NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Turf War Guide: How to Earn Scramble Slam Points Fast

NEO TWEWY Scramble Slam Points Guide

This is a guide on the Turf War in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to learn how to earn Scramble Slam Points fast, how to erase Turf Noise, and reign supreme in the Scramble Slam!

Turf War: Scramble Slam Guide

How to Win Turf War

Turf Noise Icon.png Turf Noise symbol
Enemy Team Icon.png Enemy Team symbol
Enemy Boss Icon.png Enemy Boss symbol

Turf Wars occur on multiple days throughout the story. The objective of the Turf War is to take control of every area (Street) accessible on that day by clearing the area of Turf Noise or defeating the enemy team.

Earn Points in Scramble Slam for Rewards

NEO TWEWY Points Scramble Slam

Throughout the Turf War, you will earn Scramble Points. You earn Scramble Points by performing Beatdrop Combos on enemies, and for just defeating Turf Noise or enemy team members in general. Collecting enough Scramble Points gives you different rewards at the end of the Turf War.

Current amount of Scramble Points are displayed at top left of screen

NEO TWEWY Scramble Points Reward

You can also view how much Scramble Points you have and how much is needed to earn a reward by going to the Streets menu, through X (Switch) or Triangle (PS4).

How to Earn Scramble Points Fast in Turf War

Defeat Bonus Enemy When Multiplier is High

NEO TWEWY Scramble Bonus Enemy.jpg

The bread and butter of earning Scramble Points is by performing Beatdrop Combos in order to raise the combo multiplier (located at the top left side of the screen during combat) to the max of x5. Each Beatdrop adds 0.4 to your multiplier, so you'll need to perform 10 Beatdrops each battle to reach the max multiplier. Afterward, defeat the enemy marked as Bonus in order to combine the two multipliers.

Build Up Beatdrop with Mashups

NEO TWEWY Mashup Multiplier.jpg

Mashups are a great way to hit a lot of Beatdrops quickly, as the Beatdrop Gauge pops up with virtually every hit. Use this to help your Scramble Point multiplier reach the max of x5.

Beatdrops and Mashups Guide

Deal High Damage Finishers for More Points

NEO TWEWY High Damage Finisher.jpg

A less noticeable feature of the Scramble Points tally is that stronger finishers give more points, so have 1 or 2 Pins that deal high damage assigned to your party. Also utilize Mashups and Affinity weaknesses for finishers, as both increase your damage dealt.

Pin Affinity Guide

Chain Battle Regular Noise With Turf Noise/Rival Teams

NEO TWEWY Turf Noise Chain.jpg

In each area of the Turf Battle, there will be regular Noise (red symbols) and either Turf Noise (orange symbols) or enemy teams (yellow !). Always chain these battles with the max number of chains afforded to you.

Chain Battles Guide

Strategically map out the area's Noise

NEO TWEWY Turf Noise Chain.gif

For example, during the 1st Scramble Slam on Day 6, you'll only have a maximum Chain of 5 during your first playthrough. The 1st area (104 Building) has 10 regular Noise and 2 Turf Noise. Maximize your Chain by chaining together 4 regular Noise to 1 Turf Noise twice, to get the most out of the area.

In areas with enemy teams, chain together the 4 Noise, then immediately go near the enemy team (the battle starts automatically). It will say the Chain is only 4, but the enemy team isn't counted in that tally, so there will be 5 Reductions (rounds).

Week 1, Day 6 Walkthrough

Purchase Chain Extenders then always use max number of chains

NEO TWEWY Chain Extender

After purchasing Chain Extenders in the Social Network, your max number of chains will increase significantly. If your max number of chain exceeds the amount of regular Noise divided by the amount of Turf Noise/enemy teams, remember you can leave then revisit the area to make the regular Noise respawn.

Social Network Guide and Rewards

2nd Scramble Slam Tips

Checkmark.pngEasier to complete in post-game

Checkmark.pngChain 16-17 Noise to each Turf Noise in Scramble Crossing

Checkmark.pngEarn 1 Dilaton either way, if team splits up or not

Complete in Post-Game

NEO TWEWY Scramble Slam Points Replay.jpg

It's easier to score 400,000 Scramble Points when replaying the 2nd Scramble Slam in the post-game. You can get access to the Ultimate difficulty in the post-game, which will make enemies tougher, thus allowing you to rack up more points and build up the combo multiplier more easily.

You also can replay after purchasing Chain Extenders from the Social Network, allowing you to chain up to 20 Noise symbols.

Chain Noise in Scramble Crossing

NEO TWEWY Scramble Slam Crossing.jpg

Chain 16-17 of the regular Noise symbols to each of the 5 Turf Noise in Scramble Crossing. You'll need to exit and return to the area for the regular Noise to respawn. Doing this will easily score you the 300k points in this area alone.

Should You Split up Team?

You will earn 1 Dilaton either way, if your team splits up or not, but it's recommended to not split up your team, so that you stay at your full offensive strength. Not splitting your team also lets you take over the other areas manually if you need more points, but take note that doing so will make the chapter much longer.

If you revisit the chapter and choose the option that you previously didn't, you will obtain another Dilaton.

Turf War: How to Beat the Mammoth Noise

Difficult for First-Time Encounters

NEO TWEWY DAY 6 Patchy R&R.jpg
Patchy R&R Noisepedia
Affinity Weakness
Light Icon.png Light
Gravity Icon Gravity
Sound Icon.png Poison

The elephant/mammoth Noise known as Pachy R&R is a fearsome enemy faced in the early level of Day 6. In order to beat this elephant, equip a Pin with a Light, Poison, or Kinetic Affinity and avoid fighting in front of it. Additionally, it would be wise to not chain 2 of these symbols together.

Pin Affinity Guide

Use A Mysterious Gift Pin

NEO TWEWY A Mysterious Gift Pin.jpg

A great Pin to use when facing Pachy R&R for the first time is A Mysterious Gift. This Pin has the Poison affinity, which the elephant Noise is weak to, and it deals powerful damage. It's a bit slow to charge up, but so is Pachy R&R.

Avoid Elephant Ground Slam by Going Far From It

NEO TWEWY Elephant Day 6.jpg

Immediately when fighting Pachy R&R, try to find the furthest corner of the combat area. Establishing this area will give you a place to retreat to when the elephant performs its ground slam (which inflicts massive damage). The ground slam always forms in waves of 3, so you'll have time to retreat.

Avoid switching characters while it Attacks

Similarly, you'll want to avoid switching characters while it's attacking with either its ground slam or laser beams. Doing so might cause you to unintentionally switch to a character within the target area of the attack.

Combat Tips and Techniques

List of Scramble Slam (Turf War) Rewards

1st Scramble Slam (Day 6)

Rewards Scramble Points Needed
Just Keep Swimmin'!
NEO TWEWY Axion PinAxion (x2) 45,000
NEO TWEWY 10,000 Yen Pin10,000 Yen (x3) 30,000

Day 6 Walkthrough

2nd Scramble Slam (Week 2, Day 2)

Rewards Scramble Points Needed
NEO TWEWY What a Shock! PinWhat a Shock! 400,000
NEO TWEWY Dilaton PinDilaton (x2) 300,000
NEO TWEWY Axion PinAxion (x2) 200,000

Week 2, Day 2 Chapter Walkthrough

3rd Scramble Slam (Week 2, Day 6)

Rewards Scramble Points Needed
NEO TWEWY Stop the Music! PinStop the Music! 50,000
NEO TWEWY Dilaton PinDilaton (x4) 37,500
NEO TWEWY 10,000 Yen Pin10,000 Yen (x5) 25,000

Week 2, Day 6 Chapter Walkthrough

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