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This is a character page for Hazuki Mikagi in the game NEO: The World Ends With You (NEO: TWEWY). Read on for an overview of Hazuki's backstory and Social Network reward.

Hazuki Backstory and Profile

NEO TWEWY Who is Hazuki Mikagi

Hazuki Shinjuku's "Purifier" and Former Composer
Hazuki tasked Kubo with Shinjuku's destruction, but exorcised his disobedient subordinate when he tried to erase Shibuya, too. After receiving an insightful tour of the city, he gives Rindo the power to Replay one last time.
Affiliation The Higher Plane
Voice Actor: English: Nicolas Cantu
Japanese: Seiya Konishi

Hazuki Social Network Reward

NEO TWEWY Bossy Noise

Reward Bossy Noise
Description Causes blue Boss Noise symbols to appear when revisiting previously completed days
FP Cost 5
Timeframe Week 3 | Day 7

Social Network Best Rewards

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