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All Warp Pipe.png
This guide shows you how to Fast Travel using Warp Pipes, Fax Travel, the Toad Tram, and the Paddler in Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to unlock fast travel, as well as locations for each fast travel type.

How to Fast Travel

Travel Using Warp Pipe.png
Paper Mario: The Origami King has several towns to explore, so having a way to travel fast is very helpful! Instead of spending time walking from one location to another, you can use:

  1. Warp Pipes
  2. Fax Travel
  3. Toad Tram
  4. Eddy River Boat

If you already know how to use these methods, you can click here to jump to Fast Travel locations or how to Unlock the locations.

How to Use Warp Pipes

Warp Pipe #1
The use of Warp Pipes at the Museum in Toad Town is the same as any Pipes in the game, you jump onto it and press A to go through.

Pipe Travel Instructions

Steps to Warp Pipe Travel

Warp Pipe - Museum Blocked.png
No Mario games without interconnected plumbing! The Warp Pipes are found in the basement of the Museum in Toad Town and can take Mario to set locations around the world.

However, at first, the other end of the pipe will often be blocked. To unblock them, you have to find them on your travels and pull a sticker off them.

1 Enter the gray Pipe at the Museum in Toad Town.
2 Enter a Warp Pipe to travel to a specific Streamer area.
You can tell where you end up by the color and plate in front of the Pipes.

Or, if you're not in Toad Town:

1 Enter a Pipe from one of the areas that have them and warp back to the Museum.

How to Use Fax Travel

Fax Travel from Picnic Road.png
Fax Travel is another way to travel fast. You can go back and forth from the Main Office to any of the Satellite Offices, but it's not possible to go from one Satellite Office to another, so you might need two trips to get to your destination.

To use the Fax Machines, press A to check the Fax itself and agree to be sent elsewhere.

Fax Travel Instructions

Steps to Fax Travel

Saving the Toad on Autumn Mountain.png
Using Fax Travel is very easy! However, you will need to unlock the Sensor Lab Headquarters first by clearing the Red Streamer and then save the Toads stuck in the Fax Machines in the Satellite Offices to unlock their locations.

1 After saving the Toad inside the Sensor Lab, check Fax Machine inside to warp.
2a Choose which available Satellite Office you want to go to.
You can only go to Offices you have unlocked.
2b Choose to go back to the Main Office from the Satellite Office you're at, then check the Fax there to be sent somewhere else.

Using the Toad Tram

Tram Ride.png
The Toad Tram is the second fast travel method you unlock. You can access this for the first time in Overlook Mountain, but need to clear the Red Streamer first. Once unlocked, just press A by the Tram or the Toad on the Station to choose where to go.

Tram Travel Instructions

Steps to Travel Using Toad Tram

Overlook Mountain Tram Location.png
After saving the Tram Toad at the Tram Station in Overlook Mountain, you can start traveling by speaking with it.

1 Talk to the Toad by the Tram Station or choose "Get in" by approaching the Tram.
On your first ride from Overlook Mountain, a cut-scene will begin.
2 Choose which available Tram Station you want to go to.
For your first ride, it will automatically send you to Autumn Mountain.

How to Use the Eddy River Boat

Eddy River Tour
Using the River Boat to Fast Travel requires first going ride the Eddy River Rapids by steering the boat manually. After you have done it once, however, just talk to the Toad on the Boat landings to choose where to go.

River Boat Travel Instructions

Steps to Travel Using River Boat

Paddler - Autumn Mountain
To be able to use the River Boat, you first need to de-monkey-fy the Paddler Toad in charge. The Eddy River Rapids can give coins and holds one of the game's trophies, so make sure to grab those too!

1 Go to the Boat Landing and speak with the Toad on the boat.
Your first ride from Autumn Mountain will always start a cut-scene and the manual Eddy River tour will begin.
2 Choose which available Boat Landing you want to go to.
The first time it will ask you if you want to stay at Shogun Studios or travel to Sweetpaper Valley, but Sweetpaper Valley is blocked by the Blue Streamer.

Fast Travel Locations

All Fast Travel Locations

Fast Travel Connections
Toad Town - Warp Pipe HubEnlarge Toad Town Travel Methods:
Picnic Road - Sensor Lab HeadquartersEnlarge Picnic Road Travel Methods:
Overlook Mountain - PipeEnlarge Overlook Mountain Travel Methods:
Autumn Mountain - Sensor LabEnlarge Autumn Mountain Travel Methods:
・River Boat
Shogun Studios - PipeEnlarge Shogun Studios Travel Methods:
・River Boat
Sweetpaper Valley - River BoatEnlarge Sweetpaper Valley Travel Methods:
・River Boat
Scorching Desert - PipeEnlarge Scorching Sandpaper Desert Travel Methods:
Question Mark Island - Sensor LabEnlarge ? Island Travel Methods:
Sea Tower - PipeEnlarge Sea Tower Travel Methods:
Shangri-Spa - Sensor LabEnlarge Shangri-Spa Travel Methods:
Peach Castle - PipeEnlarge Peach Castle Travel Methods:

* The orange pipe connecting Toad Town to the Picnic Road Sensor Lab gives quick access to the Fax network!

Warp Pipe Locations

There are a total of six Warp Pipes available inside the basement of the Museum, making for a total of eight Pipe locations if you include Toad Town itself and the Pipe to the Sensor Lab.

Image Location
All Warp PipesEnlarge Museum Pipe Hub Toad Town Museum
Warp Pipe Toad Town Orange PipeEnlarge Pipe to Picnic Road Toad Town
Between the Museum and Shop
Warp PipePicnic Road Pipe.jpgEnlarge Pipe to Toad Town Picnic Road
Warp Pipe Overlook Mountain Pipe.jpgEnlarge Pipe to Picnic Road Overlook Mountain
Warp Pipe Red Streamer - PipeEnlarge Pipe No. 1 Overlook Mountain
Warp Pipe Blue Streamer - PipeEnlarge Pipe No. 2 Shogun Studios
Warp Pipe Yellow Stream - PipeEnlarge Pipe No. 3 Scorching Sandpaper Desert
Warp Pipe Purple Streamer - PipeEnlarge Pipe No. 4 Sea Tower
Warp Pipe Green Stream - PipeEnlarge Pipe No. 5 Shangri-Spa
Warp Pipe Peach Castle - PipeEnlarge Pipe No. 6 Finale: Peach Castle

Fax and Sensor Lab Locations

There are a total of six Sensor Lab offices. All Sensor Lab office have a Fax Machine for fast travel inside, though the Satelite offices only send you to the main office.

Image Location
Fax Travel - Red Streamer - Sensor Lab HeadquartersEnlarge Picnic Road Sensor Lab Picnic Road
Fax Travel - Blue Streamer - Sensor LabEnlarge Autumn Mountain Sensor Lab Autumn Mountain
Fax Travel - Shogun Studios Sensor LabEnlarge Shogun Studios Sensor Lab Shogun Studios
Fax Travel - Yellow StreamerEnlarge Scorching Sandpaper Desert
Sensor Lab
Scorching Sandpaper Desert
Fax Travel - Purple StreamerEnlarge ? Island Sensor Lab ? Island
Fax Travel - Green StreamerEnlarge Shangri-Spa Sensor Lab Shangri-Spa

Toad Tram Locations

There are three Tram Stations available in Paper Mario: Origami King world, and all become available after clearing the Red Streamer.

Image Location
Toad Town Tram StationEnlarge Toad Town Tram Station Toad Town
Overlook Mountain Tram StationEnlarge Overlook Mountain Tram Station Overlook Mountain
Autumn Mountain Tram StationEnlarge Autumn Mountain Tram Station Autumn Mountain

River Boat Locations

There are three Boat landing locations available in Paper Mario: Origami King world, and all of them are managed by the Boat Paddler Toad.

Image Location
Autumn Mountain PaddlerEnlarge Autumn Mountain Landing Autumn Mountain
Shogun Studios PaddlerEnlarge Shogun Studios Landing Shogun Studios
Sweetpaper Valley - PaddlerEnlarge Sweetpaper Valley Landing Sweetpaper Valley

How to Unlock Fast Travel

Click here to jump to a specific section you want to unlock:

  1. Unlocking Warp Pipes
  2. Unlocking Fax Travel
  3. Unlocking the Tram
  4. Unlocking the River Boat

Warp Pipes

Warp Pipe - Museum.png

In your first visit to Toad Town, you can already access the Musée Champignon (Museum). However, the doors, and the One World, One Pipe Art Installation are not yet available. To unlock it, you need to rescue the Toad in Graffiti Underground.

Graffiti Underground - Toad No. 1.png

To rescue the Curator of the Musée Champignon (Museum), travel to Graffiti Underground, and you will find the Toad next to an entrance after passing through Mario and Princess Peach's Graffiti. After you rescue the Curator, you can now enter the Pipe that leads you to the basement.

Remove the Sticker

Shogun Studios Warp Pipe
The Warp Pipes inside the One World, One Pipe Art Installation at the Museum leads to each Streamer found in the Paper Mario: Origami King world. However, the other end of the pipes is blocked at first, sealed with a sticker.
Remove the Sticker.png
To unlock it, travel to each Streamer and look for the Warp Pipe; the color of the pipe depends on the Streamer's color. Once found, remove the sticker and enter the Warp Pipe to travel back to the Museum in Toad Town and vice versa.

Fax Travel

Red Streamer Cleared
To unlock Fax Travel, you need to clear the Red Streamer first. Clearing it will remove the Red Streamer wrap around the Sensor Lab Headquarters in Picnic Road. Once removed, you can then save the Toad inside and access the Warp Fax Machine.

However, if the Satellite Office in Autumn Mountain is not yet available, you will be unable to travel to that area. Find all the hidden Satellite Office on each location and rescue the Toad inside so you can use Fax Travel in each place.

How to Clear Red Streamer

Toad Tram

Colored Pencils
To unlock the Toad Tram, you need first to defeat the Colored Pencils. Defeating this Boss means clearing the Red Streamer, which also frees the Tram Toad in Overlook Mountain. After that, the Toad will start operating the Tram again.
How to Beat Colored Pencils

Eddy River Boat

Water Vellumental 9.png
To unlock the Eddy River Boat, you first need to defeat the Water Vellumental. Defeating it will activate the Magic Circle that you encountered near the Boat Landing in the dried river.

How to Beat Water Vellumental

Fill the River

Fill the RiverEnlarge

After defeating the Water Vellumental, go to the Magic Circle and use Olivia's Water Vellumental transformation to fill the river with water. After that, interact with the boat to find out that Paper Mario and Olivia don't know how to paddle.

Find the Toad Boat Paddler

Paper Mario - Hit the Monkey

1 To find the Toad Boat Paddler, interact with the Monkey standing on the tuna cans on the west side of the Boat Landing.
2 After it leaves, take the Can of Tuna.
3 Go to the Tall Grass Plains and find the monkey on a shrine in the northeast corner.
4 Give the Can of Tuna to the Monkey and find out that you need to open the can.
Guide on How to Open the Can
5 Return to the shrine and give the opened can of Tuna to the Monkey.
6 While the Monkey is eating the Tuna, hit it with your Hammer to transform it back into a boat paddler.

Rapids in Eddy River

Eddy River
Go back to the Boat Landing area and talk to the Toad boat paddler. A cut-scene will start, prepare for the rapids!
Eddy River

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