

In the Ice Vellemental Temple, In Section 6, there is a crack in the central pillar that you can break with your hammer. There is also a hidden block on top of the treasure chest.

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