NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

List of All Pin Mutations

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This is a list of all Pin mutations in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Read on to find out which Pins mutate and what characters are needed to mutate them.

List of All Pin Mutations

Warning: The list contains spoilers for the main story.

No. Pin Mutation Requirement
004 NEO TWEWY Once Upon a Dream PinOnce Upon a Dream Reach Lvl. 5
(using Fret)
008 NEO TWEWY My Precious Moments PinMy Precious Moments Reach Lvl. 15
(using Rindo)
011 NEO TWEWY Riled-Up Ribbon PinRiled-Up Ribbon Reach Lvl. 3
(using Neku)
016 NEO TWEWY Topo the Adventurous PinTopo the Adventurous Reach Lvl. 5
(using Beat)
021 NEO TWEWY The Benevolent King PinThe Benevolent King Reach Lvl. 10
(using Shoka)
032 NEO TWEWY Disco Divekick PinDisco Divekick Reach Lvl. 3
(using Beat)
055 NEO TWEWY Slashcicle PinSlashcicle Reach Lvl. 6
(using Beat)
068 NEO TWEWY Classical Cacophany PinClassical Cacophany Reach Lvl. 5
(using Neku)
073 NEO TWEWY Polar Princess PinPolar Princess Reach Lvl. 5
(using Fret)
097 NEO TWEWY KoCho Void PinKoCho Void Reach Lvl. 3
(using Shoka)
114 NEO TWEWY Be of Two Mines PinBe of Two Mines Reach Lvl. 3
(using Shoka)
128 NEO TWEWY Let the Rain Fall Down PinLet the Rain Fall Down Reach Lvl. 5
(using Minamimoto)
145 NEO TWEWY The Great Balloon Voyage PinThe Great Balloon Voyage Reach Lvl. 3
(using Nagi)
153 NEO TWEWY A Moonlit Night Inside PinA Moonlit Night Inside Reach Lvl. 3
(using Nagi)
156 NEO TWEWY The Cozy Hilltop Windmill PinThe Cozy Hilltop Windmill Reach Lvl. 5
(using Nagi)
161 NEO TWEWY The Woolly Jazz Player PinThe Woolly Jazz Player Reach Lvl. 5
(using Rindo)
166 NEO TWEWY Shishio PinShishio Reach Lvl. 7
(using Rindo)
179 NEO TWEWY Jupiter of the Monkey II PinJupiter of the Monkey II Reach Lvl. 6
(using Neku)
192 NEO TWEWY No Turning Back PinNo Turning Back Reach Lvl. 3
(using Minamimoto)
215 NEO TWEWY Lovebird Magnum PinLovebird Magnum Reach Lvl. 5
(using Fret)
(using Beat)
267 NEO TWEWY Doku Doku Panic PinDoku Doku Panic Reach Lvl. 5
(using Shoka)
271 NEO TWEWY Snap Crackle Popcorn PinSnap Crackle Popcorn Reach Lvl. 3
(using Nagi)

Pin Mutation Guide

What is Pin Mutation?

NEO TWEWY How to Mutate Pins.jpg

Pin Mutation is virtually the same as Pin Evolution, although you have to max out the level of the Pin using a specific character to get the Pin to Mutate. Pins that can mutate have a blue ??? listed as their Evolution. Most mutated Pins have a different Affinity from the Pin they mutated from.

Should You Evolve Pins?

Evolutionary Secrets

NEO TWEWY Evolutionary Secrets.jpg

In order to reveal which character is needed for a Pin to undergo Mutation, you may purchase the Evolutionary Secrets Reward in the Social Network starting on Week 3, Day 6. This reward reveals which character is needed to max out the level of the Pin and trigger mutation.

Social Network Guide and Rewards

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4 Anonymousover 2 years

Be of Two Mines is also incorrect. It doesn't mutate with Nagi. Other sources say it mutates with Shoka.

3 Anonymousalmost 3 years

doku doku panic doesn't work with Nagi. Ive tried it several times and it doesn't mutate unfortunately.


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