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How to Beat Plague Stinger (Boss) | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide to beating Plague Stinger (Boss) in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn about Plague Stinger (Boss)'s attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Plague Stinger (Boss) Basic Information


No. 063 Noise Group NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Plague Stinger (Boss) Noise Type.png
NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Plague Stinger (Boss).png
A new breed of Noise threatening to lead Shibuya down a road to ruin. Their poisonous attacks pack a real punch and can lower your team's Groove.
Location W3D3 (Boss Noise, Story)


HP 43000
PP 202
EXP. 50
NEO TWEWY - Ice Icon.png Ice

The data shown is set on Normal Diffculty.

Drop Rates

Easy Drop: Adamantite
Rate: 4.00%
Normal Drop: Orichalcum
Rate: 4.00%
Hard Drop: Shadow Matter
Rate: 1.34%
Ultimate Drop: Scarletite
Rate: 0.10%

The data shown is on 1x Drop Rate.

Plague Stinger (Boss) Attacks and Abilities

Poison Gas

Plague Stinger Poison.jpg

Plague Stinger (Boss) can spew poisonous gas through its stinger that can reduce your team's HP and groove if you go near it.


Plague Stinger Sting.jpg

Plague Stinger (Boss) can launch its tail towards your team and sting them. Just like with poison gas, this move can damage and poison your team. It will also drain your groove quickly.

Best Pins for Plague Stinger (Boss)

Let the Rain Fall Down IconLet the Rain Fall Down
HOG Healer IconHOG Healer
Kappa Panic IconKappa Panic
Freestyle Launcher IconFreestyle Launcher

Freestyle Launcher is great against Plague Stinger (Boss) because it is weak to ice. You can also build up your groove easily with this pin and immobilize your target.

Plague Stinger (Boss)' has two Headbangin' Grizzlies to back him up during the fight. Equip Let the Rain Fall Down and Kappa Panic to fight the grizzlies from a safe distance.

Plague Stinger (Boss)' poison can drain your team's HP quickly. Having a pin like Hog Healer can help your team stay healthy during the fight.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Plague Stinger (Boss)

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkFight from a safe distance

CheckmarkWatch out for the spark before their attack

Fight From a Safe Distance

Plague Stinger (Boss) can poison you with its attacks. This poison will continue damaging your team and draining your groove for a few seconds. With this in mind, it's better to fight it from a safe distance.

Watch Out for the Spark Before the Attack

Plague Stinger Sting Warning.jpg Headbangin Grizzly Warning.jpg

You'll notice a spark just before the Headbangin' Grizzlies' and Plague Stinger (Boss)' attack. Utilize your dodge to avoid taking damage.

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