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This is a guide on how to farm pin points (PP) in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn where the best places to farm pin points are and how to level up your pins!

What are Pin Points?

Used to Level Up Pins

NEO TWEWY Level Up Pins

Gaining Pin Points (PP) allows you to level up and evolve your Pins. Pins are what power the Psych (combat abilities) of characters, so leveling up and evolving Pins make your attacks more powerful.

Earn PP After Battle

Pin Points are obtained after battling Noise. Only Pins assigned to characters will gain PP after battle. Once a Pin reaches its max level, it's considered Mastered (denoted by a ★ on the Pin) and will not gain anymore PP after battle.

How to Farm Pin Points

Battling Noise

NEO TWEWY How to Farm Pin Points.jpg

Earn Pin Points by battling the enemies known as Noise, so fight as many enemies as possible. The amount of PP you get is determined by your Battle Ranking. The higher your Battle Ranking is, the more PP you will earn.

Battle Rank Pin Point Multiplier
A 1.3
B 1.2
C 1.1
D 1.0
E ?

To ensure you farm the most Pin Points you can from a battle, make sure to defeat enemies fast and take as little damage as possible. Doing so will increase your Battle Ranking for individual battles.

Fight Chain Battles

NEO TWEWY Chain Battle Reduction.jpg
When you attract and interact with multiple Noise at once while Scanning, you will be prompted to Fight a Chain Battle. Chain Battles have multiple rounds (or "Reductions"), depending on the number of Noise you attract prior to activating Fight.

Rounds multiply PP

NEO TWEWY Rounds PP Multiplier.jpg

You earn PP based on the number of Reductions you fight multiplied by a multiplier that is also affected by the number of Reductions you fight. The multiplier increases by 0.1 for every Reduction fought after the first.

For example, in the image above, the team fought in 2 rounds, so 2 is multiplied by 1.1 (because only 1 round/Reduction was chained to the original).

Chain Battles Guide and Rewards

Are There Shutdown PP and Mingle PP?

NEO TWEWY Mingle Mode

Previous installments of The World Ends with You allowed you to earn Pin Points even while the game was inactive (Shutdown PP) and during wireless connection with another DS (Mingle PP). As far as currently known, these features are not in NEO: The World Ends with You, so the only way to earn Pin Points is through battling Noise.

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