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Week 3, Day 4: Comeback Chapter Guide and Walkthrough


This is a walkthrough for Comeback, Week 3, Day 4 of NEO: The World Ends with You. Learn more about the objectives of this chapter, puzzle solutions, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Restart Comeback Vision

Comeback Basic Information

Chapter Information

Week 3
Day 4
Boss Leo Cantus Armo
After leaning on his time-traveling powers during a fight with Kubo's Noise, Rindo is helpless to stop a powered-up Minamimoto going after Beat. Yet in that moment, when all hope seems lost, a blinding flash of light appears to turn the tables.

Pins You Get in this Chapter

Event Reward
After defeating the Plague Noise in Miyashita Park. NEO TWEWY Aspect of Truth PinAspect of Truth
After completing Riko Sekinohara side quest. NEO TWEWY Snare Trap E PinSnare Trap E

Comeback Main Objectives

Figure out Shiba's whereabouts

1 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 1.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead toward Cat Street
Look for Kariya and prepare to battle after the dialogue.
2 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 2.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngHead to Tipsy Tose Hall
Once you enter the area, Kubo will flee. Talk to the reaper to gain access to Udagawa Backstreets.
3 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 3.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngErase the Plague Noise proliferating in MIYASHITA PARK
Follow the waypoint and be ready to face Plague Jellies. You'll first fight 3, followed by another wave of 5, and lastly a wave of 8.
4 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 4.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngReturn to Tipsy Tose Hall
Return to the Reaper. Prepare to battle a Headbangin' Grizzly and Plague Wolves.
5 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 5.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngFollow Kubo to Udagawa
Talk to Kubo and wait for the cutscene to end.
6 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 5 1.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngRewind to MIYASHITA PARK.
Find the source of the Plague Noise in MIYASHITA PARK
7 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 6.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngDefeat the Plague Nemopilema
This gigantic Plague Jelly is vulnerable against Fire attacks. Better equip the strongest one you have.
8 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 7.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngChange your fate.
Return to the present and confornt Kubo. Get ready to fight three Plague Grizzlies and two Plague Wolves.
9 NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 8.jpg
NEO TWEWY - Quest Icon.pngDefeat the Leo Cantus Armo
Minamimoto reveals his true colors. Use Water Pins to weaken his armor.

Comeback Side Quests

MKN Memento

Quest Overview

Location Tower Records Shibuya
Quest Giver MKN
NEO TWEWY Dark Matter PinDark Matter (x2) FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - MKN Icon.pngMKN


1 MKN Standing Near Tower Records Building.png
Head to Tower Records Shibuya and look for MKN by the Tower Records Building.
2 Scan.png
Scan the area and interact with MKN's thoughts.
3 MKN Problem.jpg
Seems like she forgot something atop a building.
4 Telewarp from Tower Records Building.png
Telewarp from Tower Records Building to get there.
5 Head Right.jpg
Telewarping would take you atop the MODI Building. Head right next then telewarp again.
6 Check for Memento.jpg
Once you get to the building with many graffiti, press R1 again and check for the memento.
7 Go Back to Tower Records via Telewarp.jpg
Head back to Tower Records Building via telewarp.
8 Solved.png
Head towards the crosswalk where MKN is and talk to her to complete the side quest.

Get in the Spirit

Quest Overview

Location Shibuya Hikarie
Quest Giver Riko Sekinohara
NEO TWEWY Snare Trap E PinSnare Trap E FP Icon.pngx5 NEO TWEWY - Riko Sekinohara Icon.pngRiko Sekinohara


1 Telewarp from the Building.jpg
Head to Shibuya Hikarie and telewarp from the building beside the shop and restaurant.
2 Press R1 and Interact with the Girl.jpg
Telewarping will get you to an isolated area in Shibuya Hikarie. Press R1 and interact with the girl.
3 Scan.jpg
Use scan to be able to interact with the girl's thoughts.
4 Dive.jpg
Dive into the little girl's mind to get rid of the noise.
5 Defeat all Noise.jpg
Defeat all the noise. Make sure to equip pins with fire, water, stone, burst, or gravity affinities.
6 Solved.jpg
The little girl will finally be reunited with her mom. Side quest complete!

Comeback Pig Noise Locations

Miyashita Park

Location Noise Type Reward

Miyashita Park, Roof of fluffy 'n' sweet
Pig Cha-cha Dibaryon

104 Building

Location Noise Type Reward

104 Building, Roof
Pig Samba 100,000 Yen

List of Pig Noise

Boss Strategy: Leo Cantus Armo

Douse the flames

NEO TWEWY W3D4 - 9.jpg

Leo Cantus Armo is a fire type Noise hybrid. Equip your strongest Water pins to turn the tide of battle. Occassionally it will set up its armor, but breakthrough it to fully defeat this Noise.

How to Beat Leo Cantus Armo

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