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All Quiz and Reaper Review Answers

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This is a guide to all quiz and reaper review answers in the game NEO: The World Ends With You (NEO: TWEWY). Read on to find out the answers to the quiz, as well as the quiz giver's location!

List of Quiz Answers

Day 4 Quiz (Quiz or No Quiz)

Interact with person.jpg

Quiz Giver Location
Katsuhiko Tanimaru Shibuya Hikarie

The first quiz you'll encounter is a part of the side quest Quiz or No Quiz in Week 1, Day 4. This quiz is given to you by Katsuhiko Tanimaru in Shibuya Hikarie. To start the Quiz or No Quiz side quest, travel to Shibuya Hikarie and look for the guy in a red plaid shirt near RyuGu Shop.

Interact with him, and after the conversation, you'll Social Network will be updated. Talk to him again to take the quiz. Answer the questions correctly to receive 1,000 Yen!

Day 4 Quiz Answers

Question Answer
Which of the following products is a palindrome? 12 x 21
What breed of dog has a bronze statue in front of Shibuya Station? Akita
What soared through the skies above Hachiko in 1951? A cable car

Day 4 Quiz Rewards


1,000 yen pin

Social Network updated

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Day 7 Quiz (Spain Hill)

Spain Hill Quiz.png

Quiz Giver Location
Reaper Center Street

The second quiz is a part of Week 1, Day 7. You aren't allowed to pass through Spain Hill unless you've answered the Reaper's question. Give the correct answer to get 5,000 Yen!

Day 7 Quiz Answer

Question Answer
A huge building, north of the Scramble, yellow wall... TOWER RECORDS

Day 7 Quiz Rewards

5,000 Yen pin

In addition, you'll be able to pass through Spain Hill.

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Day 7 Quiz (Shibuya Hikarie)

Quiz Giver Location
Reaper Shibuya Hikarie (Scramble Crossing Exit)

The third quiz is also a part of Week 1, Day 7. Answer all of the Reaper's questions correctly to pass through Shibuya Hikarie and to get 5,000 Yen!

Day 7 Quiz Answers

Question Answer
Which of these areas is directly inaccessible from the Scramble Crossing? Spain Hill
Which of these shops is not located in the Scramble Crossing? Donburi Town
How many crosswalks are painted in the Scramble Crossing? Five

Day 7 Quiz Rewards

5,000 Yen pin

The Reaper will also let you through Shibuya Hikarie once you have answered all of the three questions correctly.

Reaper Review Answers

Day 7 - Reaper Review

Quiz Giver Location
Reaper Dogenzaka

The Reaper won't let you through Tsutaya O-East in Week 1 - Day 7 unless you answer all of his three questions correctly.

Day 7 Reaper Review Answers

Question Answer
Which store is not found in 104? NATURAL PUPPY
Which noodle dish is not sold at Suzu Slurpz? Rich dandan noodles
What's the angle of the Dogenzaka slope? About 3 degrees

Day 7 Reaper Review Rewards

After successfully answering all of the three questions correctly, the reaper will let you through Tsutaya O-East.

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