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Welcome to Game8's NEO: The World Ends with You guide and walkthrough wiki! Take out hordes of Noise, collect powerful Pins, and survive the Reapers' Game by completing missions sent by the Game Master. Fail, and face erasure. Story walkthroughs, combat techniques, Pins, boss guides, and everything you need to know about NEO: TWEWY can all be found here!

NEO: TWEWY News and Game Info

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Latest News and Game Info

Latest News for NEO TWEWY: Everything We Know So Far

NEO: TWEWY Story Walkthrough

NEO TWEWY Story Walkthrough Partial Banner.jpgStory Walkthrough
NEO TWEWY Prologue WalkthroughPrologue
Week 1
NEO TWEWY - The ReapersThe Reapers' Game
(Day 1)
NEO TWEWY - Get Twisted Day 2.jpgGet Twisted
(Day 2)
NEO TWEWY - Deep Dive Day 3.jpgDeep Dive
(Day 3)
NEO TWEWY - Day 4 Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.jpgReal Eyes Realize Real Lies
(Day 4)

NEO: TWEWY Characters

NEO TWEWY Characters Wiki.pngList of Characters


Wicked Twisters
TWEWY Rindo Icon.jpgRindo TWEWY Nagi Icon.jpgNagi
TWEWY Fret Icon.jpgFret TWEWY Minamimoto Icon.jpgMinamimoto
TWEWY Susukichi Icon.jpgSusukichi TWEWY Tsugumi Icon.jpgTsugumi
Deep Rivers Society
TWEWY Fuya Icon.jpgFuya
TWEWY Kanon Icon.jpgKanon
TWEWY Motoi Icon.jpgMotoi


Shibuya Reapers
TWEWY Kariya Icon.jpgKariya TWEWY Uzuki Icon.jpgYashiro TWEWY Coco Icon.jpgCoco
Shinjuku Reapers
TWEWY Shiba Icon.jpgShiba TWEWY Shoka Icon.jpgShoka TWEWY Ayano Icon.jpgAyano
TWEWY Kaie Icon.jpgKaie TWEWY Kubou Icon.jpgKubou TWEWY Hishima Icon.jpgHishima

NEO: TWEWY Tips and Tricks

NEO TWEWY Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.jpgTips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks Guides
NEO TWEWY How to Save.jpgHow To Save NEO TWEWY How to Change Difficulty.pngHow to Change Difficulty
NEO TWEWY How to Use Scan Function.jpgHow to Use Scan Function NEO TWEWY Farm Pins.pngHow to Increase Pin Drop Rates
NEO TWEWY EXP Farm Max Level.pngHow to Reach the Max Level NEO TWEWY Farm PP.pngHow to Farm Pin Points
Farm Money Banner.png How to Farm Money NEO TWEWY Excess Pins Use.pngWhat to Do with Excess Pins?
NEO TWEWY Food Shop Guide.pngFood Shop Guide -
Combat Tips and Techniques
NEO TWEWY Combat Tips Techniques.pngCombat Tips and Techniques NEO TWEWY How to Build Up Groove.pngHow to Build Up Groove
NEO TWEWY Battle Rank.pngHow to Get a Higher Battle Rank NEO TWEWY Chain Battles Guide.pngChain Battles Guide


NEO TWEWY List of All PinsList of All Pins
Pin Brands
Unbranded Joli bécot
Jupiter of the Monkey Cony x Cony
Natural Puppy Il Cavallo del Re
Tigre PUNKS Monocrow

NEO: TWEWY Noisepedia

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NEO TWEWY List of Food  Front Banner.jpg

List of Foods


NEO TWEWY List of Books and Locations Front Banner.jpg

List of Books


NEO TWEWY List of Music and Locations Front Banner.jpg

List of Music Discs



Title NEO: The World Ends with You
Release Date July 27, 2021
Price $59.99 USD
Platform Nintendo Switch / Playstation 4 / PC
Genre Action RPG
Developer / Publisher h.a.n.d. / Square Enix
Official Site NEO: The World Ends with You
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