NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY)

How to Beat Mammoth R&B | Boss Fight Guide

NEO TWEWY Mammoth R&B.png

This is a guide to beating Mammoth R&B in NEO: The World Ends with You (NEO TWEWY). Learn about Mammoth R&B's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Mammoth R&B Basic Information


No. 043 Noise Group NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Mammoth R&B (Boss) Noise Type.png
NEO TWEWY Noisepedia - Mammoth R&B (Boss).png
These beasts are known to stamp down the second they sense danger, sending out large deadly shockwaves.
Location W2D4 (Boss Noise, Story)


HP 8500
PP 330
EXP. 200
NEO TWEWY - Water Icon.png Water

NEO TWEWY - Gravity Icon.png Gravity

The data shown is set on Normal Diffculty.

Drop Rates

Easy Drop: Adamantite
Rate: 12.00%
Normal Drop: Balloon Trip
Rate: 10.00%
Hard Drop: Balloon Trip
Rate: 10.00%
Ultimate Drop: Pachy
Rate: 0.33%

The data shown is on 1x Drop Rate.

Mammoth R&B Attacks and Abilities

Inhale Vaccuum

NEO TWEWY Mammoth RB Suck.jpg

Mammoth R&B inhales the ground with its trunk, causing players within the vicinity to be sucked towards it. The mammoth then slashes with its trunk when players are in front of it.

Laser Beams

NEO TWEWY Mammoth RB Week 2.jpg

Mammoth R&B rains laser beams upon your team. The area targeted is first marked with red circles before the lasers arrive.

Best Pins for Mammoth R&B

Stuck in the Middle IconStuck in the Middle
AkaFuji Blaze IconAkaFuji Blaze
I Scream, U Scream! IconI Scream, U Scream!

Utilize Charge & Hold Pins

Mammoth R&B doesn't move around, so you can utilize Charge and Hold Pins, as they do great damage and you don't have to worry about it missing Mammoth R&B. Make sure to use a separate Psych to immobilize the Mammoth first though, since his inhale can cancel out your Charge Pins.

Water & Gravity Weakness

Mammoth R&B has an Affinity weakness to Water and Time, so good Charge/Hold Pins to use would be Stuck in the Middle for a shotgun blast attack and I Scream, U Scream! for planting a bomb beside him.

Pin Affinity Guide

Tips & Strategies for Beating Mammoth R&B

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkRemove Pufferfish enemies

CheckmarkImmobilize to avoid inhale vaccuum

Remove Pufferfish Enemies

NEO TWEWY Mammoth RB Pufferfish.jpg

While you don't need to defeat the Emo Puffers to clear the boss battle, it would be wise to dispatch them first. The pufferfish can get in the way of your attacks and your movement. Not to mention, repeatedly getting sucked into them during Mammoth R&B's inhale takes a toll on your HP.

Immobilize to Avoid Inhale Vaccuum

Mammoth R&B's inhale is the most tedious aspect of the boss battle, so prevent Mammoth R&B from inhaling by immobilizing him. You can either freeze (with Ice Pins) or entomb (with Stone Pins) it.

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