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Here you can learn the best ways to get coins quickly in Paper Mario: The Origami King. You should also read on if you're unsure when it's safe to spend coins or what wonderful things they can be used for!

How to Get Coins Fast

Coin Farming Overiew

All Coin Farming Methods
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1. Fix Not-Bottomless Holes
2. Scuffle Island
3. Defeat Enemies in Battle
4. Dig for Gold in the Desert
5. Get from ? Blocks
6. Get from Rescuing Toads
7. Coin Step Counter

1. Fix Not-Bottomless Holes


The best way to get coins fast is to fix Not-Bottomless Holes with Confetti, so make sure you fix any Not-Bottomless Holes you come across when you get to a new area!

The bigger the hole is, the bigger the reward is, so you can get a lot of coins from fixing the large holes!

Not-Bottomless Holes and Locations

2. Scuffle Island

Scuffle Island Reward

Once you're out of Confetti holes, Scuffle Island in the Great Ocean area might be a good bet as your next farming spot. Completing all 7 rounds will give you a total of 31,160 Coins the first time!

You will, however, be pitted against strong Paper Macho enemies and won't be allowed to heal, so we recommend waiting until you have a decent amount of HP.

Scuffle Island Battle Guide

3. Defeat Enemies in Battle


You can also get coins by battling with enemies. You get the most by lining up the enemies well and taking no damage, as these grant bonuses to your total after the battle ends.

Since enemies respawn when you leave and area and come back, so you can keep fighting the ones close to the area entrance. This also makes enemies an endless source of coins, unlike the Not-Bottomless holes.

Ring-Based Battle System

4. Dig for Gold in the Desert

After making your way to Scorching Sandpaper Desert and rescuing Professor Toad from the Mega Paper Macho Pokey, you will become able to dig up the shining spots by pressing down on the D-pad to have the professer dig.

Often these spots will hold several hundred coins and you won't need to defeat enemies to get them. The spots respawn too, so you can use this as your preferred method if you don't like the Ring battle system.

Get Gold Weapons as a Bonus

You might even find Gold Boots or Gold Hammers, further increasing your battle profit!

Story Walkthrough

5. Get from ? Blocks

? Block.jpg

Coins will sometimes drop from ? Blocks, which are placed throughout the area maps.

Some of them even grant up to 1,000 coins! However, since they can be hard to find and might give other items instead of coins, searching for the ? Blocks is not really a fast or reliable way to get coins.

6. Get from Rescuing Toads


With one exception, you get 1 coin whenever you rescue, making this the least effective way to get coins. The time spent looking for Toads is better spent on battling enemies, so we don't recommend Toads as a coin-source.

Rescue the Rich Toad for more

The exception is the Toad living in the big mansion in Toad Town, who will grant you a whopping 10,000 coins if you visit him after!

Toad Town Mansion Rewards

7. Use the Coin Step Counter

Coin Step Counter Icon
Coin Step Counter

Bought on the lovely Bonehead Island, the Step Counter will reward you with 10,000 coins for every 10,000 steps you take. Sure it may take a while, but those steps rack up quicker than you know if it you just keep that accessory equipped!

How to Get the Coin Step Counter

What to Spend Coins On

1. Make Battles Easier

Boss Battle.jpg

Coins can make your life a lot easier when used during battle. You can use them to buy more time to line up the enemies perfectly, move the rings and event have the Toads you've rescued deal damage by paying them to Cheer for you.

In short, having enough Coins makes things a lot easier!

2. Buy Accessories


Coins can, and should be, used to buy helpful accessories as they get unlocked through story progression. There are no downsides and plenty of benefits from all accessories, so we recommend buying them as soon as you can.

List of Accessories

3. Buy Items

Buy Items

You can also use them to buy heal items or weapons. Both of these are absolutely vital to get you through the game, so keep a nice supply of both!

List of Weapons and Items

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