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What to Do with Excess Pins?

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This is a guide on what to do with excess Pins in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to find out if you should level up multiple copies of the same pin and if you should sell them at shops!

What to Do with Excess Pins?

Sell Them at Threads Shops

NEO TWEWY Extra Pins Money Farm

The most useful thing to do with excess Pins is to sell them for money. Since you are likely to obtain a high amount of excess Pins and highly unlikely to use more than a couple copies of the same Pin in combat, sell these extra copies for large amounts of money.

How to Farm Money Efficiently

Level Them Up First

Pin No. 163 Price Level
Base Level 163.jpg
Base Level
Max Level 163.jpg
Max Level

Level up excess Pins the same way as normal pins—by using them in battle. Note that higher level pins do sell for higher prices, so consider leveling up your excess Pins. However, you would have to level up each excess Pin individually, which would be time consuming.

Use as Trade Materials

Some pins can be traded for Threads or other pins at Shops. Below is the list of Pins that are used as Trade Materials at certain shops, so make sure to keep a stock of these pins.

NEO TWEWY Jungle King PinJungle King
(No. 046)
NEO TWEWY Blizzard Bunny PinBlizzard Bunny
(No. 063)
NEO TWEWY DonDon't Miss Your Shot
(No. 116)
NEO TWEWY Fuel to the Fire PinFuel to the Fire
(No. 120)
NEO TWEWY Azamaru PinAzamaru
(No. 165)
NEO TWEWY Taikokane PinTaikokane
(No. 185)
NEO TWEWY FlyinFlyin' High
(No. 270)
NEO TWEWY Puffer PinPuffer
(No. 298)
NEO TWEWY Scarletite PinScarletite
(No. 323)
NEO TWEWY Rare Metal PinRare Metal
(No. 324)
NEO TWEWY Tektite PinTektite
(No. 325)
NEO TWEWY Adamantite PinAdamantite
(No. 326)
NEO TWEWY Orichalcum PinOrichalcum
(No. 327)
NEO TWEWY Shadow Matter PinShadow Matter
(No. 328)
NEO TWEWY Dark Matter PinDark Matter
(No. 329)
NEO TWEWY Axion PinAxion
(No. 330)
NEO TWEWY Dilaton PinDilaton
(No. 331)
NEO TWEWY Dibaryon PinDibaryon
(No. 332)
NEO TWEWY Sfermion PinSfermion
(No. 333)

No Need to Keep Mastered Pins for Collection

NEO TWEWY Evolve Excess Pins.jpg

Once you max a Pin's level once, it will be recorded as Mastered (★) in the Records menu permanently. There's no need to keep it in your inventory. Simiarly, once you evolve a Pin, it will automatically record the base Pin as Mastered as well, so there's no need to keep Pins unevolved for the purposes of 100% completion.

Should You Evolve Pins?

How to Get Excess Pins

Multiple Copies of Same Pin

NEO TWEWY Excess Pins.jpg

Excess Pins are multiple copies of the same Pin. You are likely to stack up a large quantity of excess Pins in your playthrough, as each enemy has a set type of Pin that they drop, so repeatedly defeating the same type of enemy will give you copies of the same Pin as a reward.

Pin Farming Guide

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1 Anonymousover 2 years

One important detail is that some pins have limits. It is not possible to have more than 3 Blizzard Bunny pins at once, for instance. Further pins be acquired but only after the 3 have been traded away. I think that really should be specified, on a page listing "how to get excess pins". That pin cannot even be bought more than once at the shop, so getting 3 for trading is bound to attract people to this page.


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