NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Social Network Guide and Best Rewards to Unlock

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This is a guide to the Social Network feature in the game NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO: TWEWY). Read on to find out how to unlock the Social Network feature and the best rewards you to unlock.

This page contains minor spoilers. Please proceed with caution!

How to Unlock Social Network

Access Social Network in Thoughts Menu

NEO TWEWY Social Network Connections.jpg
Progress through the main story until Week 1, Day 4. The Social Network is unlocked at the beginning of that day. To access the Social Network, go to the Thoughts menu by pressing X (Switch) or Triangle (PS4), as it has its own tab there.

Social Network Connections

How to Unlock Connections

NEO TWEWY New Connection.jpg

The Social Network tab has a web of connections featuring characters you meet across your playthrough. The characters on the web are made up of players in the Game, Reapers, shopkeepers, etc. Unlock missing connections by meeting and interacting with these characters through the main missions or the Side Quests.

List of All Side Quests

Watch out for Active Quests

NEO TWEWY Active Quests.jpg

When and where you can meet these characters or do their Quest is listed under their Timeframe in their profile. If their circle and line are blinking with a blue highlight, that means they have an Active Quest and you can currently form the connection with them.

Spend Friendship Points to Unlock Rewards

NEO TWEWY How to Get Friendship Points.jpg
Each character has their own Reward, which you can purchase by spending Friendship Points. These rewards are either Threads, hidden Food, or new game features to help you on your journey.

To gain Friendship Points and unlock Rewards, you need to complete the Side Quests listed under each character. Additionally, you need to be connected via a blue line to the character in order to purchase the reward for them.

How to Farm Friendship Points (FP)

Missing Friendship Points


Completing all Side Quests and all Gold Dives throughout the main story will not be enough to complete the Social Network. You need to finish Gold for Rhyme's Dive in Another Day to earn the last 15 Friendship Points. Rhyme can be found in Dogenzaka, near the intersection.

Rhyme's Dive consists of 10 reduction chains with various Noises and Emotions, making this the hardest Dive battle in the game.

Rhyme's Dive Guide

Best Social Network Rewards

HARD Difficulty

NEO TWEWY Hard Difficulty.jpg

Character Sho Minamimoto
Description Makes battles tougher, but provides more EXP and a wider variety of pins.
FP Cost 3
Timeframe Day 4

As the description states, you get more EXP per Noise defeated and access to a wider selection of Pin rewards. If you want to complete your Pin Collection in Records, you'll need to play through the game on Hard and Ultimate difficulty.

How to Change Difficulty

ULTIMATE Difficulty

NEO TWEWY Unlock Ultimate Difficulty.jpg

Character Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
Description Makes battles even tougher, but provides even more EXP and an even wider variety of pins.
FP Cost 8
Timeframe Week 3 | Final Day

Just like the HARD Difficulty, you get more EXP per Noise defeated and access to a wider selection of Pin rewards. If you want to complete your Pin Collection in Records, you'll need to play through the game on Ultimate difficulty.

How to Unlock Ultimate Difficulty

Uber Pin Unlock (x6)

NEO TWEWY Uber Pin Unlock.jpg

Characters Fuya / Kanon / Susukichi / Shiba / Go Modoriyama / Taka the Handyman
Description Allows you to equip an extra Uber pin.
FP Cost 6
Timeframe Day 5 (Fuya) - first connect with Katsuhiko Tanimaru on Day 4
Week 2 | Day 5 (Taka)
Week 3 | Day 1 Side Quest (Go Modoriyama)
Week 3 | Day 3(Kanon)
Week 3 | Day 6 (Susukichi)
Week 2 | Final Day (Shiba) - first connect with Susukichi

Uber Pins are much stronger than regular Pins and some even come in ensembles that give bonuses when equipped together. There are 6 Uber Pin Unlock rewards in the Social Network and unlocking them all will allow your whole team to be equipped with an Uber pin.

Uber Pins Guide

Chain Extender (x3)

NEO TWEWY Chain Extender

Characters Tanzo Kubo / Tsukihime / Seiji-of-Some-Trades
Description Increases the number of Noise symbols you can chain together in a single encounter.
FP Cost 4
Timeframe Day 5 (Tanzo) - first connect with Shoka on Week 2 | Day 7
・Quest (Tsukuhime) - first connect with Eiru on Week 2 | Day 2
Week 2 Day 5 - Scramble Crossing (Seiji-of-Some-Trades)

The more Noise symbols you chain together, the higher your Pin Drop Rate and Pin Points multiplier will be. Get the 3 Chain Extender rewards in order to get more Pins and level up Pins faster!

Chain Battles Guide

ShibuPay Expansion

NEO TWEWY ShibuPay Expansion.jpg

Characters Eiru / Hide Takenouchi
Description Increases the amount of money you can carry in your digital wallet.
FP Cost 4
Timeframe Week 2 | Day 2 - Shibu Tower Records (Eiru)
Week 3 | Day 2 - Tsutaya O-East (Hide Takenouchi)

This reward increases the money cap on your ShibuPay, so it helps lessen your Pin inventory and allows you to buy Threads worth over ¥99,999.

How to Farm Money Efficiently

HP Retainer (x2)

NEO TWEWY HP Retainer.jpg

Characters Kohei Toyohashi / Ayano Kamachi
Description Reduces the amount your maximum HP dcreases when you lower your level.
FP Cost 3
Timeframe Day 4 - Dogenzaka (Kohei Toyohashi)
Day 5 (Ayano) - first connect with Shoka on Week 2 | Day 7

When you lower your level, you increase the Pin Drop Rate from defeating Noise, but at the cost of HP. This skill reduces the toll it takes on your HP, making battles a bit easier.

How to Increase Pin Drop Rate

Dive Extension

NEO TWEWY Dive Extension

Character Miss Banks / It-Boy Kashiki
Description Increases the time limit when using Nagi's Drive
FP Cost 3
Timeframe Week 2 | Day 2 - Tokyu Plaza (Miss Banks)
Week 3 | Day 2 - Dogenzaka (It-Boy Kashiki)

This reward allows you to extend the time limit while clearing up Noise with Nagi's Dive and helps you attain Gold Crown by the end of the battle!

Pin Multi-Wield (2x)

Shoka - Social Network NEO TWEWY.jpg

Character Shoka / Tsugumi
Description Allows you to equip an extra pin assigned to the same button as another.
FP Cost 8
Timeframe Week 2 | Final Day (Shoka)
Week 2 | Day 1 (Tsugumi) - first connect with Susukichi on Week 3 | Day 6

This reward makes it particularly easier to barrage enemies with Rapid-Tap attacks and chain beatdrops using a singular button. This also makes it easier to focus on other Pins that require Charging or Holding their buttons. The drawback is that you can only choose one Input to Multi-Wield, and it does not apply to two Uber Pins of the same Input.

Bossy Noise

NEO TWEWY Blue Boss Noise.jpg

Character Hazuki Mikagi
Description Causes blue Boss Noise symbols to appear when revisiting previously completed days.
FP Cost 5
Timeframe Week 3 | Final Day"

This reward makes it easier to rebattle boss Noise from previous days and obtain their drop rewards, as the blue Boss Noise symbols usually appear at the story of the day. This reward is also necessary to collect all the Secret Reports.

List of Secret Reports & How to Obtain

Tasty Treats

NEO TWEWY Tasty Treats.jpg

Character Koki Kariya
Description Increases the stat boost received from eating one of your favorite foods.
FP Cost 3
Timeframe Week 2 | Day 3

This reward increases the stat boost of Tasty Bonuses, making trips to the food shops much more worthwhile!

Food Shop Guide

Bon Appetit (Multiple)

NEO TWEWY Bon Appetit.jpg

Character Any restaurant character
Description Adds special items to the restaurant menu.
FP Cost 1
Timeframe Complete Quest of shopkeeper

This goes along great with the Tasty Treats reward. Additionally, if you want to 100% complete your Food Collection in Records, you're going to need the special items of Food here.

List of Foods

Beatdrop Bonus

NEO TWEWY Sweet Spot Beat Drop.jpg

Character Itsuki Kaneda
Description Adds a sweet spot to the Beatdrop gauge that provides a greater Groove boost when hit
FP Cost 5
Timeframe Week 2 | Day 1 - Tokyu Plaza

This skill allows you to build up Groove quickly if you Drop the Beat at the right time. This gives you a better edge in battle and allows you to finish the battle fast and rake up higher points.

How to Build Up Groove

Evolutionary Secrets

NEO TWEWY Evolutionary Secrets.jpg

Character Marino Orihara
Description Displays the conditions required to make certain pins evolve
FP Cost 10
Timeframe Week 3 | Day 6

Evolutionary Secrets will reveal which character is needed in order to mutate Pins with ??? marked as its Evolution. If you're saving on Friendship Points though, our list of all Pin Mutations guide has got you covered.

List of All Pin Mutations


NEO TWEWY Pigtionary

Character Maito Minami
Description Displays which days contain undefeated Pig Noise in the Chapters menu.
FP Cost 5
Timeframe Week 3 | Day 1 - first connect with Kanon on Week 3 Day 3

In case you missed the Pig Noises, this reward can show you which days you missed them and how many you missed per day.

List of Pig Noise & Where to Find Them

Social Network Completion Rewards

Secret Reports

You'll receive Secret Report books upon reaching a certain completion percentage of Social Network.

Book Overview
NEO TWEWY List of Books - Secret Report No. 3.jpg "Secret Report No. 3"
(No. 086)

How to Obtain: Achieve 70% completion of Social network.
NEO TWEWY List of Books - Secret Report No. 4.jpg "Secret Report No. 4"
(No. 087)

How to Obtain: Achieve 80% completion of Social Network.
NEO TWEWY List of Books - Secret Report No. 6.jpg "Secret Report No. 6"
(No. 089)

How to Obtain: Achieve 90% completion of Social Network.
NEO TWEWY List of Books - Secret Report No. 10.jpg "Secret Report No. 10"
(No. 093)

How to Obtain: Achieve 100% completion of Social Network.

How to Get All Secret Reports


There are two Graffiti rewards available for completing the Social Network. One is for completing all necessary side quests, the other for purchasing all the rewards unlocked in the Social Network using Friendship Points (FP) received from completing side quests and getting a Gold Rank on Dives.

Graffiti Unlock Condition
NEO TWEWY Social Butterfly GraffitiSocial Butterfly Connect your entire social network
Social Network Guide
NEO TWEWY Skill Savvy GraffitiSkill Savvy Collect all social network rewards.
How to Farm Friendship Points (FP)

How to Get All Graffiti

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Had to look it up. Seems I'm missing Rhyme Dive.

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I can't tell what I'm missing. I finished the main story, did the side quests, and did the dives as Gold but I'm still missing some FP. I'm not sure what to do. I can't even unlock Ultimate Difficulty because I'm missing those FP.


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