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Week 3, Day 2: Dearly Beloved Chapter Guide and Walkthrough | Shoka's Questions

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This is a walkthrough for Dearly Beloved, Week 3, Day 2 of NEO: The World Ends with You. Learn more about the objectives of this chapter, puzzle solutions, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Sudden Death Dearly Beloved Restart

Dearly Beloved Basic Information

Chapter Information

Week 3
Day 2
Boss Iris Cantus
Another day goes by as the Plague Noise continues to spread throughout Shibuya. Worried by Shiba's plans, Shoka seeks out Ayano, only to discover her dear friend has taken the Noise inside her own body in a desperate attempt to bring Shoka back to her.

Pins You Get in this Chapter

Event Reward
After defeating the Plague Noise in 104 Building. NEO TWEWY Top Dog Gatling PinTop Dog Gatling
After defeating the Plague Noise in Tower Records Shibuya. NEO TWEWY Good Mood Graviton PinGood Mood Graviton

Dearly Beloved Main Objectives

Search For Ayano

NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead toward 104
Talk to the Reaper blocking the way to 104. Complete his task and carry on.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngTalk to the Reaper on the roof of 104
Use Shoka's Psych Telewarp to reach Reaper on the roof.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngRemind the Reaper about Ayano
Use Fret's Psych Remind to jog the Reaper's memory.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngGo to Scramble Crossing.
Talk to the Reaper and accomplish his task.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngDig up info on Ayano at Center Street
Go to Center Street and find the Reaper. Defeat the Noise he sets on you.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChase down the fleeing Reaper
Go to Spain Hill. Talk to the Reaper and defeat the Noise that attacks afterwards.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChase him again
Go to TOWER RECORDS. Talk to the Reaper and defeat the Noise that attacks afterwards.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChase him again, this time up a roof.
Use Shoka's Telewarp to reach the roof.
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngMeet Ayano in MIYASHITA PARK
Don't follow the waypoint in the map. Go down to Scramble Crossing for a shortcut.Talk to the Reaper to access the shortcut.

Convincing Shoka

After failing to take down Ayano, Rindo will be sent to the past to fully convince Shoka that she has to be ready to face Ayano. To clear each timeframe you must fully convince Shoka each time. Here are the right set of questions to ask Shoka.

~10:00 Dogenzaka

Question Answer
What should I ask about Ayano? What kind of friend she is
What should I ask about Ayano and Shoka? If they're like sisters
What should I ask about Ayano and Shoka? If Ayano took care of Shoka
How should I break the news? Say we might be too late

~11:00 104 Building

Question Answer
What should I ask about Ayano and Shiba? If they're actually friends
What should I ask about Ayano and Shiba? If they trusted each other
What should I tell Shoka? Assure her I'm here for her
What should I say to Shoka? "I've got your back"

~12:00 Center Street

Question Answer
What should I ask about the Shinjuku Reapers? If they like Shibuya
What should I ask about the Shinjuku Reapers and Shibuya? If they like it here
What should I ask about Ayano and Shibuya? If she never adjusted
What should I ask Shoka about Shibuya? What makes the city special


Question Answer
What should I ask Shoka? If she became a Reaper by choice
What should I ask about life as a Reaper? If she enjoyed it
What should I ask about Shibuya? Her favorite thing about the city
What should I say? "I'm here for you"

~14:00 Scramble Crossing

Question Answer
What should I say to her? "You know what I want to say"
What next? "I know you don't want to fight"
What next? "It's up to you how we handle this"
What next? "I'm on your side"

Confronting Ayano

15 NEO TWEWY W3D2 -30.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChange your fate.
After successfully convincing Shoka, go back to the present.
16 NEO TWEWY W3D2 -31.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngConfront Ayano.
Go back to MIYASHITA PARK and face Ayano.

Dearly Beloved Side Quests

Kashiki's Concern

Quest Overview

Location Dogenzaka
Quest Giver It-Boy Kashiki
NEO TWEWY Dibaryon PinDibaryon FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - It-Boy Kashiki Icon.pngIt-Boy Kashiki


1 Go Up the Alley.jpg
Head to Dogenzaka and go up the alley near The Don's Curry Restaurant.
2 Kashiki
Find a man standing across the restaurant.
3 Problem.jpg
Interact with the man to learn about his problems.
4 Scan.jpg
Scan the area.
5 Dive.jpg
Use Nagi's Dive to get rid of the noise.
6 Defeat Noise.jpg
Defeat all the noise. Equip pins with fire, ice, burst, stone, gravity, water, and wind to make the fight easier.
7 Solved.jpg
Kashiki's Concern solved!

Voice of an Angel

Quest Overview

Location Tsutaya O-East
Quest Giver Hide Takenouchi, Eiji Oji, & Eiru
NEO TWEWY Shadow Matter PinShadow Matter (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Hide Takenouchi Icon.pngHide Takenouchi


1 Tsutaya O-East.jpg
Head to Tsutaya O-East and look for The Prince, Eiru, and Hide Takenouchi standing near a vending machine in the alley.
2 Problem.png
Interact with them to know about what's bothering them.
3 Scan the area.jpg
Scan the area and check out each of their thoughts.
4 Fret
Use Fret's Remind to solve the picture puzzle.
5 Remind Eiji Oji.jpg
Remind Eiji Oji
6 Remind Eiru.jpg
Remind Eiru.
7 Remind Hide Takenouchi.jpg
Finally, remind Hide Takenouchi.
8 Solved.png
Side quest complete!

Get by with a Little Helper: 2 Helpful

Quest Overview

Location Expressway Underpass
Quest Giver Shinji-of-Some-Trades
NEO TWEWY Shadow Matter PinShadow Matter (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Shinji-of-Some-Trades Icon.pngShinji-of-Some-Trades


1 Expressway Underpass.jpg
Head to Expressway Underpass and look for Shinji-of-Some-Trades standing near the entrance to Shibuya Stream.
2 Problem.png
Interact with him to see that he is in a bit of a dilemma.
3 Scan.png
Scan the area.
4 Bag.jpg
Read about what happened to him.
5 Shoka
Use Shoka's Telewarp to go beneath the underpass.
6 Recover Bag.jpg
Retrieve Shinji-of-Some-Trades' bag.
7 Shoka
Use Shoka's Telewarp again to go back to the underpass.
8 Solved.png
Simply talk to Shinji-of-Some-Trades afterwards to complete the side quest.

Dearly Beloved Pig Noise Locations

Shibuya Hikarie

Location Noise Type Reward

Shibuya Hikarie, Roof of the building beside Shibuya Station
Pig Carol x3 (Stone, Poison, Electric) Dilaton

West Exit Bus Terminal

Location Noise Type Reward

West Exit Bus Terminal, Between the Head Statue and Blue Ad Board
Pig Cha-cha x2 Shadow Matter

List of Pig Noise

Tips and Strategies

Dodge Plague Noise attacks

You will be ambushed by Plague Noise in some areas of this chapter. Do not engage them head on. Instead, go for long-range attacks, charge up your Groove to 300% and perform Killer Remixes to safely erase them.

Boss Strategy: Iris Cantus

Immobilize her with Trip Wires

NEO TWEWY Week 3 Day 2- Boss.jpg

Iris Cantus has a weakness against Fire-affinity Pins. She has a Guardian Glaive Psych of her own so fight her from a distance. If you want to lay the beat down on her, you better equip yourself with Fire Pins like KoYo-Blaze, Yukimitsu or Fire in the Belly.

How to Beat Iris Cantus

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