NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies and Achievements

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A guide to unlocking all trophies and achievements in NEO: The World Ends with You. Read on to see a list of all platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and hidden trophies, as well as how to unlock each trophy!

Trophy List and Guide

List of Platinum Trophies

platinum trophy.pngPlatinum This Trophy Ends with You
Collected all graffiti.
How to Get All Graffiti

List of Gold Trophies

gold trophy.pngGold Secret Sleuth
Collected all Secret Reports.
List of Secret Reports and How to Obtain | How to Get Secret Sleuth Graffiti/Trophy

List of Silver Trophies

silver trophy.pngSilver Bring the Noise!
Completed the Final Time Trial.
Final Time Trial Guide
silver trophy.pngSilver Skill Savvy
Collected all social nework rewards.
How to Farm Friendship Points (FP)
silver trophy.pngSilver Sultan of Slam
Earned all Scramble Slam rewards.
Turf War Guide: How to Earn Scramble Slam Points Fast
silver trophy.pngSilver Theraperfect
Earned gold medals in 15 Dive missions.
Diving with Nagi
silver trophy.pngSilver True Pinthusiast
Collected all pins.
List of Pins
silver trophy.pngSilver Famous Foodie
Became a regular at every restaurant.
silver trophy.pngSilver Favorite Customer
Reached VIP Level 5 with every brand.
How to Increase VIP Level Quickly
silver trophy.pngSilver Noise Know-It-All
Collected 80% of all enemy dossiers.
Noisepedia: List of All Enemies

List of Bronze Trophies

bronze trophy.pngBronze Social Butterfly
Connected your entire social network.
Social Network Guide
bronze trophy.pngBronze City Walker
Visited all areas of Shibuya.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Photographic Memory
Completed all Remind images.
Reminding with Fret
bronze trophy.pngBronze Rise of the Pig King
Erased all Pig Noise.
List of Pig Noises and Where to Find Them
bronze trophy.pngBronze No Music, No Life
Collected all CDs.
List of All Music Discs
bronze trophy.pngBronze Viva La Evolution
Evolved a pin.
Pin Evolution
bronze trophy.pngBronze Full House
Equipped a 6-pin set.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Pin Perfection
Mastered 300 types of pins.
How to Farm Pin Points
bronze trophy.pngBronze Plenthora of Pins
Mastered 200 types of pins.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Pins Aplenty
Mastered 100 types of pins.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Pin Pincher
Mastered 50 types of pins.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Play to Pin
Mastered 30 types of pins.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Ten Pin Master
Mastered 10 types of pins.
bronze trophy.pngBronze My First Pin
Mastered one type of pin.
bronze trophy.pngBronze All Grown Up
Reached Level 100.
How to Reach the Max Level
bronze trophy.pngBronze Made of Money
Possessed ¥999,999
How to Farm Money
bronze trophy.pngBronze Super Stylish
Wore a full outfit of clothing whose abilities all require over 100 Style.
bronze trophy.pngBronze You Wear It Well
Unlocked all of full outfit's abilities.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Passion 4 Fashion
Wore a party's worth of full outfits.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Brand Ambassador
Wore a full outfit using a single brand.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Dress-Up Debut
Wore a full outfit.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Experimental Eater
Ordered one of every food item.
List of Foods
bronze trophy.pngBronze Gourmand About Town
Became a regular at 8 restaurants.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Familiar Face
Became a restaurant regular.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Full Tummy, Happy Heart
Exceeded 100% Fullness.
Food Shop Guide
bronze trophy.pngBronze Fashionista
Purchased every type of fashion item.
List of Threads
bronze trophy.pngBronze Super Shopper
Reached VIP Level 5 with 8 brands.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Valued Customer
Reached VIP Level 5 with a brand.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Master of the Enemies
Took down every type of enemy.
Noisepedia: List of All Enemies
bronze trophy.pngBronze Silencer
Took down 6,000 enemies.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Punisher
Took down 3,000 enemies.
bronze trophy.pngBronze Hunter
Took down 1,500 enemies.
bronze trophy.pngBronze In Perfect Sync
Landed enough Beatdrop Combos to boost your Groove above 200%.
How to Build Up Groove
bronze trophy.pngBronze Killer Remix
Erased a group of Noise using a Killer Remix.
How to Perform Killer Remixes
bronze trophy.pngBronze High-Stakes Hijinks
Won a 20-reduction chain battle.
How to Increase Chain Limit
bronze trophy.pngBronze Rick vs. Return
Won an 8-reduction chain battle.
How to Increase Chain Limit
bronze trophy.pngBronze Beginner's Luck
Won your first battle.
Combat Tips and Techniques

List of Hidden Trophies

silver trophy.pngSilver Bonus Round
Completed Another Day.
Another Day Walkthrough
bronze trophy.pngBronze Game Over
Completed the Final Day of Week 3.
Week 3 Day 7 Walkthrough
bronze trophy.pngBronze Fortnight
Completed the Final Day of Week 2.
Week 2 Day 7 Walkthrough
bronze trophy.pngBronze Survivor
Completed the Final Day of Week 1.
Week 1, Day 7 Walkthrough

How to See Hidden Trophies

Hidden Trophies can be viewed by simply viewing the trophy list, selecting the hidden trophy, then pressing □ to 'Show Hidden Information'.

How to Unlock All Trophies

How to Unlock the Platinum Trophy

This Trophy Ends With You Collect all Graffiti in the game.

How to Unlock Gold Trophy

Secret Sleuth There are 24 Secret Reports in total. Collect all of them to earn this trophy.

How to Unlock All Silver Trophies

Skill Savvy Purchase all Social Network connections to unlock this trophy.
Theraperfect There are 21 Dive missions in the main storyline. Completing Gold for any 15 of them will earn you this trophy.
True Pinthusiast Collect all Pins. Toggle the difficulty settings and your team level for different result drops.
Bonus Round Complete the side story, Another Day, to achieve this trophy.

How to Unlock Famous Foodie Trophy

The Usual
This trophy will unlock once you become a regular in all restaurants. To become a regular, dine in as often as possible until The Usual option become available. You'll also get the Familiar Face trophy (Bronze) after becoming a regular at 1 restaurant and the Gourmand About Town trophy (Bronze) at 8 restaurants.

List of All Shops

How to Unlock Favorite Customer Trophy

NEO TWEWY VIP Rank Stores Brand.jpg

This trophy will unlock once you've reached VIP Level 5 with all brands. To increase VIP level, buy from the brand as often as possible and equip their pins and threads while in battle. You'll also get Valued Customer trophy (Bronze) after reaching VIP Level 5 with 1 brand and Super Shopper trophy (Bronze) after reaching VIP Level 5 with 8 brands.

How to Raise VIP Level Quickly

How to Unlock Bring the Noise! Trophy

NEO TWEWY - Time Trial.jpg

The Final Time Trial is only available once you finished the main storyline and unlocked Another Day. After registering for the Reaper's Romp, find Coco at Takeshita Street to attempt this boss rush.

Final Time Trial Guide

How to Unlock Sultan of Slam Trophy

NEO TWEWY Points Scramble Slam.jpg

To unlock this trophy, you will need to earn 60,000 points, 400,000 points, and 50,000 points for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Scramble Slam.

Scramble Slam Guide

How to Unlock All Bronze Trophies

Survivor Complete Week 1 | Final Day.
Fortnight Complete Week 2 | Final Day.
Game Over Complete Week 3 | Final Day.
City Walker Access all areas of Shibuya through story progression.
Photographic Memory Progress the story and complete all Side Quests to complete all Remind quests.
Rise of the Pig King Defeat Pig Noises from all Days, including Another Day.
No Music, No Life Finish the story, including Another Day to purchase all the CDs.
Full House Complete a pin ensemble.
All Grown Up Max your team level to 100.
Fashionista Purchase all the threads for all brands.
Brand Ambassador Equip one party member with threads from the same brand.
Dress Up Debut Equip 1 character with all threads.
Passion 4 Fashion Equip your party of 4 with all threads.
Hunter Take down 1,500 Noise.
Silencer Take down 3,000 Noise.
Punisher Take down 6,000 Noise.
Master of the Enemies Take down all types of Noise.
Beginner's Luck Win your first battle.
Viva La Evolution Some pins will automatically evolve as soon as it reached the required level.
Experimental Eater Order all food items from each restaurants.
Made of Money Purchase Eiru's Social Network reward to increase money limit to ¥999,999.
My First Pin Master 1 pin.
Ten Pin Master Master 10 pins.
Play to Pin Master 30 pins.
Pin Pincher Master 50 pins.
Pins Aplenty Master 100 pins.
Plenthora of Pins Master 200 pins.
Pin Perfection Master 300 pins.
Social Butterfly Connect your social network through story progression, Side Quests, and shopkeepers' quests.

How to Unlock Noise Know-It-All Trophy

Pig Carol - Noisepedia.jpg

To reach 80% of the Enemy dossiers, toggle the difficulty settings and your team level to adjust drop rates. Each Noise has different drops depending on the difficulty level of the game.

List of Noise (Noisepedia)

How to Unlock Full Tummy, Happy Heart Trophy


When ordering food, take note of the fullness meter. To get this trophy, eat until your fullness meter turned red and the words Better wait until you're hungry again... appear on the screen.

Food Shop Guide

How to Unlock You Wear It Well Trophy

NEO TWEWY - Style in Threads.jpg

To earn this trophy, equip your party with threads that matches their current STYLE level so that the abitilies the threads have will be unlocked. You'll also get Super Stylish trophy when you equipped and unlocked a full outfit with over 100 required STYLE level for one character.

How to Raise STYLE Quickly

How to Unlock Killer Remix Trophy

NEO TWEWY Killer Remix 300 Groove.jpg

You can only unlock this trophy once Shoka joins the team on Week 2 | Final Day. Once you have her, chain as much reductions as possible and focus on bringing up your Groove to 300%. Unleashed the Killer Remix when the battle is almost over so this can guarantee that you will defeat the Noise using the Killer Remix and earning this trophy. Brining your Groove up to over 200% will also earn you the In Perfect Sync trophy.

How to Perform Killer Remixes

How to Unlock High-Stake Hijinks Trophy

NEO TWEWY 15 Chain Battle.jpg

To unlock this trophy, purchase the 3 Chain Extenders and Noise Magnet from Social Network. Revisit Week 2 | Day 3 and go to Scramble Crossing. Scan the area and proceed to attract all nearby Noise with the Noise Magnet (Hold ZR or R2 button). Make sure to constantly move around (but too fast since Noise will stop following you if you're too far!) to attract all the Noise in the area and avoid touching one until all Noise are following you because once a Noise touched you, you will only have a few seconds to chain more Noise before the battle automatically starts.

How to Do Chain Battles

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