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How to Beat Mr. Mew (2nd fight) | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide to beating Mr. Mew (2nd fight) in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn about Mr. Mew (2nd fight)'s attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Mr. Mew (2nd fight) Basic Information


No. 080 Noise Group NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Mr. Mew (2nd fight) Noise Type.png
NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Mr. Mew (2nd fight).png
The feline fatales are back in even greater numbers! It's up to you to decide which you target first: the small and nimble, but quick-footed Mr. Mews, or the big, tough Mr. Mews.
Location W2D7 (Story)


HP 32000
PP 724
EXP. 750
NEO TWEWY - Light Icon.png Light

The data shown is set on Normal Diffculty.

Drop Rates

Easy Drop: Orichalcum
Rate: 12.00%
Normal Drop: St. Ver's Uppercut
Rate: 10.00%
Hard Drop: St. Ver's Uppercut
Rate: 10.00%
Ultimate Drop: Black Cat Comet
Rate: 0.10%

The data shown is on 1x Drop Rate.

Mr. Mew (2nd fight) Attacks and Abilities

Mr. Mew retains the same attacks and abilities from your first fight on Week 2, Day 2. All his stats have just been buffed since then.

Tackle (Small Mr. Mew)

The small Mr. Mews are what populate most of the battlefield and they perform a simple tackle surrounded by red energy.

Twister (Big Mr. Mew)

Mr Mew Twister

The big Mr. Mews on the ground can turn into red twisters and go at your team. Be sure to avoid this or knock them backwards.

Body Slam (Big Mr. Mew)

The big Mr. Mews can also jump and body slam onto the players. A red light flashes from them when they're about to perform a body slam.

Laser (Biggest Mr. Mew)

Mr Mew Laser

After losing half its HP, the biggest Mr. Mew shoots laserbeams from its eyes and marks a path on the ground below. The path that it marked then explodes shortly after the lasers stop.

River Barrage of Mr. Mews

Mr. Mew Barrage

When the Mr. Mews on the ground all disappear, a portal will appear and all of them will come flowing out of it. They will start directly in front of you then follow you diagonally across the stage.

Best Pins for Mr. Mew (2nd fight)

Gorgeous Gemstone IconGorgeous Gemstone
Heartthrob Launcher IconHeartthrob Launcher
Trendy Tornado IconTrendy Tornado
St. AestasSt. Aestas' Shrapnel

Equip Light Pins

Mr. Mew still has an Affinity weakness to Light Pins in his second fight, so make sure to equip at least one of those. Most Light Pins allow you to regain health, which is even more useful in this battle with Mr. Mew, since he deals more damage this time around.

Pin Affinity Guide

Ensure Battle Control

Just like the previous battle with Mr. Mew, this battle could get hectic due to the amount of Mr. Mews that spawn. Try to stay in control of the battle by equipping pins that immobilize or knock back enemies. For these types of Pin, we recommend using Stone Pins, such as Gorgeous Gemstone and Trendy Tornado, since they can entomb enemies.

Additionally, Grus Cantus (the boss you fight directly after Mr. Mew) has an Affinity weakness to Stone.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Mr. Mew (2nd fight)

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkDefeat the small Mr. Mews first

CheckmarkImmobilize or use heavy attacks on big Mr. Mews

CheckmarkAvoid explosion after lasers

CheckmarkAvoid Mr. Mew river barrage by going under the portal

Defeat Small Mr. Mews First

NEO TWEWY Small Mr Mew.jpg

A lot of the small Mr. Mews spawn in the battle, but they're quick to defeat. Defeat them first using quick, Rapid-tap attacks, so the battle doesn't become overwhelming. Defeating them does reduce the overall Boss HP.

Use Heavy Attacks on Big Mr. Mews

While you're fighting the small Mr. Mews, make sure to keep an eye on when your heavy attack Pins are ready. Use these on the bigger Mr. Mews, since they have bulkier HP but are lesser in number. Additionally, you should immediately immobilize these big Mr. Mews when you can, so they don't hit you with a damaging twister or body slam.

Avoid Lasers and River Barrage Attacks

Note that the path marked by the lasers explodes shortly after the lasers finish, so make sure to avoid the path marked. Additionally, you can avoid the barrage of Mr. Mews that flow out of the portal by going closer to the portal. The flow of Mr. Mew's is slightly angled, leaving an opening underneath near the portal.

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