NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

How to Beat Grus Cantus | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide to beating Grus Cantus in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn about Grus Cantus's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Grus Cantus Basic Information


No. 081 Noise Group NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Grus Cantus Noise Type.png
NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Grus Cantus.png
A robotic girl of few words who allies herself with the Ruinbringers. Her actions on the battlefield mirror her personality, and can be predicted fairly easily if you study her close enough.
Location W2D7 (Boss Noise, Story)


HP 35000
PP 724
EXP. 800
NEO TWEWY - Stone Icon.png Stone

The data shown is set on Normal Diffculty.

Drop Rates

Easy Drop: Orichalcum
Rate: 12.00%
Normal Drop: RyuGu Void
Rate: 10.00%
Hard Drop: RyuGu Void
Rate: 10.00%
Ultimate Drop: Grus
Rate: 0.50%

The data shown is on 1x Drop Rate.

Grus Cantus Attacks and Abilities

Trap Orbs

Grus Cantus often deploys 2 or 3 orbs that immobilize your characters for a brief period, then barrages the immobilized character with lasers that deal high damage.


NEO TWEWY Grus Cantus Copies.jpg

Grus Cantus makes multiple copies of itself that also shoot lasers. Dealing damage to these copies doesn't affect Grus Cantus' overall HP.

Summoning Darkness

Grus Cantus lets out a large shockwave blast that knocks the player back to the borders of the battlefield. Afterwards, Grus Cantus shuts off the lights and the player will be unable to target her.

Lasers and Fireballs

NEO TWEWY Grus Cantus Fire.jpg

Grus Cantus normally attacks with a quick burst of three laser shots. The boss also regularly summons a laserfield and a wall of fireballs.

Best Pins for Grus Cantus

Gorgeous Gemstone IconGorgeous Gemstone
Heartthrob Launcher IconHeartthrob Launcher
Stop the Music! IconStop the Music!

Grus Cantus has an Affinity weakness to Stone Pins. Gorgeous Gemstone is a decent Stone Pinfor this battle, since it can be launched from a range, doesn't miss, and has a high chance of entombing enemies.

Heartthrob Launcher is great to have in this battle, so you can regain a bit of team HP as you deal damage. Stop the Music! also comes in handy due to its good range and damage dealt.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Grus Cantus

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkJust avoid lasers during darkness

CheckmarkAttack the orb if a character gets trapped

CheckmarkTrigger Mashup to escape orb immediately

Avoid Lasers During Darkness

Grus Cantus sometimes shuts off the lights, making you unable to target it for a time. During this time, it's better to just avoid its lasers, as going near it to attack makes it difficult to avoid the quick laser shots.

Attack Orb if Character Gets Trapped

Avoid the orbs that immobilize your characters most of all, as getting caught leads you to be barraged with lasers. If your character gets caught in it, immediately start attacking the orb with another character in order to set them free.

Trigger Mashup to Immediately Escape Orb

You may also trigger a Mashup attack, if your Groove is over 100%, as a quick way to get the character out of the trap orb.

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